The Ultimate Price Guide for Buying a Goldendoodle

Are you thinking about buying a Goldendoodle as a pet?

While there are a lot of great dog breeds out there, Goldendoodles make some of the best companions. However, before you commit to buying a Goldendoodle, you need to understand how much you’re going to pay for one.

These furry friends can come with a high price tag, so you may need to do some saving before you start shopping.

Check out this guide to learn how much you should expect to pay for a Goldendoodle.

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost? 

The price for a Goldendoodle can vary greatly depending on location, quality, breeder, demand, and other factors. Generally speaking though, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $2500 to buy a Goldendoodle from a breeder.

If you plan to adopt your Goldendoodle, you can expect to pay $300 to $500 in adoption fees. The reason Goldendoodles cost more money than other dogs is because they’re crossbred. A Goldendoodle is considered a “designer dog,” as it’s a golden retriever crossbred with a poodle.

While pure breeding is a pretty straightforward process, crossbreeding is a complex process that can take years to perfect. Here are the factors that can go into Goldendoodle breeding that can drive up the price:


As we all know, time is money. It can take years for a breeder to develop generations of Goldendoodles who have predictable traits in their litters.

Breeders need to learn what their customers are looking for, and they then need to streamline their breeding process to produce desired traits such as curly coats and low-shedding fur.

The Breeding Stock 

To produce high-quality Goldendoodles, a breeder needs to start with high-quality breeding stock. This means they need to acquire the best poodles and the best golden retrievers.

Of course, finding the best poodles and golden retrievers can be expensive and time-consuming. As breeders start to develop their lines and cross back, they’ll need to buy additional stock. Or, they’ll have to pay a stud fee to use another breeder’s male poodle or golden retriever. This helps prevent any inbreeding from occurring.

As you can imagine, the cost of all of this can add up quickly. Plus, you need to factor in the cost of maintaining the breeding stock. Breeders need to pay for vet bills, grooming bills, feed bills, DNA testing, and more.

Testing the Breeding Stock 

Breeders need to continuously run genetic tests on their breeding stock at their own expense. This is to ensure that they’re producing the healthiest puppies possible.

Genetic testing screens for inheritable conditions, and over time, it allows breeders to eliminate hereditary issues from being passed down in their stock. All of this genetic testing can be very expensive, and it can further drive up the price of your Goldendoodle.

Facility Maintenance

Another cost that breeders need to worry about that can drive up the cost of your Goldendoodle is facility maintenance. Quality breeders diligently work to ensure their puppies and breeding stock are raised in a clean, well-maintained facility.

Many states also have strict guidelines that breeders need to comply with so they can pass inspections and continue breeding. They need to meet the minimum requirements for shelter, ventilation, lighting, space, pest control, and more. All of this can cost thousands of dollars.


Reputable Goldendoodle breeders will take care of the first round of vaccinations before sending puppies to their new home. The number of recommended vaccinations a Goldendoodle needs depends on which diseases are prevalent in your area of the country.

Generally speaking though, most Goldendoodle puppies need a vaccination for parvovirus, parainfluenza, adenovirus, and distemper. Most puppies also need deworming medications and a complete veterinary checkup.

Vaccinations aren’t the only thing breeders need to worry about when it comes to Goldendoodle puppy care and costs. While the Goldendoodle mothers do most of the work raising the litter, the breeders take on a lot of responsibility as well.

The breeders need to spend time handling each puppy and socializing them. They need to make sure the puppies don’t have a fear of people and that they’re acclimated to different noises. Many breeders also take the time to potty-train puppies so they’re ready to be housebroken.

All of this extra puppy training can take a lot of time, which can further increase the cost of your Goldendoodle.

Is a Goldendoodle Right for You?

Before you decide to buy a Goldendoodle puppy, it’s important to understand if this is the right dog for you. Goldendoodles are known for being obedient, intelligent, and loving.

These dogs come in three sizes: miniature, medium, and standard. A mini Goldendoodle weighs 15 to 30 pounds, medium Goldendoodles weigh 30 to 45 pounds, and standard Goldendoodles weigh 45 to 100 pounds.

Goldendoodles are highly sociable creatures that tend to follow their nose, so they do best in a fenced-in yard. These dogs don’t bark often, and because of their friendly nature, they don’t make very good watchdogs.

Because these dogs are so intelligent, they’re also very easy to train. Most Goldendoodles respond best to positive reinforcement. It’s also important to note that they’re not hypoallergenic dogs, so if you have severe allergies, you may want to consider another breed.

Buying a Goldendoodle: Time ton Purchase

Now that you understand the costs associated with buying a Goldendoodle, it’s time to start searching for a breeder. The best way to find a reputable breeder is to look online, as most breeders these days have websites and online testimonials.

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more dog-buying guides.