CBD and Pain Management in Cats and Dogs

When our pets are in pain, it can be unbearable to watch, especially if it is something, we can do very little about. Conditions such as arthritis, bowel problems or wounds can make our pets depressed, uncomfortable and not want to interact with or eat.

Traditional veterinary medicine may go some way to help, but it may just manage the pain and not alleviate any of the aforementioned signs of being in pain. Could giving your pet CBD help reduce pain and increase their will to interact and eat?

CBD For Pain Management

The human bodies response to cannabis stevia has been widely researched and each day we are hearing of new developments and new potential applications, this is the same in the veterinary field. Like us, cats and dogs are born with CB receptors, also known as the endocannabinoid system.

This system is dotted around their anatomy and can be found in their brains, immune system and bowels. This system works with the cannabis to promote a variety of benefits through adjusting the messages sent from an area to the brain. Visit this Ganjly page and learn some more benefits on it.


Inflammation has many causes, from arthritis, to old age or injury. CBD has been shown to promote a reduction of inflammation in a variety of areas of not only humans, but also in our pets.

Unlike traditional medicines, CBD works towards rebalancing the system that is currently under attack in our pets bodies, this homeostasis reduces side effects common to most medicine humans and animals are prescribed. This rebalancing can help reduce inflammation, but it doesn’t just stop there, because of this rebalancing, the CBD works with other neural transmitters to help them work as they did before the inflammation.

What this results in, is not only a pet who is no longer in as much pain, they are also in a state of calm and have reduced anxiety due to the CBD.

Loss of Appetite

As previously mentioned, CBD is a rebalancer, so if the pain your pet is facing has been reduced and their state of being is more towards their normal demeanour, they are more likely to want to eat. The research in humans has shown that using CBD consistently can increase the appetite of people who previously didn’t have one. There has been no studies conducted into this so far for pet, but anecdotal evidence is suggesting that this is also the case in cats and dogs.

What Type Of Product is Best For Your Pet?

A lot of this comes down to personal preference, especially if this is the first time you are using it. If you are concerned about the psychoactive component THC, look for products that are derived from hemp. These are far lower in THC and higher in CBD, the active compound that works with the CB receptors. You still get the full range of benefits that come from a full spectrum product, just lower levels of THC. If you don’t want THC at all in your products, you can purchase isolate CBD only. Both of these products promote homeostasis, so unwanted side effects are uncommon.

Final Considerations

If you are considering treating your pet with CBD oil, make sure that you consult your vet first. There are a variety of products available to you and research is only increasing in how good CBD oil and associated products can be for your pets. Choose whether you want an isolate or a full spectrum product and keep your dosing consistent to ensure your pet has the best possible chance of pain relief.