Choosing Your First Pet: A Brief Guide

There are many benefits to having a pet; they enhance all aspects of your life, including your mental and physical wellbeing. That being said, a pet is a huge responsibility, with some species being more work than others. Therefore, it is important that you know what you are capable of committing to before you get your first pet. Read on for the low down on the species that make the best first pets.


Cats can be great companions, but they are more independent than other species, with some choosing to explore outside for hours. Cats do sleep on for roughly sixteen to twenty hours a day, they often have a short attention span, but they are incredibly inquisitive. Cats are idealfor those who maybe don’t spend as much time at home.


Dogs are the most popular pet choice in the UK. Dogs do often need more training and exercise, but they are incredibly quick learners. Dogs have boundless enthusiasm, and they are perhaps the most affectionate out of the pets on this list. They need owners who have enough time for them.


These animals thrive best with company, so you would likely need two. They need a lot of space to live in – they should be able to stand in their hutch without their ears touching the roof. Rabbits can be fearful initially; you’ll need to be patient in getting them to trust you. Rabbits are good for families with slightly older children; ideally, you’d also need a good-sized garden too.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs often also do better when they have company, although you should never keep them with rabbits as there is a risk of bullying. Guinea Pigs are high energy pets that are super alert and intelligent. They are capable of forming deep bonds with their owners. Similarly to rabbits, they also need a good outdoor space.

Hamsters & Gerbils

These pets are often chosen as an ideal first pet for children, which is true, but they can also be incredibly rewarding for adults too. They all often live in cages; hamsters are mostly nocturnal, whereas gerbils aren’t. They can become quite tame, and they are very low maintenance pets.

Degus & Chinchillas

Degus are extremely friendly, often entertaining and highly sociable. On the other hand, Chinchillas can be slightly more timid, but if you work with them, they do gain confidence. Degus crave attention because they are prone to boredom. Chinchillas are nocturnal and can be kept alone.

If you are considering getting your first pet, it may seem overwhelming. For example, how do you know what they need? There are many resources online to help you. You can also find pet supplies from Time for Paws for all the species of pet mentioned above. They have a huge range, and you can find everything you need from them.

In Conclusion

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility; they all have needs and feelings. Make sure that you consider your capabilities as a pet owner and choose accordingly. Pets can truly be life-changing.