Less Common Pet Items for Animal Lovers to Invest in

We all buy the necessities for our beloved four-legged friends. Food bowls, comfy beds, collars and leads… everything they need to be comfortable and happy.

However, if you wanted to go the extra mile for your pet and for yourself, there are some far less common cute, fun, and useful items that you could invest in too! Take a look at these pet care items that you and your animals will love.

Pet Clothing

We’ve all seen chihuahuas sporting a tiny doggie jacket before, but did you know there are other clothing items you can buy for your pets? If you live in a cold, snowy area, you can invest in dog shoes to keep your pup’s paws warm.

You can also buy headgear and fun costumes for your pets – and with Halloween coming up, now is the perfect time to start shopping.

Fun Terrariums

 If you have more uncommon pets, you need to treat them with more uncommon items. Upgrade your standard, boring tank to a terrarium with all sorts of fun things inside. This will not only be stunning to look at but can make life for your pets more interesting too.

If you’re interested in owning one, this resource details which interesting and uncommon pets are the perfect fit for smaller enclosures.

Pet Cam

If you’re the type of person who worries constantly about your pets and needs to make sure they’re okay at all times, a pet cam might be for you.

Pet cams will allow you to keep an eye on your animals, no matter where you happen to be. If you’re away from home for a longer period, hiring a pet sitter is important. However, when you’re just out at work or on a grocery run, a pet cam is a good way to be able to watch out for emergencies.

Doggie Umbrellas

Never let your daily walks be interrupted by rainy weather again! Believe it or not, you can even buy an umbrella for your dog to help keep them dry when they need to head outside in the wet.

These umbrellas attach to a collar or harness and lead, making it easy to help keep your doggo dry while you’re out and about.

Themed Beds

Every dog or cat needs a comfy bed, but if you really want to level up the cute factor, you can purchase a fun, themed pet bed for them.

You can find cosy beds in just about every shape or size – hamburgers, castles and even the inside of a shark’s mouth! These purchases can be super fun, and while your dog might not care what he’s sleeping in, it’ll certainly be something to put on Instagram.

Pet Carriers

We all own a pet carrier – a standard crate or box for vet trips or long-distance travel. However, if you like to take your pets with you wherever you go, there are also sling carriers and backpack carriers for cats and dogs (smaller breeds, of course).

These are great for when you take your dog hiking and they get a little too tired to make the full trip, or if you want your furry companion to accompany you on a trip into the city but you don’t want them to get lost.

Dog or Cat Spa Kit

Just like you might spoil yourself with a self-care day, you can do the same for your pets. Yes, you can purchase dog and cat spa kits that come with brushes, shampoos, and all sorts of other luxurious grooming products.

Treat your pet’s skin and fur like royalty by giving them a fun treatment from time to time – they might complain but it will be beneficial for their overall health and wellness.

Heated Pet Bed

If you live in an area where the winter months are quite harsh, you probably worry about your pets getting cold.

A heated pet bed works similarly to an electric blanket which you might put on your own bed, and your pets will love the extra cosy warmth they get to snuggle up with in the evenings when the chill is just too much.

CBD Treats

Finally, you can invest in some CBD for your animals. Yup, if your pet is a little high-strung you can help calm them down with CBD products for dogs or cats.

These usually come in the form of drops of treats and are tested and completely safe for animal consumption. The treats will simply take the edge off for your pet and help them to feel more relaxed.