How to Find a Dog Clipper for Trimming Heavy Hair Coat

Your dog’s hair coat plays more than one role. It’s what keeps your furry friend warm in harsh weather and it protects the dog’s body from injuries or scratches. Dog grooming has become one of the most followed trends in pet owners community like literally dog grooming is booming, suppose to grow by 22% by 2026. In fact, there is a significant aesthetic value to the thick and long hair on your dog. At some point, you want to give your dog a breather by clipping off the heavy hair coat. This is a feat that you can do at home instead of spending money at the professional dog grooming parlors.

Let’s say its summer and you want your dog to enjoy the season as much as you do. What you can do for your heavy-coat dog bred is to find out more about the best budget clipper for heavier coats. The fact is, no other clipper will do for the heavy coat. If you insist on using other lightweight clipper designed for dogs with thin coats, you not only end up exhausted but your dog’s coat will come out looking strange and unpolished. You might not have the skills of a professional dog groomer, but with a hair clipper designed for overly matted coats, you can get the desired look for your dog.

Some dog lovers tend to think that every hair clipper is the same. However, there are product specific qualities that come with the various hair cutters on the market. You need to find out more regarding your dog’s hair type and check the best heavy coat clipper that can suit your dog. It helps to do your research on these clippers such that you don’t get duped when you go shopping. Remember to read top thick coat dog hair clipper reviews since they help you make an informed decision.

The most important aspect to look for in a hair clipper for thick coats is the power. Some brands are corded while others are cordless. What you need to know is that the power determines the ease and convenience of the entire process. Always choose a cordless clipper that comes with excellent battery performance. It should offer fast charging on top of longevity. The dog you are shaving has a difficult coat and the clipper should preserve power from the start to finish. A corded clipper isn’t the worst option since it’s handy if you want to shave your dog confidently without worrying about power.

Clipper Features and Specifications

The ideal dog hair clipper needs to come with its unique set of specs. It’s not the average clipper for thin hair. Since it will be battling heavy, matted and coarse hair, you need to make sure that:

  • The clipper brand is reputable and with excellent user, vet and Professional groomer reviews.
  • It should be specified as a thick coat clipper with top level performance.
  • It has a powerful battery that can run 5 hours-for the cordless type.
  • It offers an ergonomic build to facilitate easy clipping of matted or thick coats.

When using Superior Quiet Motor when shaving dogs with thick hair coats you are likely to take more time with the animal. As such, the clipper needs to be pet-friendly. For instance, it should be a low noise emission clipper. Some dogs have quite a temperament and they may not withstand long hours of shaving with a noisy clipper. It’s important that the clipper bales don’t heat up as fast. Your dog won’t be comfortable if your clipper is too hot against the skin. Make sure you opt for a machine that comes with a premium rotary motor mechanism.

Whereas a corded clipper will help you get to the most awkward of places and curves, one with adjustable and self-sharpening blades will make work easier. You can choose one with ceramic blades, although the stainless steel ones will still suffice. If it’s adjustable, you can easily discern the length you need to cut according to the weather and other variables. Remember, the self-sharpening blades are the best option since you are assured of a fine cut every time.

A thick hair coat clipper should come with the right strokes per minute rate. This is what decides how long you will be at it. There are clippers that come with a two-speed mechanism. As such, you need to choose the one that will give you a range of 3000-4000 SPMs. This rate is ideal for dogs with a thickset coat. Don’t choose a clipper with a less SPM rating since you will end up tugging on the hair. Eventually, you and your dog will be tired and the outcome might be nothing to call home about.

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Weight and Grip

The clipper you choose for the thick dog coat should offer excellent hold and weight. You are up against a coat that is giving you problems. You want a clipper that isn’t a burden in your hands. A heavy set will affect your passes and you could mess it up in the process. You need a strong grip since a clipper that slips out of hand could spoil the shave. You don’t want to cut below the desired level and as such, pick the clipper that will offer a lightweight hold, balance and the power to hew the thick coat.

Attachments/Guiding Combs

Just like the clippers your barber uses, you need your dog hair clippers to come with appropriate guide combs. You want to start gradually until you fine-tune the shave. To avoid cutting more than is necessary, choose guiding combs, but be sure you have the right material and the size. Some dogs have stubborn hairs and a weak guiding comb cannot go through without breaking. Look for the right accessories that will allow you to maintain the clipper and don’t forget compatibility requirements.

Dogs with thick hair coats can present a challenge when you want to groom them. You don’t want your furry friend to spend the summer with all that hair. Make sure you talk to your vet if you want insights on the right kind of clippers to purchase. There is the aspect of price and the marketing behind a given clipper brand. The cheapest options will have inadequate power capabilities, but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg.


Buying a dog clipper for your thick haired dog doesn’t have to be a challenge. You have already acknowledged that the average clipper won’t suffice. From here, all you need to is to research and test out different clippers to find one that makes clipping mated and stubborn hair fun. The process doesn’t end after you purchase a given clipper. You need to observe the care and maintenance, according to the clipping intervals you ascribe to.