5 Best High Fiber Cat Food Reviews

Cats are among the most common pets that people across the world have these days. This animal can turn out to be the best partner for any human if raised properly and are among the cutest and handsome pets all over the world. It has been recently seen that because of the busy lives of most of the people, the cats are usually restricted to the inside of the house because of which the level of their physical activity decreases. This makes them less active, dull and overweight in no time as they have nothing better to do than eating. One of the ways by which you can prevent your cat from getting obese is by making it feel full. Like humans, cats also can’t digest high fiber cat food and it moves inside the digestive system.

This fiber makes them feel full, thereby decreasing their food intake. The fiber also absorbs moisture from different sources and can be decisive in preventing cases of diarrhea and constipation.

One of the most common practices among the cats is to groom themselves. According to some statistics, a cat spends approximately 4 hours a day on grooming itself. This makes them almost ingest a significant amount of hair that results in the formation of hairball inside their stomach.

Increasing the fiber content of the food helps in moving the hairball inside the digestive system easily which can prevent vomiting in cats. Due to all these reasons, it is about time we should start opting for those cat foods that are high in fiber so that our cat can stay fit and healthy for a longer period of time.

Advantages of high fiber cat food:


  • Prevents constipation.
  • Absorbs moisture or water.
  • Helps in making the stool of the cat soft, loose and bulky so that it can easily move through the system.
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • Helps in fighting anal gland disease.
  • Prevents the formation of hairballs.
  • Infuses a sense of fullness while eating so that the cat eats less and doesn’t get overweight.

Quick Overview

How I selected the best 5: –

Most of the people take the selection of cat food very lightly, whereas it should be taken very seriously if one is serious about the health of their cat and their wellbeing. First of all, each and every cat has its own unique needs which need to be catered. There is no such cat food in this world or will be there ever that will be a perfect combination of everything and will be able to fulfill the need of each and every cat.

That’s why it gets important to recognize the needs of your cat first and foremost and then choose the most suitable food accordingly. Some of the common things that one should always focus on while buying the cat food are listed here which can help the owner to choose the best food for their cat.

[accordion] [item title=”Composition“]Since we are talking about high fiber food, one must know that in order to digest or even utilize the fiber in the food, the cats first need to ferment it. There are some of the raw materials that help in fermenting the fiber present in the food like dried potatoes, oat fiber, seed husk etc. while raw materials like wheat and corn gluten, whole grain corn and wheat don’t help in fermenting.[/item] [item title=”Amount of fiber“]the amount of fiber that is present in the food should be up to 3-5% of the fiber.[/item] [item title=”Vitamins and nutrients“]these two things are important for the growth of the cat and one should make sure that whatever food they are buying, it is rich in vitamins and nutrients.[/item][item title=”Flavors“]there is no point in buying the food if your cat isn’t going to like it. The taste buds of the cat should be known beforehand so that one can choose the food with the matching flavor so that the cat eats it easily.[/item] [/accordion]


5 best high fiber cat food reviews


1. Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

The hill science diet is a proven brand in this industry and is known for its quality product. This product is suitable for older cats or cats who are above 7 years of age and are often susceptible to hairballs. It is available in the chicken flavor so that most of the cats can eat it easily.

It is made with a natural fiber blend and contains no added preservatives, colors or flavors. The food is also laced with sufficient vitamins, nutrients, and minerals so that the cat continues to live healthily and grow properly.



  • Suitable for cats that are older than 7 years.
  • The ingredients of the food are chosen in such a way that it is best suited to fight against the
  • formation of a hairball.
  • Made up of a natural fiber blend.
  • Comprises of vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids so that the cats can have a healthy skin.
  • The whole food is made up of natural raw materials and is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • It contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.
  • Available in chicken flavor which is the widely favored by most of the cats.
  • Has the right combination of antioxidants to strengthen the immune system.

The Pros  and Cons:
    • Formulated in such a way that it particularly suits cats aged above 7 years of age.
    • Contains naturally blend fiber.
    • Have vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in sufficient quantity to facilitate the growth of the cat.
    • Contains no artificial ingredients.
    • Has vitamin E, antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids to give a healthy skin and a strong immune system.
    • The product is manufactured in the USA so the quality is assured.
    • Keeps the cats full for a longer period of time.
  • Available only in one flavor.
  • The kibble maybe too big for some of the cats.
  • May appear costly to some section of the society.


2. Purina ONE Indoor Advantage Adult Premium Cat Food

Purina has been in the business of manufacturing food items for pets for a long time and have dished out quality products that were able to woo over the hearts of lots of happy pet owners. This product aims for the same.

The product is suitable for those cats who are in need of purposeful nutrition so that it can develop its health and is laced with antioxidants and omega-6 to strengthen the immune system and to give a healthy skin. With the product being recommended by vets across the state, there must be something about it.


  • Made up of natural raw ingredients with the real turkey being the main constituent.
  • The food supplies 42 grams worth of protein in every cup.
  • The kibbles are made crunchy so that the buildup of plaque on the teeth is slowed down and the
  • teeth of the cat remain whiter for a longer period of time.
  • It has antioxidants and omega-6 in it which helps in strengthening the immune system and to give
  • a healthy skin and a shiny coat to the cat.
  • It is available in 3 flavors, the wet formula for the same is available as well.

