How To Report A Missing Or Lost Dog

Homeless dog sitting on the road with copy space for text.

As dog owners, we put a lot of effort into ensuring our pets have a happy home that they want to stay in.

The problem is, even the happiest dogs have their own minds and may be liable to escape. Losing a dog can be extremely distressing and very stressful.

There are lots of things that you can do when your dog goes missing, but one of the first actions you take should be filing a report.

By filing a report, you are ensuring that if your dog is found by an organization, they know to get in touch with you.

Animal control or rescue centers will look to actively rehome a dog that they believe doesn’t have a home.

Unfortunately, in many centers and especially within animal control centers, the animal will be put to sleep if left I adopted or unclaimed.

If your dog is missing, don’t worry, there is still a high chance that they can be found. Lost dogs in NJ have a really strong chance of being reunited with their owners, especially if you follow our tips to file a report for your missing dog:

Ensure You Contact Everywhere That Could Help

You should never just file a report in one center if you have many nearby.

Ideally, you will file a report with centers within a 60-mile radius of your home. If you were on holiday or walking your dog a fair distance from home when they ran away, then look to work within a 60-mile radius of that location too.

You may also wish to get in touch with your local police station, particularly if there is not an animal control center local to you.

Reaching out to centers even further afield can be done online just to ensure you have covered every base.

Include All The Information That Could Help

Don’t be afraid to share too much about the dog as it will increase your chances of finding your pet. Ensure the report you file and any advertising you do includes this information:

  • The dog’s temperament
  • The dogs breed
  • The dog’s sex
  • The dog’s accessories it was wearing when it went missing
  • Any specific identifying marks like scars or unusual colorings
  • Information about medical issues
  • Your points of contact
  • The area the dog is most likely to be found in
  • Any warnings about the dog

The more information you include, the more likely your dog can be found.

Follow up

Once you have filed a missing dog report, you must follow it up regularly. Although these organizations have your report, they are so busy they may need some prompting to regularly check if they have your pet.

Don’t be afraid to call local organizations every day in the first few weeks after you have lost your dog.

How To Prevent Your Dog Going Missing

Ideally, you’ll never have to make a report about your missing dog and you can minimize the chance of them escaping by following these tips:

  • Keep their leash and collar securely
  • Utilize apps that help you find a lost dog
  • Microchip your pet
  • Secure your backyard fencing
  • Only walk your dog in secure outdoor spaces

Although sometimes dogs just escape, we can do a lot to try and keep them safe, such as the tips above. If they do happen to go missing, file a report as soon as you have explored the local area thoroughly.

The likelihood is that you will be reunited with your pet, ensuring their safety and happiness once again.