We spend a huge amount on these companies such as on their food, veterinary services, accessories, and other things. But, their healthcare products are least important for us. We forget that pets are humanized; they are our friends and recognize us. Therefore, it is our responsibility to nurture, preserve, and care for themselves. Feeding pets with quality food and buying accessories is not enough for them. It is the responsibility of an owner to keep a strong check on their dogs and be aware of their health problems.

Flea and tick treatment of dogs are two of the most common types of seasonal health problems to which your pet is exposed. These are harmful diseases and the biggest health concerns for your dogs’ health.


There may be several issues such as vomiting, ear infection, obesity, intestinal worms, and dental diseases. Health issues due to seasonal changes are common to animals. From all seasons, summer is specifically threatening to dogs. Dog owners taking advantage of the great weather take their dogs to the unfamiliar areas that cause flea and tick issues in dogs. taking dogs outside in summer is not the only reason for having fleas; these insects can enter your homes through your yard, they may be left by prior inhabitants, and they may enter the house by having a ride on you. Even, warm furs of dogs offer these insects the perfect environment to live.


Fleas and tick bite and feed themselves with the blood of our pets; these tiny creators can do more than just itching. The diseases caused by fleas and tick include anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, hepatozoonosis, Lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, Cytauxzoonosis, dermatitis, tapeworm, Bartonella, and hair loss. Some symptoms that the dogs are hurt by these diseases include irritation, weakness, change in vocal sound, heavy panting, and wobbliness. These issues often lead dogs to paralysis and ultimately lead to death.  Therefore, it is pivotal for owners to keep a strong check on their pets’ health. Taking care of pets is an ethical aspect; it is a responsibility of us to check if the pet has fleas or tick. If there is a brown patch of dust and blood is attached to the pet’s fur then the pet is affected by the disease.


How we can allow something to feed our pets! Hence, it is mandatory to keep a close eye on treatments that are available to us. Our pets need our attention and their health should be our first priority because they can not share their pains with anyone. Taking care of our furry friend and protecting from health issues is our duty.

The basic treatment that can be provided to these lovely and loyal creators, to stay them away from these diseases, is to preserve them from dark and moist areas, as fleas and tick love such places. Washing the beddings and grooming the pets with flea comb in a week are some of the good prevention techniques. The precautionary treatments also include searching the fleas and tick by wearing gloves most specifically when the dogs come from the wooded area.  However, coming out from these plain treatments, selecting the right flea and tick treatment products from the market can be a challenging decision. Hence, before having the reach to the products, pet owners must have an idea of their pets’ infestation severity. The numbers of fleas and tick multiply quickly; that means few can be hundreds and over in a day or two. Moreover, fleas contain a capability to rapidly jump from one place to another that means they have a presence in every nook and corner of your house. Hence, it is crucial for owners to be vigilant in their dogs’ treatment.

According to the FDA (2019), warned dog owners that they must take care of their pets while having treatment for them. It has been assessed that some sorts of flea and tick treatments are not appropriate for their nervous system and they may have to face increased issues related to seizures and neurologic issues. The neurologic adverse effects of these medicines to your dogs can be ataxia due to which your pet may lose his full control over its body movement or they may have to face muscle tremors. Even the dog owners reported a negative impact on the health of their dog’s return to the treatment drugs bought from the low-cost stores. These treatments are called flea collar; this is one of the most common treatments that is applied to the back of the neck of pets. Some users reported adverse effects of the off-shelves treatments that had been purchased from big marts and malls.


Australia is documented for its highest ratio of pets ownership with 29 million pets. Around 61% of households are with pets from which 40% have dogs. Pets create affection, love, and companionship; specifically, dogs are one of the biggest sources of fun, contentment, pleasure, and perfection in mental health and wellbeing. Camaraderie is one of the key reasons that encourage Australians to have dogs.

Considering the pessimistic effects of treatments, it is visible thatbuying treatment for your pets is not enough, it is mandatory to scrutinize the type of medicines that you are using for their treatment. Pet owners are highly recommended to carefully read the packaging to aware of themselves regarding the strong and possible side-effects mentioned on the packaging. Owners must discriminate against the dog’s products from the cat’s.  Pick the products that have clear labeling and do not mix dogs with cats. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that drugs that are used for the treatments are on isoxazoline class. These isoxazoline class products include Credelio, Bravecto, Simparica, and Nexgard. These products are perfect for the treatment of “flea and tick” infections; these are approved products and can be used safely for dogs, but some pets have a serious reaction from these medicines as well.


We all value our pets; but, we may not know the steps that should be taken to prevent our loved ones from the pain. We must understand that aggressive can not be always the reason dogs react; they may be in discomfort. Many times the opposite reaction of medicines and sometimes their painful situation compelled these lovely pets to behave in an odd way. Therefore, rather scrolling on them search for the reasons and cure their diseases associated with flea and tick. Dogs teach people the unconditional love; you should also give them some in return. The world is a better place if we just not care about humans but take care of our animals as well.