­­­Turning Your Kitty into a Social Media Star: A Brief Guide

Social media is huge; there are hundreds of millions of users all around the world and a number of popular platforms too. In this respect, the rise of the influencer was inevitable. However, an unexpected side effect of the influencer culture is pet influencers. There are pets online with millions of followers, which earns their owners a pretty penny. Trying to turn your pet into an influencer is no mean feat which is why we have put together this brief guide. Keep reading for more information.

Choosing the Platform

First things first, you need to think about what platform you want to make an account on. Instagram is a popular choice, and it is where a lot of the older pet influencers found their following. However, in recent years TikTok has taken over in terms of popularity. Realistically in order to give yourself the best chance of growing your following, it might be worth considering a multi-platform approach.

Naming the Account

After having chosen the platform, you next need to create the account. A large part of creating the account is coming up with the name. The name matters; it needs to be catchy and easy to find. Some people go for simplicity, simply naming the account after their cat and maybe including the breed. Others go for something that is more likely to stand out. Fear not if the name you want is taken. You can always choose a different spelling or utilize special characters.

Finding Your Community

After you have created the account, it is time to start finding your community. A lot of people start by following their friends and family, who are all but guaranteed to follow them back. After that, you should start following other similar accounts that are also likely to follow you back. You can also get an idea of the content types that do well.

In order to appeal to the wider community, you need to start developing a posting schedule. This ensures that you are creating the maximum chance of audience engagement. You can also use hashtags or hop on viral trends in order to get your content seen. Consistency is important, but so is quality. Remember to vary the content too.

Think Outside the Box

Cat content is pretty widespread on the internet; you need to find your own niche to set yourself apart from the other would-be pet influencers out there. You could start to dress your cat up, or maybe it has a unique behavior or medical condition that would make it more intriguing to the masses. You could also post reviews of different cat foods like Reveal or toy reviews. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to creating unique content, and ideally, your content will need to be a little different to make it more enticing.

In Conclusion

Transforming your cat into an influencer is not going to be easy, but you can earn decent money from it as well as be sent cool freebies for your pet. In order to become a success, you need to be able to draw in the audience and make them love your cat as much as you do. Focus on storytelling and how the platform can help you to do this.