Ferret Cage: What Are The Best Ferret Cages?

ferret cage


Ferrets are the ideal pet if you love small animals, and live in a small space yourself. These cute, cuddly, furry, playful creatures can provide hours of fun and bonding for the entire family. They look quite adorable with their impish, sparkling eyes, and sleek coats that come in a variety of lovely hues such as sable, silver, white, shades of chocolate, lighter browns, and black. Black-footed ferrets are rarer and are an endangered species. Your furry friend is best housed in a ferret cage that’s large, airy, and designed to make sure that he/she feels safe and comfortable. 

It’s wise to understand their nature and habits before you decide to bring one home. Ferrets are largely nocturnal creatures, though they love sleeping. They can doze for more than 16 hours at a time, occasionally waking up to eat and play. 

They enjoy challenging activities games, where they can run through mazes or chase each other etc. They are inquisitive, highly curious carnivores, and domesticated ferrets are quite happy to eat packaged ferret pellets or home-cooked treats like eggs, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc. 

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If you’re looking for a long-lived pet, ferrets are the right choice because they can live for between 8 and 12 years, if well-cared for. 

What Are The Best Ferret Cages?

To keep your little pal happy and protected, spend time and effort on researching the best type of ferret cages. Ferrets are intelligent, nosy and investigative, and love to chew or taste everything they find – this can be dangerous, apart from being annoying to pet-owners. 

Though they enjoy running around the house when you’re around to supervise their activities, they need a fixed place where they can rest, sleep, feed, and use the litter-tray. 

Size: Female ferrets are usually between 12 and 14 inches long, while males could grow up to 16 inches. If they’re neutered, their weight may be reduced by a few pounds. The cage should be approximately three feet wide and two feet high if you have a single ferret and about 42 inches wide and 30 inches tall for two. 

Type: Multi-layered cages offer exciting play-time, with ramps and tiered galleries to run around in. You can arrange the different layers as playing, sleeping, eating, and litter-tray spaces.

Safety: The bars should be closely placed to prevent ferrets from getting out. The floor of the cage must be sturdy and solid to keep the ferret’s delicate feet safe. 

Advantages of Best Ferret Cage

 1. Large, well-ventilated cages allow ferrets to play, stretch, explore, and experience normal day-night cycles. Though more active at night, they have brief periods of activity during the day. If you’re at work or out during this time, they need to be safe.

2. Being sociable, affectionate creatures that easily bond with humans, open cages help them to know what’s happening around them and feel connected with their pet parents.

3. They prefer a secluded corner to use the litter-tray – good-quality cages are designed to house these correctly.

4. Multiple layers allow them to play active, inventive games with ramps, boxes, swings, tunnels, and trapezes. 

5. Sturdy construction with a strong, durable floor and bars placed close together provide safety and prevent injury and escape.

6. Doors should be tightly closed, with strong clasps. Ferrets have strong teeth and easily chew through flimsy fastenings/hinges.

7. Outdoor cages placed in a patio or balcony should be easy to move in case of bad weather. Ensure that the cage is protected from wind and rain. Direct sunlight is hazardous as they are prone to develop heat stress.

8. Ensure that the area for feeding is safe. Ferrets are playful and tend to knock over light plastic bowls/dishes. Water bottles should be fastened securely to the wires and low enough to reach.


Ferret Cage: 7 Best Ferret Cages Review


Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage


ferret cage

The Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage (31x20x54 inches, 50 lbs) is a premium product that’s ideal for active, playful ferrets. Featuring levels for your pet to play and rest in, this cage has two big front-doors with secure, chew-proof locks. 

There is a mid-level floor-separator that allows you to divide the space into different areas with convenient plastic trays, ledges, ramps, and platforms. 

The sturdy, wrought-iron construction has non-toxic, powder-coated steel mesh and a handy shelf below to store essentials, toys, cleaning materials, etc. 

