Cat Licking Lips: What Are The Reasons?

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Cats might be one of the most adorable animals one can own. Everything they do from eating to cuddling is just perfect and the way they act cool all the time is the most charming thing one can ever witness. But everything they do can’t be considered as one of their adorable acts.

There are many cat owners whose cats lick their lips a lot. This might be a sign of danger. Occasional lip licking can be the result of dry mouth. But if this lip-smacking becomes too frequent and the cat does this all the time, then this can be considered as a problem. And you should take your cat to a veterinarian.

One of the biggest reasons behind this frequent lip licking can be ptyalism. Ptyalism is one of the main causes behind your cat smacking and licking its lips all the time. This is a condition when the mouth generates way too much saliva. This condition can also take place in human beings. If there is too much saliva in the mouth than manageable then it can cause trouble inside the mouth.

There are some symptoms of ptyalism.

> If the cat is smacking its lips too much then it can be because of ptyalism. This is a kind of saliva disorder which can be commonly seen in cats.

> Ptyalism can also cause nausea in cats. So if you think that your cat is feeling nauseous, then this can be the case. Lip smacking can become severe when the cat is nauseous all the time and throws up way too much. Also, if the cat rejects the food or can’t control the saliva in its mouth, then these can be considered as one of the symptoms of ptyalism. Kidney related issues can also cause ptyalism in cats where the body produces way too much saliva than the mouth can handle.

These signs are enough to take your cat to a veterinarian. Ptyalism is something that increases with time and also can be triggered by other health issues so keep an eye out for your cat and also make sure you provide the proper aid that is needed.

Another reason behind cats licking their lips is vomiting. If your cat throws up, then it is very likely that your cat will lick its lips. If the licking of the lips becomes frequent then it can also mean that your cat throws way too much. This might be because of an upset stomach, which generally happens when the cat eats something it should not like a hairball or stale food that can result in vomiting.

Apart from that, vomiting can result in a lot of salivation and swallow which can really make your cat sick. So in such case, take your cat to a vet.

Where too much saliva can cause lip-smacking, lack of saliva can also cause the same. The condition is called xerostomia. In this condition, cats usually end up with a dry mouth, meaning their mouth does not produce enough saliva, which can make them lick their lips to deal with the dryness. If the cat is licking its lips way too much then xerostomia can be a reason.

Dealing with this one is not very hard. You can make sure that your cat drinks enough water every day. And if this continues even after giving them plenty of water, then you know what to do. Take them to the vet who can treat your kitty and make it healthy and happy and there will be no more lip-smacking.

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