Animal Friends: What Pets Will Bond With Your Dog?

Animal Friends

Dogs aren’t limited to being only man’s best friend. By nature, dogs are incredibly social animals. They crave attention and interaction from both humans and other animals alike. Often multi-pet households display the nature of these animal friends on a daily basis.

While some dogs are more eager to bump elbows with the housecat than others, not every canine will form friendships with animals outside of his or her species. A dog’s background, personality, and genetics all play a role in how well they will get along with other animals.

Are you thinking of adding a new pet to the family but are unsure of how your dog will cope? Here’s a list of the best pets that are most likely to form a bond with your pooch.


Let’s face it: Fish get along with pretty much any animal. They’re confined to a tank and don’t necessarily interact with household pets.

Even still, dogs have been known to watch the fish in the tank as they swim about. It serves as a source of entertainment and stimulation for the dog.

If your dog is at home alone often, consider setting up a fish tank. He or she will enjoy the aquatic company and you’ll love the serenity the tank will bring to your home.

Just remember to add copepods to the tank, as they’re a vital element to the safety and survival of your new fish. Read about seeding copepods before trying it out!


In the U.S., millions of rabbits are kept as loving pets. Like birds, they can coexist with dogs and even form lasting friendships with them.

While a rabbit-dog companionship has a lot to do with the personality, breed, and trust of your rabbit, this kind of friendship is absolutely adorable. Some dogs will see rabbits as prey while others don’t. Even if they do, you can train your dog to respect their rabbit roommate.

Always supervise the interactions between your dog and rabbit. The more you let them hang out together, the stronger their bond will become.


These adorable little rodents are generally inquisitive and gentle. While they do spend most of their lives in a cage away from any other pets in the home, there have been several instances in which dogs have bonded with hamsters.

Because dogs are naturally curious creatures as well, they’re likely to sniff around the hamster. Some may even sit at the base of the cage watching the hamster move around inside.

The hamster will notice your dog, too, and become curious. Pretty soon, they’ll be animal best friends!

Farm Animals

Ever stumbled across those viral videos of dogs playing with sheep, snuggling with cows, or lounging with goats?

Nearly every kind of farm animal has been a friend to a canine. These kinds of friendships are perfect because there’s usually a lot of space for the animals to roam while interacting with one another.

It may take time for some shier farm animals to warm up to the idea of a dog hanging around. But when they do, they’ll likely become the best of animal friends.

Enjoy Your New Animal Friends

Before you bring home another animal, it’s important to make sure that your dog will “adopt” them just as much as you have.

Now that you’re aware of the best pet species that are most compatible with canines, you can head to the pet store and enjoy your new animal friends!

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