How To Get Rid Of Mites On Dogs

Being a dog owner, I know exactly what it feels like when your pet is suffering in pain. It is definitely not a good sight, and no one would ever want their pet to go through pain ever.

A dog is known to be a man’s best friend. They are the most loyal creatures to ever exist on this planet as they will always be with you and take care of you. So, if you want to have a dog of your own, then do check out these adorable Pomsky Puppies For Sale.

However, if you already have a dog who is always there for you and you love your dog to death, then I am pretty sure that you would never want your dog to be in pain.

It is sad to know that there are plenty of diseases which cause animals especially dogs to go through a lot of pain. One of those terrible diseases is mites.

If you want to know more about mites and to get rid of mites on your dog, then keep on reading.

What Are Dog Mites?

In order to explain to you what exactly dog mites are, I will try to be as clear and simple as possible. Have you ever experienced cold or flu? I am pretty sure that everyone has had cold more than once in their life as it is very common to humans.

You must know what it feels like to have cold, right?  Mites are as contagious to dogs as cold is to humans. Therefore, almost every dog has experienced mites.

Now getting to the important question that what are exactly dog mites. Dog mites are tiny creatures also known as parasites that latch into the skin of your dog and causes inflammation and irritation.

These mites are less than a millimeter in size and can’t be easily seen. They actually live in the fur, pores or ear canals of dogs.

Why Are Mites Dangerous For Dogs?

These little creatures make dogs feel very uncomfortable and restless. It can also cause a very serious and well-known skin disease to dogs known as ‘mange‘. There is two type of mange which is common in dogs:

  • Sarcoptic Mange
  • Demodectic Mange

Various Kinds Of Dog Mites

There are different kinds of dog mites and not all of them are as problematic as the others.

  • Sarcoptes scabiei: Mites burry inside the skin of the dogs.
  • Demodex canis: Mites live in the hair follicies of dogs. These are common even in dogs who are healthy.
  • Otodectes cynotis: They can be found in the ear canals of dogs and are marked by a black crust.
  • Cheyletiella yasguri: These are the mites that live on the surface or fur of the dogs.

Why Do Dogs Get Mites?

There are two simple reasons why dogs get mites.

  • As mites are contagious so one dog can pick up mites through direct contact with another dog who has mites. It may happen in an animal shelter or even when you leave your pet dog with other stray dogs.
  • Another reason why dogs get mites is the dirty environment. If your dog is living in a place where some other dog lived before and had mites, then there is a huge chance that place is contaminated and your dog will get mites.

How To Diagnose Mites On Dogs?

The best way to know if your dog has mites is by studying their skin carefully. If your dog is scratching his skin very much, then there is a huge chance that he has mites.

It is always recommended to take your dog to the vet as soon as you suspect anything so the vet can diagnose whether there is something to be worried about or not.

The vets usually put a piece of the dog’s hair or skin under the microscope to study it closely and see if there are any mites present or not as it is very difficult to see the extremely small mites.

Having a closer look at the mites will also help in detecting what kind of mite it is so it can be treated accordingly.

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Has Mites?

Even though there are different kinds of mites that may be causing pain to your dog, but their symptoms are almost the same. So, if you notice any of the below-mentioned symptoms in your dog, then get him/her treated as soon as possible.

  • Intense scratching and itching.
  • They will be biting and licking a lot.
  • They will be rubbing themselves on the furniture.
  • Redness on the skin.
  • Inflammation
  • They will be losing their hair.
  • Lesions will appear on their ankles or elbows.
  • Black or dark brownish crust on the ears.
  • They will have dandruff.

Even though mites are contagious, but they can be prevented and treated as well, so you don’t cheap neurontin have to worry about your dog and just follow the tips mentioned below.

How Can Dog Mites Be Treated?

Us being humans, tend to take medicines or follow natural remedies to get rid of our cold, but what can dogs do to get rid of mites? Let’s get into that!

  • Use Wet Cloth: If the symptoms that you detected in your dog are mild, then you can easily treat your dog at home with natural remedies. If your dog has ear mites, then you can use wet cloth and clean the debris inside the dog’s ear which is left behind by the mite.
  • Mixture Of Almond Oil, Mineral Oil And Corn Oil: You can use a mixture of almond oil, mineral oil and corn oil, and gently massage the ears of your dog. This will help you to clean the debris easily and to also soothe the irritated and swollen skin of the dog after too much scratching. Corn oil is known for healing the inflamed skin.
  • Mixture Of Tea Tree Oil And Water: Mix tea tree oil with water and massage it on the dog’s skin. Don’t do this if your dog is allergic to tea tree oil.
  • Anti-Parasitic Wash: You can also take the dog to the vet and get an anti-parasitic shampoo to get the dog cleaned up. This can definitely help the dog in getting rid of the mites that had latched onto his/her skin.
  • Antibiotic Or Antifungal Cream: If your dog is in a critical condition, then the vet may ask you to apply some antibiotic or antifungal cream on the dog’s skin to get rid of the mites.
  • Holistic Treatment: There are some cases when the mites are too chronic due to the weak immune system to the dog. So, the vet will have to improve the immune system of the dog with the help of a holistic treatment. Make sure that the dog does not breed in such a condition.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey: You can apply apple cider vinegar and honey on the dog’s skin to soothe it. As honey is known for soothing the skin and apple cider vinegar is an all natural astringent, this mixture will be perfect for calming the dog’s irritated skin.
  • Stronger Immune System: It is very important for dogs to have a strong immune system to prevent themselves from facing any serious sickness. They can only have a strong immune system if they have a good diet. So, make sure that you dog is eating in a healthy way. Having a stronger immune system will help the dog to fight off the disease and feel healthy.

It is essential to know that it usually takes up to 6 weeks for the symptoms of dog mites to finally go away. So, you will have to be patient with your dog and make sure to take care of your dog in such a tough and hard time.

Best Ways To Prevent Dog Mites

Precaution is always better than suffering, so if you are wondering how you can prevent your dog from going through the discomfort of having mites, then these tips may help your dog.

  • As mites is contagious, so it is a great chance that if another dog has mites then your dog may get them too. Therefore, if you notice that some other dog has mites then make sure that your dog stays away from that dog.
  • Your dog’s personal hygiene matters a lot so always make sure that your dog is clean and in a safe environment.
  • There are different parasite repellents available in markets made for animals. So, try to get your hands on them and apply it on your dog’s skin to make sure that they remain safe from mites.
  • Take your dog to the veterinarian once a month for a check-up to know whether there are any symptoms of a disease so you can catch onto the problem and treat it before it’s too late.
  • Make sure to clean your dog’s bedding on a regular basis.
  • Always use all natural products when cleaning your dogs and his tools so that the dog does not have an allergic reaction to any product.
  • Brush and comb the dog to remove any mites living in the fur of the dog.

Overall it is very important for you to provide your dog with a neat and clean environment to save him/her from mites.

Try not to be experimental with home remedies on your dog and don’t leave your dogs with stray animals as they already have many diseases latched on them that can be transferred to your dog very easily. Take care of your dog so it can take care of you too.