Best Gear for the Independent Pet

Many pet owners like to give their pet as much independence as possible, but worry that letting them explore on their own will lead to unsafe situations. It can be scary to leave your new pet home alone all day, and sad to see them stuck on a leash for fear that they’ll run off the lawn and into the street. There are though many ways to keep your pooch or feline protected from danger while letting them gain some independence.

Check out these exciting new technological advancements that allow your pet of any age to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the world without you needing to supervise them 24/7.

Dog Fence

If you have a big yard, you’ve probably thought about how great it would be to let your puppy run free in the grass all day. Rather than keeping him cooped up in the house, or stuck on a leash while you sit on the porch, you can use technology to let your dog run free. Invisible dog fences make it possible to take your pet off leash and let them roam in the predetermined area without any safety concerns.

Passing cars or neighbors dogs won’t be a problem when your pooch is confined to the limits of the wireless dog fence. Learn more here about how these fences can improve your dogs physical activity, mood, health, and behavior.

Pet Cam and Treat Dispenser

If you spend long periods of time away from home, your pet may get lonely. If you worry about your pet getting hurt or sick while you’re out of the house, try a pet cam! These cameras allow you to remotely monitor the status of your pets with a one or two way camera.

Some of these pet cams even allow two way voice, meaning that you can see your dog and speak to him. This is great for lonely pets that need reassurance in order to calm down and rest during the day. The treat dispenser allows you to draw their attention and reward them for good behavior, which helps to avoid disastrous situations like your puppy getting into the cupboard and eating something they shouldn’t.

With the use of the pet cam, you can monitor safety even when you aren’t there. Your pet is always being watched over. You can activate it via your smart phone so that the video can stream right to you, no matter where you are.

Smart Pet Doors

If your dog or cat enters and exits the home as they please, you most likely have a dog door. These work fine, but can lead to disaster when other animals try to use it. It also means you have no way of knowing when your pet is coming and going.

Smart pet doors allow you to allow access to your pet only. Your pets collar ID tag will be the only way to open the door, so that curious woodland creatures don’t get inside at night. You can also program the smart door to open or close at certain hours, so that you control when your pet gets to come and go.

The best part of this door is that you can track when your pet enters and leaves. This means that if you haven’t heard from your pet in a while, you can see when they were home last and know when and if you need to go looking for them.

The Bottom Line

We all want the best for our pets in terms of safety, but we also want them to live a happy, adventurous life. New technology helps pet owners find the balance between these two things with high tech safety features for independent pets.