Review of 5 Best Cat Trees for 2017-2018

Cats are counted among the world’s most cute pets and why not, there is hardly any animal out there which is so cute and adorable at the same time. Many people have cats as their pets and love playing with them, but sometimes one does get tired and can’t play with them. The cats then proceed to play with the furniture in the house. This may result in your furniture getting all scratched up from top to down because of the cat’s sharp paws.

The furniture in the house is usually costly and may not like them to have any type of marks on them, let alone scratches of their pet cats. In order to keep the cats engaged and happy at the same time, cat trees have been introduced in the market. These cat trees are highly useful as apart from providing the space for the cats to play, they also go very well with the looks of the room they are placed in. They can hold many cats at once on themselves and are designed in such a way that it managed to pique the interest of them and keep them involved in it for long stretches of time.

Quick Overview

The advantages of having a Cat Tree: –

Like everything, these cat trees also have their advantages. We have listed the various pros of them so that the user can weigh them.


  • Good value for money.
  • The cats can rest on the soft perches.
  • Gives the cat sufficient space to play
  • Can accommodate more than 1 cat easily.
  • Can act as a scratching space for the cats.
  • Can be an addition to the list of furniture.
  • Brings a sense of togetherness in the cats.
  • Makes the cat indulge in physical activities.
  • Helps in making the cats lose their shyness.
  • Helps in keeping the cats healthy and not overweight.
  • No more cat hairs spread here and there in the house.
  • The rooms in the cat trees provide space for sleeping.
  • Toys can be attached to them as well to keep the cats busy.
  • Cats stay safe because the tree is made up of highest quality materials.
  • Designed in such a way that it matches with the natural instincts of the cat.

How I selected the best 5: –

While selecting the best 5 cat trees that are available in the market, one has to weigh in the different factors that relate to their pet. One must remember that there is no perfect cat tree that will fulfil all the requirements. Some of the features that we had in our mind while selecting the best 5 were: –

[accordion] [item title=”Design“] The cat tree must be designed in such a way that it serves multiple functions like providing a place for scratching, having perches and platforms at an elevation because unlike humans, the cats are more prone to walking in a vertical direction. A cat that is young may like a cat tree that is more twisted and have lots of ups and down while a senior cat will prefer a tree on which the sleeping surface is easily accessible. [/item] [item title=”Size“]If a person has more than one cat, it is better to go with a tree that is bigger in size so that there is enough space for them to play along comfortably.[/item] [item title=”Quality“]A tree should also have the option of adding more toys to it according to the choice of the owner. Usually, the perches are made of such materials that it is easy to hang a toy from them with which the cats can play.[/item] [item title=”Material“]Most of the cat loves scratching, but what surfaces they like to scratch on again depends on the cat. Some may like to surface that has a feel like a carpet while some may prefer to lay their paws in ropes.[/item] [item title=”Stability“]Most importantly the whole structure should be stable. There is no point in buying a tree that will not be able to handle the weight of a cat.[/item] [item title=”Customer Reviews“]Reviews of the product were also taken into view before choosing the right product.[/item] [/accordion]

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in

This cat tree by Go Pet Club is spacious enough to hold on to more than one cat easily. Consisting of two condos and three perches, it also has two toy mice attached to it which can easily become the favorite toy of your cats. There is enough space for the cats to jump and play around on this cat tree. There is a total of 10 posts in the tree which are covered with sisal rope so that the cats can have enough area to scratch on. The main body of the tree is made up of compressed wood so that it is stable enough.


  • The product is very durable if everything rightly assembled.
  • The whole structure can be easily assembled within half an hour.
  • The ropes covering the posts are made from naturally obtained sisal.
  • The main body of the structure is made up high quality compressed wood.
  • The surfaces and the perches are covered with faux fur which gives a natural feel.
  • The structure is stable enough to even nullify the effects of the heavy cat jumping on it.
  • It is available in multiple colors and one can choose one accordingly that matches up with the décor if the house.

The Pros  and Cons:
  • Made up of high quality compressed wood.
  • The structure is very stable.
  • The posts are covered with natural sisal ropes.
  • All the surfaces and perches are covered with faux fur.
  • 10 no. of posts ensures that the cats have enough space to scratch.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • The cat tree is very durable.
  • Good value for money.
  • The topmost layer is not stable enough.
  • Some cats may be able to see through the faux fur.
  • The insides are made up of plastic which can get deformed if the screws are tightened tightly.


2. 73″ Navy Blue Cat Tree By Best Pet

This spacious product by Best Pet is made up of E1 grade wood (pressed) so that enough strength can be imparted to the structure to be stable enough to hold it against the weight of the cats on it. It comes in a beautiful navy blue cover that matches up with any type of house colors and settings and doesn’t look out of place at all. The sisal rope which is used to act as a scratching surface of the acts also helps in holding down the structure stable when the cats jump or move on it.


  • The whole body of the tree is made up of high-quality E1 grade wood (pressed).
  • The structure is highly stable.
  • The tree is spacious enough to allow cats to indulge in any sort of physical activity.
  • It easily manages to pique the interests of the cats.
  • Can be easily assembled within 45 minutes by one person.
  • Have multiple floors so that cats can climb higher heights and enjoy themselves thoroughly. It also ensures that a multiple number of cats can easily stay in it without causing much trouble to each other.
  • There are stairs as well, which makes the structure look subtle.

