Quercetin for Dogs: A 100% Natural Supplement for Allergic Dog

One of the most common issues that affect a major population of dogs around the world is skin allergy. It is an epidemic that results in major health issues. Mostly the reasons behind itchy skin in dogs are tics or fleas. But what is the reason behind that itch is not clear. The best way of dealing with those kinds of cases is quercetin for dogs. It is a naturally occurring substance which works powerfully against histamine production, which generally triggers itching in dogs. It is a great alternative to antihistamines that are made of chemicals. So, if your dog is dealing with allergies then you should definitely consider quercetin.

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quercetin for dogs

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Cause of Allergies

Even though allergies in dogs are common, but still it is an issue that needs to be resolved. Allergies get triggered when the mast cells of the immune system start to respond aggressively. Now, these mast cells are special immune cells in the body of a dog. When they see a protein, to them it is an invader and in response to that, they react by releasing the histamine which leads to allergies. It can be easily seen in dogs with inflamed skin. If a dog has itchy skin, then it is the result of histamine. Histamine when getting in touch with tissues causes inflammatory effects.

Symptoms of allergies in dogs

If a dog is suffering from allergies, then they usually show the symptoms given below:

  • Coughing
  • Redness
  • Scratching
  • Hair loss
  • Itching
  • Ulcer formation
  • Bumps
  • Biting on the skin
  • Excessive sneezing

These symptoms are generally linked to the skin allergies. So, if you think that your dog is dealing with these issues, then considering quercetin for your dog might be a good idea. Quercetin, found in plants and fruits helps a lot. But try to feed only the supplement to treat the issue, not the fruit or vegetable itself as most of them can be harmful to your pet’s health. The symptoms mentioned above are the most basic ones as they can be seen easily in dogs but there can be other symptoms too, which might not be as evident as them so it is always advised to get a health check-up of your dog from a certified clinic.

How much quercetin is effective against allergies?

Quercetin is considered as one of the most powerful antioxidant flavonoids, which are found in many plants. And since it occurs naturally, it does not involve any side-effects. When it comes to effectiveness, then we can say that it is a great substance for allergic dogs as it can ease the pain from itching and reduce the redness on the skin. It is pretty much effective against all the skin allergies. Even if it does not eliminate the allergy completely, but it will definitely reduce it to a great extent. Sometimes it becomes difficult for dogs to absorb the supplement in their bodies, but that is not really an issue since most of the quercetin comes with a blend of an organic substance which boosts up the absorption process. That substance is Bromelain.

Even though quercetin is all natural without any side-effects, there are still some limits to it. Quercetin can only treat allergy related issues. So, if your dog is suffering from kidney diseases or age-related issues, then this product might not be effective for him. But it is 100% effective against the symptoms mentioned above as they are all related to allergies in dogs. Even if your dog is sneezing, this product will be able to help in providing relief.

Properties of Quercetin

There are some properties of quercetin that can benefit your dog while fighting with allergies. Quercetin shows anti-inflammatory properties. Skin allergies can lead to inflammation, which can make the skin condition worse. Quercetin not only stops that itching, but it also inhibits the enzymes that help in reducing the swelling. Apart from that, as we discussed before, quercetin also shows anti-histamine properties by blocking the histamine release. Another condition that it helps with is asthma. It provides relief for those animals suffering from asthma or breathing issues. The quercetin decreases the bronchoconstriction levels, thus providing relief from asthma.

The properties that we have discussed are the basic and the most important ones when it comes to allergy treatment with the help of quercetin. Apart from them, there’s bromelain, which is another enzyme which, when combined with quercetin elevates the overall effectiveness of the supplement. So, if you give your dog quercetin then it will help you in solving some of the issues related to allergies and since it is natural, there is no way that your dog will show any signs of side-effects from the drug.

Best quercetin for dogs:

Doctor’s Best Quercetin Bromelain, 180 veggie caps

quercetin for dogs

If you are looking for the best quercetin for dogs, then this product is just perfect. Now let’s talk about its features first. It is great for a dog’s immune system. It helps in ensuring that the immune system responds appropriately. This helps in fighting any bacteria or infection that enters the dog’s body effectively. If the dog’s immune system is poor, then it becomes vulnerable to any attack. Also, it inhibits the free radicals formation and also promotes the blood circulation as it supports the small blood-vessels integrity.  So overall, it is perfect for keeping your dog healthy.

Apart from that, it also contains Bromelain. Its presence complements quercetin, which supports the immune response. It also helps in maintaining the cardiovascular health of the dog. Other than that it helps in promoting the comfort in joints.

Now let’s talk about its effectiveness and risks. These are highly effective capsules and don’t involve any risks. Also, they are Non-GMO so you won’t have to worry about contamination. And you don’t have to think twice before giving them to your dog since they are gluten free and soy free.

Overall, it is a very effective product which can help your dog in getting rid of allergies.

Ingredients used

Since we have already discussed that quercetin is a naturally occurring antioxidant, it still raises the question about the ingredients used and their integrity. Many pet owners still stand curiously about ingredients used in this supplement. It is totally fair to be skeptical about something which is organic and works better than chemical products as most of the products in the market have some chemicals in them. But don’t worry, this is totally organic and the ingredients involved are also found in nature. The ingredients involved are quercetin dihydrate, rice powder, modified cellulose, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.

Quercetin: Where to buy

One of the most frequently asked questions about quercetin is where to buy it from. But before answering that question, one thing that you should know is quercetin is all natural so if you find any quercetin product with a chemical in it then there are very high chances that it is fake. Another thing is that quercetin is not yet FDA approved. But because of its amazingly beneficial properties, it is recommended by medical professionals. So, if you are looking for one, then you can buy it online. A website like Amazon is a great place to buy 100% original product. Also, you can ask your local vet for this supplement. Even though it is not FDA approved for use by vets, still you will get information about the products from the vet and he or she will be able to direct you to a trusted supplier. And that way you will be able to find a more reliable and original product.

How much dosage to give?

Even though quercetin is found in fruits and vegetable, it is not advised to feed your pet those fruits such as apples, cherries, grapes etc. as they are really bad for your pet’s health. However, you can give your dog quercetin pills. These pills can be added to your dog’s food so you can feed them. Moreover, quercetin generally comes with Bromelain. This substance, when combined with quercetin, helps in making it easier to absorb in the body. But when it comes to getting results and using it to full extent, dosage really matters. 560 mg per day is quercetin’s recommended dosage. You can divide the dosage in two and feed it to your dog during early morning and night.


Quercetin for the dog is one of the most reliable supplements when it comes to treating the allergies. It is natural and does not cause any side-effects. Moreover, it is easily available in the market and since it is an over-the-counter supplement, one doesn’t need any doctor’s prescription to buy that. Still, if you are unsure as a pet owner, feel free to consult a doctor before starting your dog’s medication. But overall, it is a decent product with high chances of success than any other chemical based alternatives available. And it can really work like a charm when it comes to reducing your dog’s allergies.