Chicken Feeders – The three different types to choose from

For those who have no idea about chicken feeders, it might appear nothing more than a container. It is a challenge to select the correct chicken feeder. You need to assess the size so that it’s neither too small nor too big. Other than that, it is also essential to choose the correct material. Today, the online world is replete with multiple chicken feeder products that you need to know about it all, to choose the best one.

Also, it is essential to know that there are different kinds of chicken feeders. Though each gets designed to cater to a common objective, i.e., offer food to the chickens, yet there are differences as well. To know more about this, you can check out chicken feeders by Dine a Chook.

You need to know about various chicken feeder types so that you can choose the one best for you.

  1. The suspended chicken feeder

It is one of the famous chicken feeders that most people opt-in for! It gets tied to the coop roof and then hangs at a height which matches the chicken’s neck. It gets designed in a way that the chickens can’t pull and scratch of feeder base. It also prevents the feeder from getting knocked over. All that the chickens can do is much or peck the feeder with complete ease. In terms of the material, it’s always best to choose a rubber. If you opt-in for aluminium or metal, chances are the feeder might rust.

  1. Treadle chicken feeder

Simply put, a treadle chicken feeder is a sturdy box that comes with a platform, on which chickens stand. The platform lifts the box lid, for the chickens to chow the food. It is an advanced solution that secured the chicken food from rats, mice, bugs, and other dirt particles that might get inside the box. Sometimes, the chickens can have slight trouble in getting to this feeder. However, with practice, they can get perfect here. It is essential to keep the feeder filled with food so that the chicken can feed when they are hungry. It would be best if you exercised ample patience so that the chickens get used to this device. It is also affordably priced.

  1. The PVC chicken feeder

The PVC chicken feeder is known as a tubular feeder. Simply put, the feeder gets designed and constructed with used or new plumbing or piping. The majority of chicken feeders are vast, and it generally runs parallel to the coop. It usually comes with an externally jutting out spout, which averts the feed from becoming loose and also restricts the chickens from scratching the feeder. These chicken feeders typically get exposed to the open air and can also contain more chicken feed. You wouldn’t find this to be the best choice for pets who love grains, and you keep in the garden. However, it is one of the most streamlined and easy chicken feeders available.

Once you know the features and differences of each chicken feeder, you can choose the one that best fits your requirement. It is essential to compare different feeders so that you pay the correct price and also get the best quality device.