Best Barking Dog Alarm: The 3 Best Barking Dog Alarms for a Reliable Protection

As the popular saying goes, a dog is a man’s best friend. A dog will be your best pal and protect you with his/her life. Most of the dogs, especially bigger dogs have a protective nature towards their owners. One of the best ways to safeguard one’s house from burglars and thieves is by keeping a dog. Their bark will surely scare them away. But what about those who can’t afford to own a dog? For them, a barking dog alarm is the answer. Read this article to find out more information about the best barking dog alarm in the market today.

Recently, the use of dog alarms has risen. They can be used for several purposes; safeguarding one’s personal space from unwanted visitors is one of the main purposes. The dog alarms usage does not have to be limited to homes only, they can be used in offices, and industries as well. Different types of dog alarms are available today. Some of them produce different noises, some are battery operated and some are even remote controlled. According to many owners, barking dog alarms may have some shortcomings, yet they are quite reliable. This article discusses the three best barking dog alarms to choose from if you are planning to buy one.

Advantages of Having a Best Barking Dog Alarm:

  • Helpful to those who can’t keep a real dog.
  • They provide an extra sense of security and peace of mind to the owners.
  • The loud barking noise will scare the intruders away.
  • The loud barking noise is also helpful to grab the attention of owners and neighbors easily.
  • Can be used in residential and commercial spaces.
  • Motion activated barking dog alarms are motion sensitive, extremely reliable and easy to use.
  • Motion activated barking dog alarms are considered better than ordinary home security alarm systems.

How does Dog Barking Alarm help to Scare Burglars Away?

The general tendency of burglars is to break into a house at night or when they think someone is not home. Installing a dog barking alarm adds an extra sense of security along with the closed windows and doors. Using it even while the owner is home is a good option.

So, how can a dog bark alarm scare burglars away? It is quite simple. They do not produce normal alarm sounds, instead, the sounds produced in the presence of an intruder is that of an angry barking dog. No one will be ready to deal with dogs, no matter what their size is. The barking sound will not only scare the burglars away but will also alert the neighbors around who can take the necessary actions afterward.

How to Use a Barking Dog Alarm?

There are several types of barking dog alarms available in the market today. The most common dog alarms are electronic motion-activated dog alarms and fake dog alarms. So, how to use one?

Barking dog alarms are quite easy to use. The electronic ones should be plugged into the socket and placed where the user wants to detect movement. For the fake ones, the user must play automatic dog noises to scare the intruder away. They can be used when the user is home or isn’t home. Their main objective is to provide security and the usage depends completely on the owner.

What is a Motion Activated Dog Bark?

No intruder would be interested in running into a dog while breaking into the house of their potential victim. So, how does a motion-activated dog barking alarm work?

The dog barking alarm system works on a very simple principle. This system gives off a warning to the owners by the means of the barking sound. Whenever the sensor detects suspicious movement outside the house, it sends out electronic waves in the form of radio waves. These radio waves are capable of penetrating numerous surfaces. The volume of the barking sound can be controlled, and the bark is sure to scare the burglars away. They are extremely sensitive and pick up on the slightest of movements.

What is Fake Dog Barking Alarm?

Instead of purchasing an electronic barking dog alarm system, some people, especially the elderly prefer using fake barking dog alarms. These alarms are used in the form of pre-recorded sounds of dogs barking, snarling or growling.

Various audio recordings of dog noises are available in the market today in the form of CDs and cassettes. They can be easily purchased on Amazon and are quite easy to use. They should be plugged into a CD or cassette player and played via speakers when an intruder is around. However, they are not recommended because figuring out when an intruder is around can be difficult. Also, they are not as effective as the motion activated dog bark.

How I Selected the 3 Best Barking Dog Alarm?

Before selecting the best barking dog alarm, keep the points given below in mind.

Sensitivity: It is always better to select a dog alarm which is extremely sensitive to movements. The sensitivity of the sensors should be high to keep intruders away. However, this extreme sensitiveness can cause the alarm to go off even when it picks up movement inside the house. This is one of the common problems faced by users.

Range: The range of the dog alarm should be wide enough to detect burglars and intruders from far away.

Volume: The volume of the alarm should be loud enough to alert the homeowners and also to keep the unwanted guests away, but it should not be loud enough to disturb the neighbors. Consider buying an alarm system which comes with a volume control button as high volume can cause irritation.

Angle: Firstly, the alarm should be installed at proper angles to detect intruders easily. Secondly, choose an alarm which provides extra coverage area due to its wide-angle feature.

Durability: It is always a better option to buy anything which comes with an at least one-year warranty. The dog alarm should be a one-time investment and should function properly for a long time.

Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog

Best Barking Dog Alarm

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Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog is one of the most famous and trusted barking dog alarm which can be used in homes and commercial spaces. It can be placed anywhere indoors to detect movement. It is quite reliable, efficient and works on the motion sensor principle.

It is small, light and portable. It can be carried around and placed in different parts of the house to detect movement. The most attractive feature is that it works after being plugged into an electrical socket and does not require any special requirements. The barking sound is produced when an intruder is in close range, therefore, it does not disturb neighbors. The closer an intruder comes, the noise increases.

The noises include two dog sounds, two sirens, and three chimes. The volume can be controlled easily. It has a range of 30 feet, 150-degree detection arc, and a wide-angle control. It can detect motion through brick walls, windows, doors and through other surfaces as well. The controls on this device are simple and easy to use.

Is Rex Plus Barking Dog Alarm Really Works?

Yes, the Rex Plus barking dog alarm does work for those who cannot afford to keep a real dog or those who want extra security of their spaces. Rex Plus is one of the oldest companies that makes products that not only deter burglars, but are also a 100% police recommended.

This product comes with a lot of benefits. Some of the biggest benefits are that they can be carried easily and placed in any part of the house, and they can plug to any standard electrical socket. It also comes with a variety of sounds and this device never sleeps.

This device can be considered one of the best solutions for those living in small or big houses alike. This product comes with a 90 days warranty and is recommended by police.

Streetwise Electronic Watch Dog

best barking dog alarm

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Similar to the product mentioned above, Streetwise Electronic Watch Dog is a barking dog alarm based on the motion sensor principle. In addition to the obvious safety advantages, it comes with a remote. Remote-control devices are easier for the users.

If an intruder comes in the sensor range, this product uses the electronic radar control to detect and set off the sensor which leads to the loud barking dog sound. This device provides protection for 24 hours and has a sensor range of 20 feet. It can sense motion through brick walls, wood, plastic, cement, etc. Since it is remote controlled, the controller has three basic controls- arm, disarm and panic for emergency situations.

The controller is user-friendly and easy to use. This product comes with good volume and sensitivity controls too. The user can change the sensitivity and volume according to his/her needs. The type of alarm can also be changed. It comes with various sounds ranging from an angry barking dog to sweet chimes.  The device comes with a complimentary AC adapter and can be powered after connecting to an ordinary outlet.

This easy, reliable, effective and multitasking dog alarm which comes with special features of sound recording is a must-have.

Electronic Barking Secure Watch Dog

best barking dog alarm

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Just like the other two products mentioned above, Electronic Barking Secure Watch Dog is an electronic barking dog alarm which works on the motion sensor principle. It is also a remote-control alarm.

The sensitivity range of this product is between 10-20 feet. When a burglar or intruder comes within the sensitivity range, the device produces a loud barking dog noise. The degree of sensitivity of this device can be controlled. The noises range from a barking dog to chimes which can be switched based on occasions.

The noises and the volume of the sound can be controlled by the user based on his/her needs. The remote controller is easy to use with easy controls like the arm, disarm and panic button for emergency situations. This device requires the battery for backup and it provides safety for 24 hours. It can trace the movements through doors and windows, but it does not work through walls made from brick, steel or cement.

Apart from the fact that it cannot see through a few surfaces, it is one of the best barking dog alarms on the market today.

Is Doorbell Sounds Like Dog Bark and Dog Barking Alarms Same?

No, doorbell sounds are not similar to a dog bark and dog barking alarms. Doorbell sounds are soothing, and they are an indication of welcoming someone home. The dog barking alarms serve a completely different purpose.

The dog barking alarms emit sounds of angry barking or growling dogs. The main purpose is to keep the house safe from unwanted intruders. However, there are many multitasking devices that can fulfill both the purposes. The products mentioned above in this article come with a set of sounds- dog barking sounds, a combination of dogs barking and chimes which can be used based on the suitable occasion.


As a popular saying goes, home is where the heart is. Keeping one’s home safe and sound should be everyone’s top priority. Keeping doors and windows closed at night is okay, but an added sense of security doesn’t harm anybody.

Installing a home security system is always a good idea. But, sometimes these systems fail to operate efficiently and can be switched off during the night. To avoid these infidelities, installing a barking dog alarm is a must for those who live in areas that are not located in good neighborhood. Dogs are loyal, watchful and protective. Keeping a dog as a pet is not an option for everybody, especially those who live alone or who live in small houses. This is where dog alarms come handy for personal and home safety. They should especially be installed by students and elderly who stay alone as they are the most targeted by burglars.

This article will give you an insight into fake barking dog sound alarms and motion detective dog sound alarms. This article will also give you good information about three barking dog alarm products that are famous in the market today. Read the product features thoroughly before deciding upon purchasing one for yourself.