Review on Rachael Ray Nutrish: A Popular Brand in Amazon For Selling Healthy Dog Foods


Rachael Ray is a famous personality in the American television industry and commands huge popularity among the masses. She is a businesswoman celebrity cook who has managed to win the hearts of everyone by teaching everyone to make simple yet delicious dishes. She has also expanded her business into the pet food industry as well and her brand goes by the name “Nutrish”. This brand manufactures quality food product for the pets so that they can stay healthy. These foods are full of natural ingredients and carry lots nutrients in them so that it can help in the growth of the animals. They claim to add no filler ingredients in their product to keep it clean, nutritious for the pets and easy to digest.

The brand is famous for selling high-quality pet food for the dogs, that comes in various types and flavors. The brand was introduced to the market in the year 2008 and it has been almost a decade since then. The brand has been a huge success and has established itself as one of the prominent players in the industry.

Most of the recipes from this brand are based on the dishes that were prepared by Rachel herself for her pet dog, Isaboo, a pit bull. The brand also sends a large portion of its selling price to Rachel’s rescue, a charity working for the well-being of the dogs and supports shelter homes for dogs. The charity works on a “no kill” policy and is quite active in the region.

The specialty of the brand:

There are a lot of things this brand is famous for and most of it goes to its awesome food quality and the nutrition content. We bring you the various specialties of the brand which makes it unique and favorable than the rest of the brands available in the market.

• The recipes used for different food products manufactured by the brand are homemade and were once fed to the dog of the owner.

• All types of foods like dry food, semi-wet food, and wet food are manufactured by them.

• The foods come in different flavors so that each dog can eat the one which soothes their taste buds. The flavors are chosen according to the common demands and on the basis of the results of a various survey conducted by third-party organizations.

• One of the primary product of most of the dog foods is chicken and the brand uses homegrown chicken. This ensures that the best quality chicken goes into manufacturing. The chickens are high in protein and help in the development of the dogs.

• Many of the other brands mention that meat is their primary ingredients, but hardly any of them mentions the source from where they are obtaining that meat. The meat can come from homegrown animals or cold storage or even imported from foreign countries as well. The brand names out the source of the meat that they have used in their each and every product which goes on to show the quality of the food being manufactured.

• The dog food manufactured are highly rich in nutrition and other vitamins and minerals, which help in the proper growth of the body and helps in maintaining a healthy physique.

• The fact that a large part of the money obtained from selling it goes to a charity makes it much more special. The food is helping your dog in getting healthy and helps in the growth and at the same time helps another dog in need of help as well.

The things that need to improve:

Like every other thing, this product also has some areas that can do with some advice and improvement. All though they don’t affect the quality of the food much, the customers must know about neurontin pill them.

• Some of the food products from them were said to have added agents to introduce more flavor. The brand should refrain from doing that.

• Some food items were found to be made up of poor ingredients. The brand should be stricter regarding the raw products that go into manufacturing.

• If any filler material is added in the product, it should be duly notified. Some of the food products upon testing were found to have traces of filler food items like rice, wheat, and corn. The brand should refrain from using these items and if they are being used, it should be properly mentioned.

• Some of the food items were found to be quite allergic to some breed of dogs and caused serious health problems in them. All the ingredients should be specifically mentioned so that the owners can recognize if the food contains any food item that may harm their dog.

Average customer opinions:

Most of the people have loved this product because of which the brands stand where it is today. Many of them have said this to be the best dog food brand that is available in the market and have loved the number of products that have been released by the brand so that they can choose the perfect product for their dogs. Most of the products are made from natural ingredients and very beneficial for the dogs. Different types of dog foods like dry dog food, Just 6, Dish, zero grain are some of them that have managed to win the hearts of the people because of their uniqueness.

Among all these positive reviews, some of the products have also complained of the food to be trigger agent of some allergy in their pet dogs. An extreme case of kidney failure has been reported as well by the doctors after eating the food from this brand.

Most of the people have rated the product between 4-5 stars based on various factors like a number of nutrients the food supplies, the quantity, and source of the primary ingredient being used if any filler material is used in the making or not. Apart from all this, the reception of the food from the dog’s side also matters a lot and affects the rating in a serious way. A customer whose dog grew healthy and became more active after being fed this food is expected to give a higher rating than the one whose dog grew weak and suffered from medical conditions that were caused by this.

The fact that the main source of ingredients In their food is naturally obtained and is grown up in the country it plays a huge in the rating of the food. Any customer is bound to prefer a food item whose source of origin is well known.


After reading about the special features of the product and the areas where the brand can improve along with the reviews, one can conclude that this brand can be trusted. The food items prepared by them for the dogs are made with the best natural products, rich in nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The fact that a part of the money spent in buying the food goes to dog shelters as well also makes the customer more inclined towards it.

But before buying the product, one must be fully aware of the things that their dog is allergic to so that they can safely choose that product which doesn’t have that item as one of the constituents. This practice will help them in choosing the best product for their dog without compromising on the quality.

The brand provides a large range of options to the public to choose from their products and decide the best meal for their pet dog.