The cage has smooth-rolling caster wheels that make it easy to move around your home. The debris-tray is kept firmly in place with a special wind-bell fastener and you can easily pull it out when it has to be cleaned. 

The black, hammer-tone finish of the cage looks elegant and it comes with a cute hammock that your furry friend will love to swing or snooze in. 

The unit is very easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions that are simple to follow and you don’t need complicated tools or equipment to put it up. 


  • Spacious, sturdy and well-designed home for two or three ferrets
  • Rust-proof, powder-coated, elegant Hammertone finish
  • Comes with accessories such as hammock and ramps
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Movable and lightweight
  • Can convert into two separate cages if required
  • Large doors make it easy to clean
  • The 54” height is convenient for pet owners
  • Slide-out pan for bedding is convenient


  • Some parts don’t fit properly during assembly
  • Wire floor is not suitable/safe for ferrets’ delicate claws
  • Pet-owners may have to add a modified wooden floor
  • Ramps may be too slippery for your pet
  • Packaging during delivery not up to the mark: product could be bent or slightly damaged on arrival
  • Drying in the sun after cleaning could warp the trays

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation


ferret cage

Initially introduced by Midwest Homes For Pets, the Ferret Nation cages for ferrets were the perfect choice till pet-owners of chinchillas and other small animals got interested. 

Midwest then introduced the Critter Nation cage in two models: the single and double-level cage. The two-storey model featured here is a two-unit home that has separate pans, three ramps with covers, and adjustable resting shelves. 

The cage has double doors that span the full width and removable shelves, both of which make the unit easy to clean and keep fresh. The wider shelves with leak-proof pans make it a great place for your furry friends to play and enjoy themselves safely and comfortably. 

There is a smaller space between bars making it a versatile product for other animals like rats, chinchillas, and dagus besides ferrets. If your ferrets have babies, they can’t squeeze between these closely-spaced bars either. 

Ferrets love climbing and the horizontal bars provide the ideal feature for them to explore and exercise. The cage is on the pricey side, but if you’re a pet parent who thinks nothing is good enough for your precious babies, this is the one for you. Cheaper options are not worth the money in the long run. 


  • Generous proportions with plenty of play area
  • Locking caster-wheels for safety and convenience
  • Horizontal wire-spacing provides maximum security
  • Comfy ramp covers to protect delicate claws and feet
  • Full-expanse double-doors make the cage easy to clean
  • Sturdy tube-frame construction
  • Can hold plenty of fun accessories 
  • Has a convenient storage area


  • Could be expensive to import from the US
  • Trays don’t have ridges to prevent spillage
  • Some customers find it difficult to assemble
  • Reports of poor delivery and damage to the product during transportation
  • The double unit weighs nearly 100 lbs, making it difficult to move around
  • Shallow pans make it difficult to place bedding

Kaytee My First Home Deluxe 2X2 Multi-Level with Casters


ferret cage

Kaytee is a firm that’s been in the business of manufacture, retail, and servicing of small animal and bird accessories/cages for 150 years. This brand has established a great reputation in the pet industry over the century and a half that it’s been operating and the current generation heading the company has kept abreast of the latest ideas and creative innovations in this sector. 

My First Home Deluxe 2×2 Multi-Level with Casters is the living space for your frisky, playful ferrets. The three-level cage can house one adult ferret and provides it with plenty to explore, enjoy, and experience. 

The product has a deep plastic base where you can place the litter tray and provides enough room for your furry friend to rest after a hard day’s play. 

The accessories included with the purchase include solidly anchored safety ramps, a fun spiral slide for more excitement, a cute and comfortable hammock, a brightly hued fluorescent funnel trail, plus three comfortable shelves or platforms. 

The product is also equipped with smooth caster-wheels that make for easy movement. The cage is easy to clean and you get a choice of colors. 