The Pros  and Cons:
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The tree doesn’t fall easily.
  • Have lots of floors to keep the cats entertained and to help them with physical activities.
  • Costs less than the other similar products in the market.
  • Provided with stairs.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Looks well with any setting of the house.
  • Sufficient sisal ropes are given for the cats to scratch and to hold the structure safe.
  • The instruction manual isn’t too detailed to tell exactly how to assemble the product.
  • The whole structure is very clumsy.
  • Comes only in one color combination.


3. Armarkat Cat tree By Armarkat

This cat tree by Armkrat is coming in various sizes and one can buy according to their choice and preference. The cat tree is beautiful to look at and compliments the surrounding of any room they are placed in. It is made up of high quality pressed wood and the whole surface is covered with faux fleece to give it a superlative surface finish. The structure is highly stable and consists of multiple floors to keep the cats entertained. One can also attach toys to the tree so that the cats are engrossed in them as well.


  • Made up of attractive pressed wood.
  • The whole structure is covered with faux fleece.
  • The tree is highly stable because of the high quality of the materials used.
  • Superlative surface finish.
  • The surfaces are cushioned enough to make it comfortable for the cats.
  • One can attach toys of their choice to the tree as well.
  • Multi-floored structure helps in keeping more than one cat buys.
  • The whole structure is very easy to assemble and it hardly takes 30 minutes at max to get assembled by a single person.
  • The cost is in accordance with the market rate at it gives great value for money.


The Pros  and Cons:
  • The tree has a great surface finish
  • It has a highly stable structure.
  • Enough cushion is provided on the surface to make it comfortable for the cat
  • Can be easily assembled within half an hour.
  • Easily manages to pique the interests of the cats.
  • The materials used are appealing and appalling in strength as well as in looks.
  • One can attach their toys as well.
  • Highly durable; if one keeps it properly, it can work for years.
  • The tree wobbles a bit at the top.
  • The toys supplied with the tree are of very low quality.
  • May need extra materials to get stable on the base.


4. Go Pet Club Beige Cat Tree By Go Pet club

This cat tree by Go Pet is made up of compressed wood and covered with faux fur. The posts are covered with natural sisal ropes so that they become the scratching targets of the cats like in their earlier products. This product is most effective with medium-sized cats as they will find it extremely suitable for themselves and well equipped to match their physical activities. The assembly of this tree is very easy and can be done under 30 minutes without breaking a sweat. The product is smaller in size as compared to other products and that’s why doesn’t take much space and overshadows every other thing in the room.


  • The cat tree is made up of pressed wood and the surfaces are covered with faux fur to give it a natural feel.
  • The posts are covered with natural sisal rope so that cats can scratch there and more stability to the structure can be provided.
  • The tree can be easily assembled if one follows the manual given with the product.
  • The ladder is provided along with the product as well to act as an additional feature and to impart new habits in cats.
  • The product costs around the average rate, but has far more features and durable than others.


The Pros  and Cons:
  • Pretty easy to assemble and can be done under 30 minutes.
  • Highly stable
  • Sufficient space for multiple cats to play around.
  • A ladder is provided as well to make cats adapt to new habits and ways.
  • Highly durable.
  • Great value for money.
  • The color of the covering material gives it a natural feel.
  • The base of the product is pretty strong to keep the whole structure intact.
  • The manual was easy to understand and the nails along with it were about the perfect size to help in maintaining a proper connection.
  • Due to its relatively small size, may not be able to handle multiple cats.
  • Fabrics may peel off sometimes.
  • Not suitable for larger cats.


5. SONGMICS Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

This cat tree by SONGMICS brings so much to the product that it feels to be a work of art. The tree looks highly sophisticated and will work extremely well with any surrounding. It works well cats of every size and manages to hold the weight of all of them. The color combination is quite imaginative as well. The surface of the perch is plush covered so that it gives a soft feeling to the cats and the whole structure is made up of CARB certified high profile boards that makes sure the tree remains steady and safe no matter what.


  • Made from CARB certified boards so the structure is assured to be strong enough
  • The perches are plush covered, making them soft to sleep upon.
  • Natural sisal ropes are used to act as scratching posts and to provide stability as well.
  • Hanging ropes are provided at different places so that the owner can tie toys to them, allowing the cats to play withtheir favorite toys while being in the tree only.
  • The tree can be easily assembled with the help of the instructions given in manual.
  • Doesn’t look out of place in any setup because of its smoky grey color and artistic design.


The Pros  and Cons:
  • Artistic design and beautifully colored.
  • Highly stable structure.
  • Can be assembled easily with the help of the instructions in the manual within half an hour.
  • The perches are covered with plush covers to make them soft
  • Natural sisal ropes are provided to act as a scratching target for the cats, saving the furniture.
  • One doesn’t need to attach any external attachments to tie the cat’s favorite toys.
  • Great value for money.
  • Made with premium quality materials to make sure the quality and strength of the structure are top class.
  • No such cons at this price rate.

Conclusion: –

After describing extensively about the 5 best products available in the market, one reaches the conclusion that cat trees are indeed an important addition to the cats and not just an add on. These cat trees make sure that the furniture of the house remains safe from scratches and the cats indulge in physical activities. They have proven to be of a lot of help they make sure that the cats are always interested because of various features like lots of scratching surfaces, perches to rest on, condos to sleep in, ladders to climb, toys to play with and platforms to jump onto.

The cat trees never look out of place in any room or home because they are usually designed in such an artistic way that it looks like it was made to be there. The surface finish of these cat trees is usually high, so that there is no option of the cats getting scratched and hurt by them. The reviews of them are also generally positive and people have extensively emphasized on the fact that cats absolutely loved it and find it quite interesting. They are shaped and colored in such a way that it gives the cats a feel of their natural habitat so that they can express themselves more freely.