The Pros  and Cons:
  • Available in 3 flavors that are widely favored by the cats all across the world.
  • The wet formula for the same food item is available as well.
  • Provides 42 grams of protein in one cup.
  • The kibbles are such that they slow down plaque buildup.
  • Is recommended by the vets.
  • The antioxidants help in strengthening the immune system while the omega-6 provides a better skin radiance.
  • The composition is such that it supplies the required nutrients.
  • Supplies 529 kcal worth of energy in one cup.
  • No cons at this price rate.


3. Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Rice Adult Cat Food

Purina brand is known for making quality food products for the pets and this product is the same. The food is specially made to tackle the skin and stomach’s sensitivity problem. It is made up of natural raw ingredients with lamb being the main constituent. Easily digestible rice and oatmeal are used so that the cat’s digestive system can easily process it. Consists of omega-6, zinc and vitamin A to give a healthy, radiant skin to the cat. The food is laced with natural prebiotic fiber so that digestive health of the cat is improved.


  • Specially designed for curing the sensitivity in the skin and the stomach of the cats.
  • Natural ingredients are used for making the food with the lamb being the #1 ingredient.
  • Rice and oatmeal of those varieties are used that can be easily digested by the cats.
  • No artificial color is used to make the food look more appealing.
  • The food contains about 40% of the protein in it so that the cat’s growth takes place at a steady rate.
  • Contains natural prebiotic fiber, which helps in improving the digestive health of the cat.
  • Contains zinc, vitamin A, and omega-6 that helps in maintaining a healthy and radiant skin.

The Pros  and Cons:
  • The product is made by using all the natural ingredients.
  • The food doesn’t smell foul, so the cats are more attracted towards it.
  • The kibbles are smaller in size, which makes it easier for the cat to chew and digest.
  • The fiber in the food helps in filling the stomach of the cat more easily.
  • Prevents vomiting and also makes the stool pass easily.
  • Cures the digestive problems effectively.
  • Available in only one flavor.
  • The quantity provided is a bit less as compared to other brands for the same price.


4.TEMPTATIONS MixUps Cat Treats

As the name suggests, this food is the ultimate treat for the cats and the one which tempts them the most. It has kibbles of three flavors inside it which takes the taste bud of the cat for a ride. Most of the flavors are seafood inspired which makes them much more desirable as the cats are natural carnivores. These treats are complete on the nutrient front in all aspects and are the ideal food for an adult cat, capable of providing all the required nutrients to it so that they grow properly and stay healthy as well.


  • The food is available in three different flavors.
  • Each flavor comprises of three more flavors in it which makes it much more desirable and provides the variety as well.
  • The food is low in calorie so that the weight remains in check.
  • The outside of the food is crunchy while the center of the treat is soft, making it the ultimate food for the cats.
  • No artificial flavors are used for giving a different taste.
  • The treat is rich with the nutrients and can take care of that front for a cat, helping in proper growth and health.

The Pros  and Cons:
  • Provides a variety of flavors to the cat which makes them guess the flavor every time, generating an interest every time they are given the treat.
  • It is made up of all the natural ingredients and no preservative or color or flavors were used.
  • It is rich in nutrients and provides the cat with all the required nutrients.
  • Low on calories, keeping the weight in check.
  • They are crunchy on the outside and soft in the center.
  • The bag is resealable so the food remains fresh.
  • The flavors are seafood inspired so it attracts the cats more.
  • No such cons at this price rate.


5.  ROYAL CANIN Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response

Quality is expected from this brand and by releasing this product, they don’t disappoint. This cat food is made with the help of inputs from different vets and comprises of those ingredients that are rich in nutrients and help in the growth of the cats. The fibers present inside the food helps the cat in defecating properly and also helps the food to move smoothly through the colon. The food is also provided with oligosaccharides so that it improves the intestinal health of the cat. The food is enriched with digestible proteins so that the strain on the cat’s digestive system is eased.


  • The food comprises of all the necessary nutrients that are required for ensuring the perfect health of the cats and their growth.
  • In order to improve the intestinal health, boosted oligosaccharides are provided in the food.
  • In order to nullify any adverse effect of oligosaccharides, probiotics are added to the food so that the natural intestinal flora is maintained again.
  • The food contains fiber in it which helps the food to easily move through the colon and also helps the cats in defecating properly.
  • Deals with different liver failure problems and helps in releasing all the toxins positively.

The Pros  and Cons:
  • The food is laced with different nutrients so that the cat gets all the necessary nutrients.
  • Has oligosaccharides in it to improve the intestinal health of the cats.
  • The probiotics present in the food is there to restore the natural state of the intestine.
  • Deals with different liver problems successfully.
  • Helps in moving the food easily through the colon of those cats that are suffering from compromised colons.
  • Is specially made to deal with gastrointestinal problems.
  • Deals with constipation problems easily.
  • The product is very costly and may not be economical for a larger section of the society.
  • No such cons at this rate.



As we can see, each of the product is unique in their own respect and provides various special things that may help the cat in one way or the other. One first must recognize the root of the problem, the thing which is bothering their cat and then chooses a cat food that deals with it effectively. Apart from seeing what problems the cat is facing, one should also focus on the nutrient content of the food that they are choosing.

The cats may develop some weakness or there may be some other problems as well that are related to their nourishment. With food being their only source of energy, it is important for us to make sure that they are getting all the nutrients in sufficient quantity. The presence of fiber in the food should always be paid heed to. The fiber in any cat food helps in improving the digestive health of the cat and also prevents the formation of hairball as well.

Other factors like how many flavors it is available then and if the wet/dry formula of the same Is available are also important. Some of the brands and food item are recommended by vets as well so that everyone comes to know about it.