Simple Ways to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy This Fall

Fall is now upon us. While we will miss the glorious temperatures and sunshine, fall is a fantastic season both for dogs and their owners who adore them. As it starts to get chillier, there’s nothing that quite beats curling up on the couch snuggling man’s best friend. If you have a senior pooch, here are some brilliant tips on how to keep your furry friend happy and healthy throughout the fall season.

Encourage Exercise

Never let fall’s cooler temperatures turn you and your furry friend into couch potatoes. While your senior dog may not be as sprightly as they used to be, that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a good old-fashioned walk around the block. Just make sure you wrap up warm when you go for a stroll. Also, check with your vet about what types of activities are appropriate for your pooch’s age and health. Keeping your dog active helps ward off obesity, and most importantly can extend their lifespan and create a perfect bonding opportunity.

Alter Their Diet

As a senior dog owner, it’s natural you’ll want your furry friend to get the most out of life. One way to support theirwellbeing is by paying close attention to their diet. During fall, many of us like to indulge in comfort foods. However, it’s wise to not give your leftovers to your best friend. Instead, make sure they’re following a healthy, natural diet. App Laws pride themselves on delivering a range of exciting meals that are sure to tickle your dog’s taste buds. Their products are made with natural ingredients and tasty textures that will support your senior dog’s health.

Keep Your Dog Protected

Before taking your dog for some fun fall fun, make sure your pooch is up to date on vaccinations. There are infectious diseases like leptospirosis that can cause kidney and liver damage. This disease can be transmitted from a wild animal to your furry friend via a contaminated puddle and is even more prevalent during the fall. Also, do not skip your tick, flea, and heartworm protection. These parasites are active during the fall and can cause severe skin conditions and very serious infectious diseases. If you’re in doubt, now is the time to check in with your vet.

Avoid Outdoor Hazards

As you enjoy the cool fall weather, keep a close eye on what your senior dog is sampling. Although acorns may be a great source of nutrition for squirrels, they don’t make a good snack for dogs. This is because they can cause stomach upset. If you spot your four-legged friend crunching on them, you need to do what you can to discourage them from continuing.

As we navigate through each season, your senior dogs’ needs will change slightly. Now we’re in fall, there are little adjustments you can make that are sure to support your canine companion’s health and well-being. From what to feed your pooch to be mindful when going for daily walks, we’re confident adopting any of the above into your regime will benefit your senior dog tremendously.