5 best orthopedic dog bed reviews

Dogs are said to be the man’s best friend and rightly so because they always stay with their owner whatever may be the case. They are one of the most loyal creatures known to mankind and continue to show love and affection to everyone who loves them. So it is our duty to take care of them in the best way possible and give them everything that they need in order to live a happy and healthy life. Our reviews on best orthopedic dog bed will help you to take care of your dog in the best way

It is very well known that almost all the living things require proper sleep in order to be fully energized the next day for doing any type of activities. Same goes for dogs as well. One needs to make sure that their dog is getting a sound sleep so that s/he can be full of energy the next day and doesn’t act dull all day. We humans don’t get a proper sleep unless we sleep in our own bed with a nice soft mattress that suits our body. The same goes for the dogs as well, but unfortunately, most of the people tend to ignore this thing because of which their dogs feel all dizzy and lazy all day.

For this same purpose, there are special orthopedic dog beds available in the market that one can buy for their pet. These beds offer support to different joints and to the overall body of the dog so that it can rest and sleep properly on it. Because of their increasing popularity, there are lots of fake and overpriced products available in the market. One should be aware of these while purchasing a dog bed for their dogs.

The advantages of having an orthopedic dog bed:

There are a lot of advantages of having an orthopedic dog bed, some of them are: –

Beneficial for dogs with arthritis
Beneficial for dogs with hip dysplasia.
Provides additional support.
Better weight distribution.
Gives comfort to the dog muscles and joints.
Helps with bone injuries like fractures and luxations etc.
Helps with soft tissue injuries like tendons and ligaments.

How I Selected the Best 5:

The various factors that we took into consideration before selecting the best 5 orthopedic dog beds are listed below. These factors are in general basis and everyone can relate to them. The factors are as follows: –

Size of the bed: – One should choose a bed in accordance with the size of their dogs. This plays an important part as the right size will give the perfect balance of stability and softness. A small bed will be too compact for your dog while a large bed will mean it will take up more space in your house.

Material from which the bed is made should be properly examined. One should look for a material that is hard enough to retain its shape after the dog moves away from it. One doesn’t want the bed to get flat after just a few uses, while on the other hand, it should not be that hard that the dog feels uncomfortable and it doesn’t provide the necessary comfort and softness.

Climatic conditions in your area should be taken into consideration as well. If the place where you live is generally cold, choose a bed that can retain some heat and doesn’t get too cold if left unattended for some time, whereas on the other hand, if you are living in warm climate, the bed should be such that it loses moisture easily.

Foam: The bed should be preferable made up of that type of foam that remember the body frame and also provides ample support to the dog so that their joints and body can relax comfortably.

Durability: – The bed should be durable, that is, it should last long enough which will require it to be foolproof towards chewing and biting.

5 best orthopedic dog bed reviews

1. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is one of the best product that is out there for dogs that are large in size. The big barker company comes out with a perfect product this time as this product ticks all the boxes. It is made up of American orthopedic foam which is the highest quality foam that one can expect to find in any dog bed. The quality of this bed is that it doesn’t get flat or and usually retains 90% of its original shape even after 10 years of use. The bed is handmade by skilled craftsman of the company having worth 30 years of experience.

Key Features: –

  • Specially made for dogs of large size.
  • Made up of high quality American orthopedic foam.
  • It is made by a skilled craftsman of the company who has more than 30 years of experience in the field.
  • The bed doesn’t get flat, even after using for a long period of time.
  • The foam is able to retain 90% of the original shape after being used for more than 10 years.
  • The bed comes with a guarantee of 10 years.
  • The bed is made with the use of advanced patented pressure mapping technology.
  • Provides superior support and comfort.

The Pros  and Cons:
    • Has a very high durability
    • Made up of 7” of high-quality American made therapeutic foam.
    • Appealing design and structure make it good look perfectly fine with the home furniture.
    • Easily washable and cleanable and feels soft when touched by bare hands.
    • Retains 90% of the original shape even after being used for a large period of time over the years.
    • Well suited for dogs of large size.
    • Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Quite costly as compared to the other products that are available in the market.
  • The material of the cover is warm.
  • The bed is little noisy.

2. Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed

An economical, affordable product by Happy Hounds is the one every middle-class family needs. It comes with all the basic necessities that an orthopedic bed requires. It comes with a reversible design which makes it available to be used for a longer period of time. The heavy duty microfiber fabric of the bed can be reversed to the soft Sherpa panel for use as well. The product is water resistant and the cover of the bed can be easily taken out and is suitable for being washed in a machine. The product is given finishing touches in the USA so that the expected quality of the product is maintained.

Key Features: –

  • It comes in different sizes which makes it available for dogs of all the sizes.
  • The foam filled inside the bed is quite durable and works for a long period of time.
  • The cover of the bed is easily removable and can be washed in the machine in order to clean it.
  • The reversible design of the bed helps in giving the dog the experience of both, the velvety softness
  • of microfiber and luxurious softness of Sherpa panel.
  • The edges of the box are sewn in such a way that they make a pleasant pattern which goes hand in hand with the decoration of the home.

The Pros  and Cons:
    • Economical, so it can be purchased by a large portion of the society
    • Has a reversible design so different softness level can be provided.
    • Looks decent with the furniture in the house
    • The edges are sewn double to provide better durability of the cover as well as the looks.
    • The covers can be easily removed and are washable.
    • Very lightweight and made up of good quality materials which makes it durable.
    • It is manufactured in the USA and bed is water resistant.
  • It doesn’t have the memory foam.
  • It is not durable and comes apart in a few days.
  • The foam is not dense enough.

3. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

A quality product from BarksBar, this is the ultimate product for your dog if he or she loves sleeping. It is made by the best and experienced workers of the company with the help of premium materials to provide the ultimate experience. It is well suited for dogs of any age and is a blessing for dogs suffering from arthritis, bone and joint problems. It has a sleek built which matches well with the house décor. The lower portion of the bed has non slip rubber on it which helps in preventing it from slipping on smooth surfaces.

Key Features: –

  • Different premium materials are used for making the bed. Ultra-soft polyester, solid and grooved orthopedic foam and cotton pads are used to make the product.
  • The cover of the bed can be easily removed and washed.
  • Has non-slip rubber on the lower portion so that it doesn’t slip on smooth surfaces.
  • Retain its original shape after being used a lot of a number of times.
  • Highly durable continues to be in optimum condition even after being in use for long periods of times.
  • Highly comfortable and soft and provides ample support to the joints.

The Pros  and Cons:
    • Super comfortable and soft for the dogs to sleep on. Have an inner portion exclusively.
    • Made up of premium materials.
    • Can be easily installed in the house.
    • Easy to remove the cover and wash it in a machine for cleaning it.
    • Nonslip rubber is used on the lower portion to prevent slipping.
    • Has a sleek design which makes it look a part of the furniture of the house.
    • Suitable for dogs of all ages and especially for dogs suffering from problems related to bones or joints.
  • A bit costly for the middle section of the society in accordance with the services and materials used.
  • The foam is thin and doesn’t offer support.
  • It falls apart within a few days.

4. Kopeks Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

One of the few orthopedic beds for dogs in the market that comes with a dedicated headrest. A thick 3-inch pillow is provided along the bed as a headrest for giving a complete sleeping experience. The memory foam used is of the highest quality and is hypoallergenic which is also found in premium mattresses used by humans. It is provided with a double layer protection and also has a waterproof fabric covering the foam as well. The outside cover is a soft cover with anti-slip rubber at the bottom.

Key Features: –

  • Has a dedicated headrest for the ultimate sleeping experience for the dogs.
  • Is made up of thick memory foam.
  • The memory foam or foam used is of premium quality, hypo-allergenic.
  • The bed is provided with double protection so that the bed runs for a long period of time.
  • The cover used in the bed for covering the inside foam is waterproof to provide additional security.
  • The bottom is loaded with anti-slip rubber to prevent it from slipping on smooth surfaces.
  • Helps in soothing joint and muscle discomfort in small pups and other bone and joints related problem in older dogs.
The Pros  and Cons:
    • Available in different sizes for dogs of different age.
    • Has a dedicated headrest provided on the bed which is 3 inch thick.
    • Made up of premium quality materials.
    • Has double layer protection which makes it extremely easy to use.
    • The cover of the foam is waterproof.
    • The covers can be easily removed and washed in a machine.
    • Has anti-slip rubber at the bottom to prevent it from slipping.
    • Great for dogs suffering from problems related to muscle pain, joint or bones.
  • A bit too costly as compared to other products available in the market.
  • The foam cushion doesn’t inflate.
  • The zipper falls apart very fast.

5. Supportive Gel Orthopedic Dog Bed

This product used a more advanced approach towards the goal of tackling the pain problems. The bed comes with gel-enhanced memory foam, which apart from helping the bed to get back to its original shape, also gives a stability so that the dog when lying doesn’t get all cushioned, which can have an adverse effect on the dog. The inside cover of the bed is waterproof. Both the covers can be easily removed and washed in the machine or even in cold water. These covers are easily replaceable as well.

Key Features: –

  • The bed basically comprises of two parts, the first is made up of gel memory foam which provides the necessary softness and cushion while the lower part is made up of high-density support material.
  • The upper layer is 2 inches thick while the lower part is 3 inch in thickness.
  • The inside cover of the bed is waterproof and both the covers can be easily removed in order to wash them so that they can be cleaned.
  • Provides the perfect balance of cushion and support to the dogs suffering from arthritis and other bone pain related problems.
The Pros  and Cons:
    • Made up of gem memory which gives the necessary cushion and high-density support material for rigidity.
    • Comes with a 90-day warranty period.
    • The inside cover of the foam is waterproof.
    • The covers are both easily removable, washable and replaceable.
    • The product is fully made manufactured in the USA which ensures quality production and product both.
    • Helps in relieving arthritis and joint pain.
    • The bed doesn’t retain much of the body heat
  • A bit too overpriced for its quality. There are other comparable products on the market with similar properties and lower cost
  • It is not waterproof.
  • The cover is not durable.

Conclusion: –

After taking into considerations the various factors that were listed by us as the criterions for selecting the best orthopedic bed for the dogs, 5 beds were chosen. Almost all of the beds have one similar quality and that is they have memory foams which help them in regaining their original shape back even after repeated use for a long period of time spread over the large time span.

Each bed is dedicated towards the common goal of providing immediate relief to the dog from arthritis and joint pains and each of the beds has their own method and properties to do so. One should also take other specific factors related to their dog into consideration like if he/she prefers a cushy bed or a bit solid bed, etc. A bed customized to the need of your dog will be the best for its health and for its relieving from arthritis and other problems.

One should be careful while buying the orthopedic bed for their dogs as these beds are getting popular day by day because of which many duplicates and frauds are residing in the market. These people sell the cheap and low-quality product at high cost to dupe the customer. One should be careful regarding the same and should properly check the retailer from whom they are buying the product