  • High-quality construction, sturdy, durable
  • Tough enough for active ferrets
  • Chew-proof wires and stain-resistant plastic parts
  • Base prevents scatter and is easy to remove/replace while cleaning
  • Includes fun accessories
  • Easy assembly with no tools required
  • Lightweight and easy to move on caster-wheels
  • Affordable


  • Determined ferrets can chew through the bars
  • Some customers find quality flimsy and not strong enough 
  • Different levels are not easy to clean
  • Top ramp works loose and can be unsafe for your pet
  • Spacing between the bars is not even, making it easy for mischievous ferrets to slip out between them
  • The slide and platforms may not support the weight of an average full-grown ferret

3 Levels Ferret Cage Tight 3/8-Inch Bar Spacing


ferret cage

This is the perfect choice for a variety of little animals such as chinchilla, hamster, degu, rats, mice, sugar-gliders, gerbils besides ferrets. 

The three-level format is ideal when you want to accommodate several small animals together, or you can open up the three tiers for your ferrets, creating one large, luxurious mansion to live in. 

The usable area can be expanded vertically and this gives your furry friends more space to play and explore. 

The cage comes equipped with two front doors that are a great option when you need to reach in and a convenient easy-carry handle to help you move the cage around. The unit is completely foldable and easy for travel or storage. 

The metal grilles, shelves, and ladders are easily removable for easier cleaning. The bottom tray can be taken out to be cleaned and to change the litter or bedding.

The whole structure is coated with non-toxic, animal-safe epoxy finish in a neutral black color that blends easily with any interior decor scheme. The bar spacing is well-arranged at close intervals to prevent small creatures from squeezing through. 

The all-metal, chew-free construction can withstand the sharpest of teeth. Another great thing about this cage is that it’s great as a travel-cage or a second one when you want to separate some pets temporarily. 


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Spacious enough for more than one animal
  • Two flip-down doors provide easy access 
  • Roomy and easy to accessorize with swings, hammocks, water-bottle, toys, etc


  • Basic model that doesn’t feature fun accessories or cool toys
  • Not find it sturdy enough for extra-active pets
  • Flimsy and could collapse if handled badly
  • Not the right option for larger breeds
  • You may have to reinforce with zip-ties 

Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage


ferret cage

What’s truly unique about the Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage is that it’s been designed with both ferrets and ferret-parents in mind. The company is a byword in the small animal pet industry for great quality, strength, and durability. 

Each one of their models has standard features such as adequate space, lockable doors, integrated ramps, casters, and adjustable levels. This product is a result of amazing research on ferret habits, and their eating, sleeping, play and interact with each other and their pet parents. 

The cage includes two pans and shelves, and three ramps with ramp-covers. The full-width double-doors are convenient for cleaning, feeding, and reaching in. There’s lots of play area provided with the full-width floor pan and the wide shelves.

 The ramps can also be used to create separate areas where you can put your ferrets in while cleaning, feeding, or isolating some of them momentarily. 

Locking casters provide easy mobility and the trademarked Gray Quartz hammertone finish blends in with any décor. There’s a convenient storage area on the shelf at the bottom. All the accessories such as shelves, covers, pans, etc can be used with the older model too. 

Additionally, the company offers a range of accessories kits with products such as hammocks, shelf covers, cuddle tubes, privacy covers, resting hammocks, blankets, etc. 


  • Large, spacious and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble peg-hole fastenings
  • Good value for the price
  • Can be used for larger animals such as cats too
  • Superior construction, with durable, chew-proof metal structure
  • Easy to clean with separate double-doors for both levels
  • Possible to fit add-on units


  • Some customers find it difficult to assemble
  • Bottom shelf cannot take the weight of more than one ferret
  • Some buyers have not had a good experience with customer service
  • Assembly instructions not clear and you may need to put in some extra drilling work

Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage 


ferret cage

Tagged as the “Dream Home” for your small pets, the Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch with 2 Front Doors/3 Front Doors/Feeder/Wheels for Squirrel Sugar Glider is roomy enough for a variety of little fellas to live in, rest, play and exercise in. 

