Puppies Being Cute: Puppy Themed Personalised Number Plates

Are you a puppy owner? If so, you know just how important they are in your life. Why not show everyone just how much your puppy means to you through puppy themed personalised number plates

It’s the perfect way to show off your love for your little furry friend while on the move!

We all know the world loves its pets, especially dogs! There are over 471 million pet dogs worldwide, with pet cats at over 220 million. 89.7 million of those pet dogs are in the US.

Dogs aren’t just pets afterall, they are also part of the family, and just as people buy number plates in honour of their loved ones, hobbies or favourite film, people do buy registrations with their dogs in mind too. Others may buy dog themed number plates for their business, such as; groomers, dog walkers, breeders, etc.

Below we have the 10 most funny puppy private number plates that ACTUALLY exist put together by the team at Regtransfers. Dogs have proven time and time again with their fluffy, adorable faces, to make people go ‘Awww’ and ‘OMG!’. 

These Top 10 hilarious puppy number plates won’t just have you laughing, but overloaded with cuteness too!


  1. They ATTACK!


  1. They Make A Mess!


  1. They High-Five with their Paw Beans

4. They Bork at You!

  1. They Dig!


  1. They Bite, EVERYTHING!


     7. They Rest Anywhere They Like!


  1. They *Blep*

  1. They Fetch

  1. They Boop the Snoot