Fascinating Things About The Elite Boerboels Dog

The Boerboels dog is one of the most elite dog breeds there is today. It’s not because of its name and price, but because of the stance this dog breed has. The Boerboel is fondly known as a working dog. When you first look at it, the Boerboels have everything that an elite dog can ever be. For many, it’s also fondly referred to as having the makings of a true guard dog. It boasts powerful muscles, a strong jaw, and a large and blocky head.

But, beyond these, little is known about this breed. Perhaps it might even be your first-time hearing about them? This breed belongs to the mastiff family but is one of the lesser-known members. So, if you’ve come to know more about the Boerboels, keep reading below.

Here, you’ll find some of the fascinating things about the elite Boerboel dog breed, also known as the South African Mastiff.


  • Quick Breed Profile


Because little is known yet about the Boerboels, it’s helpful to start with the basics. This is the best way to become familiar with this breed. Before going into detail about the Boerboels, here’s a quick breed profile about the dog to get started:


  • Size: 24 to 28 inches, approximately.
  • Weight: 140 to 200 lb. for the male dogs and 120 to 160 lb. for the female dogs.
  • Lifespan: 8 to 10 years.
  • Breed type: Working dog.
  • Primary purpose: Guard dog.
  • Personality type: Confident, smart, loving, energetic and extremely loyal.
  • Color variations: Cream, fawn, brindle or mixed, red and brown.


To know more about this breed, you can also visit this website www.eliteboerboels.com.


  • It’s Highly Protective 


If you’re looking for a family dog that’ll also work as a guard dog, this breed can be at the top of your list. One of the foremost purposes of this breed is to protect. When you take one home to your family, your Boerboel is going to stay loyal and be protective to you and your children. 

Despite this protective instinct, however, you don’t have to worry about sudden attacks. When they become familiar with a face, scent, and temperament of different family members they tend to be less likely to cause problems with aggression. However, you may need to be careful when visitors arrive. When the Boerboels is provoked, they do act on it immediately. This can be minimized by informing guests prior to their arrival and monitoring the dog as your visitors arrive. 


  • It Originally Came From South Africa


There’s a good reason why the Boerboel is also known as the “South African Mastiff.” It first originated in South Africa, as the loyal companion of farmers. Its name “boer” is also derived from that word, which means “farmer.”

Because of its origin, this is how the Boerboels became known as a good working dog which can withstand long hours of work. Many years ago, in South Africa, this was also the only dog breed which guarded homes from trespassers. 


  • They’re Easy To Train


Because this dog breed was used to accompany farmers in the fields in South Africa, they’re also known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds. The Boerboel is very easy to train. In fact, it’s recommended you start training this dog while it’s still a puppy.

When these dogs are puppies, their minds can be likened to sponges. They can easily absorb any information they’re taught. With their training, you have to be very consistent, as these dogs are creatures of habit and structure. 

Along that line, check out this video of a four-month old Boerboel puppy, to get excited to bring one home: 

Better yet, the Boerboels also respond quite well to dog treats. This makes it even easier to train them through a reward and punishment system.


  • It’s A Dog With A Very Stable Temperament


It might come as a surprise to you, but these dogs have quite a stable temperament. While these dogs are considered fiercely loyal, as mentioned earlier, it’s wrong to think they’ll come with a sudden attack. This dog is rarely provocative unless, of course, they’re provoked first by anyone other than members of the family they belong to. They’re able to do their job calmly and with confidence. For this reason, many of those looking for both a guard and family dog will also choose the Boerboels.


  • They Don’t Like To Be Alone


Because these dogs are fiercely loyal, they also don’t like to be left alone. Often, leaving them in a care center can be difficult when traveling. While you’re at your house, you can also expect these dogs to stick around you.

At the very least, you must also aim to spend time alone with this dog. You’ll need to take the time to walk your dog, as a part of your overall endeavor to care for your guard dog.


  • They Have Quite A High Energy Level


Because this dog is used to long hours of work, it has high energy levels. Because of this it’s important to be prepared before you bring his breed of dog into your family. You’ll need to: 

  • Make sure you have time to play. 
  • Have a large open area with lots of space for your dog to run around. 
  • Different toys to help keep their mind stimulated. 
  • Different jobs for it to do – eg: farm related work 

By preparing yourself and your property for your new Boerboels you’ll be able to keep it active, while also helping to burn off its high energy to help them sleep well of a night. 


Despite how tough and fierce it looks on the outside, Boerboels are great for families with children. So, if you’ve long been looking for a dog breed that can work well with your children, this is an excellent choice for you. With Boerboels, you have the balance of both a tough and strong, but gentle and loving dog. Those enumerated above are only some of the few interesting and exciting facts you can learn about this breed. As you head out to adopt or purchase one, you’ll come across so much more. Overall, you’ll have a loving dog to add to your family.