How to Create a Dog-Friendly Home

Dogs are one of the most domesticated animals on the entire planet because they are friendly, loyal and adorable. If you have a dog at home, then you can consider yourself lucky as they won’t let you feel alone ever. For centuries, dogs have been helping humans by providing them protection and friendship. Thousands of dogs are adopted every year and live with the humans. Dogs are usually happy animals, but if you have a dog and you feel that the dog isn’t happy in your house or is not as interactive as it should be then the problem is not in you. It might be your house that is making your dog feel uncomfortable.

So if you have a dog or are thinking of owning one, then this guide can help you in making your house a dog-friendly place to live where you and your dog both can enjoy and live happily.

1. Bring Toys

Just like kids, dogs also like to play with toys. Try to buy toys that can be chewed easily. This can help in keeping them busy when you are busy with some work. Also, toys are a great piece of entertainment and dogs love to play with toys. You can buy toys like stuffed animals, balls, etc. Just make sure that the toy doesn’t have anything that can get stuck in their throat.

2. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a big factor as the dirty environment and bad odor works as a repellant to domestic animals. If your house is clean all the time, then your dog would love to play around. Try to clean the hair that falls from your dog and also make sure that there is always a refreshing odor in your house to make a clean environment for yourself and also your dog.

3. Bed

Once your dog is all tired, it would want to sleep somewhere and that somewhere is not going to be your bed right? So the best option is to look for a comfortable small bed for them in which they can fit easily. Keep a pillow and a blanket too for them in that bed. You can also buy a dog house a place it in your living room where they can feel a kind of security. This can make them feel special and they would love you for that.

4. Play with them

If you are always busy or stressed or unhappy, your dog will always know about it and this could make your dog sad. This can cause discomfort to your dog and it will feel like the house is a bad place to live in. So try to make your house a comfortable place where you and your dog can chill together. Play with your dog every day and take it for a walk. This will show that you are happy with them and your house will also become a happy place for them.

5. Storage

Store your belongings that are expensive or should be around your dog in a closed area such as cupboard or shelves where your dog can’t reach as dogs usually have a habit of chewing things and this can become troublesome for you if you have bite marks on everything in your house. That’s why toys help a lot.

If you really want your pet to feel comfortable in your house, then always keep your house clean and a little interaction with toys and your own presence. If you won’t give much time to them, they will end up feeling bored in the house.