Tips for Keeping Your Dog Entertained

Staying indoors or stuck at home will disappoint you and your dog. You, therefore, must keep your dog active and happy.

There are many things to do to keep your pet stimulated and entertained. That is why we have created this article: We have highlighted tips for keeping your furry friend entertained.

Let us get started.

Dogs Activity and Requirements

A dog requires both mental and physical stimulation to allow it to stay healthy, fit, and happy. They exercise on their own every time they pick up a toy to play, as well as walk and run. However, various things will provide the dog with mental stimulation.

Tough mental concentration will make your dog tired and happy. These things may include tracking scents outside, getting kibble from the puzzle toy, or concentrating hard on obedience training.

If your dog lacks stimulation, it will let out much energy through undesirable manners – like destroying furniture or chewing socks. You must ensure the dog has both mental and physical stimulation.

Many dog owners have discovered a new “smart” toy that keeps dogs busy, called the busy ball, which you can buy online. It’s been a sanity-saver for a lot of work-from-home types, and dogs love it.

There are other ways you can mentally and physically exercise your pooch!

How Can You Entertain Your Dog?

If you want to entertain your dog, there are distinct options available. These include:

Practice Short Bursts for Obedience

Training your dog will provide it with mental stimulation. With positive reinforcement methods, introduce your dog to a new command or go over previously introduced commands.

Whether you are dealing with obedience for the first time or not, always spend time training every day.

Teach a New Trick

Every time you train your dog, try to teach it a new trick. It could be crawling underneath the chair, learning the toy’s name, or shaking a paw. The possibilities of these tricks are endless.

The greatest trick you can try is showing the dog to tidy up. You start by showing it how to “put it away” means. That can be carrying one toy and dropping it in the box.

Give the dog a stuffed Kong

Another popular toy is the Kong, which can be stuffed and mixed with a tasty food such as canned pumpkin, mashed banana, or a spoon of peanut butter. Freeze it to allow it to last long for the dog.

The outstanding thing about puzzle toys is that they are excellent for mental stimulation. The reason behind the puzzle is for the dog to solve the issue by shaking or tilting the puzzle toy. It will knock the kibble out and then eat it.

Train The Dog Name of The Toys

Training your dog to learn and recognize the name of its toys may sound hard, but it is a great activity.

Use one toy and say the name while playing. Ask your dog to fetch it by name and when it brings the specific one, give the dog praise.

Eventually, check whether your dog will pick each toy by name from the pile of toys. And once it understands the name, repeat the process with a new toy.

Dog Exercise is a Win-Win

Like humans, dogs need a balance of mental and physical exercises. When not experiencing outdoor adventures, allow your dog to stay active indoor with the above activities. You’ll both win!