However, it’s not right for guinea pigs, because these creatures’ spines are differently developed and could injure themselves badly if they fall from a height. 

It’s easy and quick to assemble so you’ll have your pets’ home ready in a jiffy. Storeyed cages provide the ideal environment for mental and physical stimulation for ferrets who are naturally active and inquisitive. 

The cage has multiple doors that allow you to clean the insides and keep them hygienic and spic-n-span for your babies. One thing that stands out is that the doors are arched and secured with latches so they don’t spring open easily. 

Constructed from square metal tubes, the cage has bars that are well-spaced with wires in between. The slide-out tray and grate add to ease of cleaning while the four universal wheels with ball-shaped casters make for easy movement.


  • Extra large space to accommodate more animals, or for fewer creatures for exercise and play-time
  • Food-bowl and water-bottles can be wall-mounted inside
  • Corrosion resistant and suitable for outdoor spaces
  • Easy to set up and doesn’t require special tools
  • Hammertone paint gives a classy finish
  • Easy to clean and access
  • Slide-out tray below the grate prevents urine/feces accumulation
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Complimentary accessories
  • Convenient to move


  • Not suitable for very small pets
  • Urine can leak out over the sides 
  • Larger pets can knock down the different levels easily
  • Bedding tray too flimsy
  • Sharp, unfinished edges in some products could hurt your pet
  • Packaging and shipping are not of good quality
  • Customer service poor


Kaytee My First Home 30 X 18 Multilevel Exotics


ferret cage

This is a great choice for chinchillas, rats, exotic pets, and ferrets. Your furry buddy has lots of things to do here, climbing up and down the different levels safely and comfortably. 

The extra-deep base makes it easy to clean without the risk of urine and feces splashing or popping out through the sides of the cage. The wires lock flush into the base, and that makes it safer, sturdier and more durable. 

Latches are constructed from chew-proof wire that can prevent your little buddy from gnawing through and escaping. Your pet remains healthy, active, and stimulated in here. 

The quality of construction is tough and long-lasting. The bars are spaced 0.5” apart, making it difficult for even small creatures to squeeze through. Added safety is provided by the z-lock access gates. 

The scamper-ramps and adjustable racks are fun and safe for rough play, and your ferrets can have plenty of activity during the night-time when they’re awake, as they are nocturnal creatures. The cage is easy to clean and the mess just wipes off neatly in a jiffy. 

The size is large but can easily be fitted into an apartment balcony. The bottom plastic portion is great for those times when your buddy wants a little nap, as it provides a quiet and darkened space.


  • Good value for money
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides lots of activity and stimulation 
  • Bars are spaced well to prevent escape
  • Roomy and spacious enough for three smaller creatures or baby ferrets
  • Lots of space for hammocks and toys


  • Poor shipping and packaging
  • Some customers have found it difficult to assemble
  • Bars are too thin and flexible
  • Ramps may be too slippery for some creatures
  • If you want to deep-clean you have to dismantle the cage
  • Not suitable for the chewy type of pets



Does a ferret need a cage?

 Yes. A cage keeps them safe and is a designated place where they can play, rest, and feed when pet-owners are not around to supervise them. It is a cozy place where you can keep his or her favorite toys, accessories, and bedding. 

Ferrets can be litter-trained and a cage is a right place to keep the litter tray. Ferrets are mainly nocturnal by nature and spend between 16 and 20 hours of the day sleeping. 

When they’re active and awake at night, a cage is the safest place for them to be. Experts recommend that they spend four to five hours outside the cage under supervision.

How much do ferret cages cost?

On average, a decent quality ferret cage could cost anywhere between $100-250 (£ 120-200) but the price can vary widely based on size, quality, brand, kind of features, and accessories. 

If you own more than one ferret, you may need a larger and more roomy one and that will drive the price up further. It’s wise to invest in a good quality basic type ferret cage that is sturdy, durable, and well-constructed rather than a fancy one with too many frills and accessories. 

