5 Ways to Raise Outdoor Urban Bunny Rabbits

Are you considering raising rabbits in your backyard? If you want to start a small group of bunnies in your space but don’t know how to get started, you’re not alone. Many people have considered become urban rabbit parents without ever getting around to it. Most of them are confused about getting started, while others don’t know what equipment they need.

If you’re interested in raising rabbits in a city environment, you’ve come to the right article. You’ll learn the steps you need to follow to get started owning rabbits in your little slice of the city.

  1. Verify Whether It’s Legal to Have Backyard Rabbits

Every city is unique, and some don’t allow for rabbits at all. Most, fortunately, allow you to keep pets in your backyard provided that you meet certain requirements. Check with the local city ordinances so that you can make sure you’re following the rules. The regulations will help you make future decisions about owning other pets as well.

Once you know the rules, you’ll know how many rabbits you can have, what kind of hutch you can build, and where to get food.

  1. Build Your Rabbit Hutch

Before getting a rabbit or multiple bunnies, it’s essential to build them a shelter. Since you’ve looked into the city ordinances, you know what parameters that you can work within when building the hutch.

If you’re only keeping a couple of rabbits, you can get away with a smaller hutch. However, if you’re looking to own a plethora of lapins, look into a custom design.

  1. Install Predator Proof Fencing

Even though you live in a city, there are plenty of predators around that can harass your rabbits. Install fences that passively keep out other animals. You don’t need to go electric or barbed wire, but you need something that will stop furry critters from getting into your yard. You also want to make sure that your rabbits can’t dig under the fence and escape.

  1. Get Feeders, Watering Devices, and Nesting Boxes

With the hutch built and the fencing in place, it’s time to get the remainder ofequipment you need to raise urban rabbits:

  • You’ll want to get feeders that give your rabbits enough space to munch without harassing one another.
  • You should get enough watering devices so that you won’t need to constantly refill them.
  • Within the hutch, leave enough room for nesting boxes so that your bunnies can get comfortable when they go to sleep.
  1. Make Sure You Have Enough Food and Water

With the number of bunnies that you’re going to raise in mind, make sure that you have enough food and water to sustain them while they adjust to their new surroundings. You’ll want to have at least a month’s supply of each. You can get away with giving your rabbits tap water if you live in an area with good water. Otherwise, you’ll want to get some barrels full for them. As for food, check out local farm supply stores to get what you need.

Contrary to popular belief, rabbits eat more than carrots. They also eat seeds, nuts, and other things you’d find on the floor of a forest.

Go Out There and Get Some Bunnies

With all the preparation done, it’s time for you to go out and get the bunnies. Make sure that you’re contacting a trusted rabbit handler who knows their animals. Don’t purchase from a pet store, as most don’t treat their animals humanely. Don’t let living in a city stop you from fulfilling your dreams of owning a lapin and letting it roam in your backyard.