Ferrets are active and cerebral creatures, so a multi-level, solid cage with enough room to move around and play in is ideal. 

Will my cat hurt my ferret?

Being natural predators, cats and ferrets can coexist quite well. However, don’t assume that a ferret will be welcomed in your cat household immediately.

It could work better the other way round when a kitten comes into a ferret household because they learn to play together. 

Older cats may find them annoying and confusing and can tolerate active, inquisitive, playful ferrets, but not attack, because they don’t consider them to be prey. 

It’s best to introduce the two animals gradually to each other, provide enough hiding places for both when things get rough, and monitor their interaction closely till you’re confident that there is no problem. 

From where can I buy ferret cages in the United Kingdom (UK)?

A A good pet shop can provide you with top quality ferret cages. This allows you to see and evaluate the product personally before you buy it.

You can also buy good quality ferret cages online, from all the well-known big brands in the UK pet industry. Most of them have shipping and delivery facilities throughout the country.

You can also purchase some of the best ferret cages from online retail giants like Amazon. One of the advantages of shopping online is that you get to read reviews and get plenty of useful information that your high street pet shop owner may not give you.

Where to set up a ferret cage?

A Ferrets are highly susceptible to heat, and this is because they’re mainly crepuscular (dawn to dusk) creatures. They feel the heat much more than other pets, so you must place the cage in a cool area that’s between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Ferrets may succumb to overheating at 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so their cage must be kept in cool, well-ventilated spaces (as they can get smelly), away from direct sunlight. 

The cage must have enough shady, hiding places for them to rest and relax. They’re friendly and love attention when awake so keep the cage where they can see what’s going on around them. 

How do you put a ferret cage together? 

Assembling a new ferret cage is simply a matter of following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Cages generally come in knocked-down condition and have to be put together by the buyer.

The cage can be assembled by one person, but an extra pair of hands is always useful. Before you buy, decide on the location where you will place it. If you plan to move it around, get one with wheels, and ensure that it has more than one level.

You can accessorize according to your preferences and budget, with hard plastic toys, play-equipment, feeding bowls, water-bottles, bedding, litter-tray, etc.

What should be in my ferret’s cage?

Ferrets are highly intelligent, active, inquisitive, and playful creatures. They enjoy running, climbing, playing with puzzles, and challenging toys. Apart from these, your ferret cage must have the necessities.

Containers for food and water that cannot be moved around chewed or broken must be securely kept in the cage. Ensure that the food and water containers are attached to the floor or wall since your furry friends love to tip things over.

Litter-pans should also be secured to the cage, otherwise, you’ll have a mess to deal with. Soft bedding, ramp covers, shelf covers, and hammocks keep your pet safe and comfortable.

When should a ferret be in a cage?

The cage keeps your ferret safe and under supervision. However, your buddy needs a time out from the cage for at least four hours a day. This should always be under supervision to avoid hazards. 

Ferrets should be in the cage if you’re at work or unable to monitor their activities. If you have other pets, your ferret must be kept safe inside unless you’re around to keep an eye. 

Over-exposure to bright, artificial lighting is harmful to the pet and can lead to adrenal disease. Ensure that the cage is kept covered if the lights are on in the room when the ferrets are asleep. 

Do ferrets need bedding in their cage?

Yes. Ferrets prefer soft surfaces to sleep and rest on. In the wild, they make “nests” from soft dry leaves and grasses and they like a snug fit. They’re burrowing animals and prefer dark, cozy places to sleep in. 

Shredded soft paper is a good option, so also good quality soft hay. However, these can get messy. 

A better choice is a soft bed made from toweling or fleecy blanket in a nesting-box. Make sure you change the bedding often and wash it well with ferret-safe detergent if you plan to reuse it. 


Ferrets make delightful, affectionate pets and can live for quite long. They’re not difficult to care for but need plenty of attention and supervision. 

They’re ideal pets for people who work during the day, as ferrets sleep for long hours, and are active during early dawn and dusk when you’re at home.