A Complete Guide About Doberman Lab Mix

Doberman and Labrador might be the best family dogs of all time. They are intelligent, protective and really adorable. What about Doberdor? Yes, there is actually a breed called Doberdor which is the mix breed of Doberman and Labrador. Commonly known as the Doberman Lab mix, this breed has all the traits that both Doberman and Labrador have.


Yes, we know that it is mix bred from Doberman and Labrador but what does it actually look like. It is known that the Labrador and Doberman both are about the same size and the size of them is pretty large too. So we can easily say that their pup would be no exception. It will obviously grow up into a big dog. The similarity could be after a few months of their birth, but what about the appearance?

Both of the parents look very different from each other so does this makes it unpredictable to know the appearance of the pup. The reality is that the Doberdor is likely to look like either one of the parent, whether it is Doberman or Labrador. The one who is dominating will most likely pass on its traits to their offspring.

So what will affect that? We all know that Labrador and Doberman look alike in terms of the build as both of them are pretty big. This will directly result in their offspring to be strong and big in size. Also, Labradors come in three different colors which may define the color of Doberdor. The colors are golden, black and chocolate.

But Doberman on the other hand, are of chocolate color, tan or black. So it is possible that the Doberdor inherit the combination of these colors or it may or may not have the color of either one of its parents. Also, there are chances that the Doberdor will have a straight long tail and maybe folded ears which will make it look exactly like a mix breed of Doberman and Labrador.

The age of the breed might be average, but it may depend a lot on how you feed and treat it. Also, it can be a great swimmer because of one of the parents being inherited with webbed feet and because of being big, the weight may also be heavy. So be prepared to see these changes or traits in a Doberman lab mix.

Doberman Lab mix traits

This is by far the best family dog you can get. It can easily fit with your perfect lifestyle and make it even more amazing. Every day will be better with this one. But without the facts, nothing looks credible enough to be trusted. So below we have given some traits that will probably help you in deciding if you really want this breed of perfection or not.

You should always know what you are getting into as petting a dog is a big decision and an even bigger responsibility. So it is very common if you have second thoughts about getting a mix breed when you can choose from two of them. But this is what makes it so amazing. You are actually getting a dog with traits of two different dogs which is so convenient in itself.

Trait #1

Family Dog

We have said this a lot of times before, but we can easily say this hundred times that this dog is a perfect family dog. It can easily fit into your house without causing trouble, at least after getting comfortable. It quickly gets attached to the family it lives with and gives them the love and attention they want. And in return it asks for even more attention. That’s neurontin no prescription what makes it adorable.

Trait #2


We all know about Doberman how protective they are. This is the trait which they have passed on to the Doberman Lab mix as they are also protective towards the people or things they love. They are really strong which makes them fierce when they are protective.

Trait #3


Usually, a mixed breed is a little bit more intelligent than a regular breed. They tend to be more sharp, smart and energetic. You can easily train them to do things that would take a lot of time for a regular breed dog to learn.

Trait #4


We all want a little bit of love at the end of the day. That’s when these dogs come into play. These are one of the most loving dogs that you can find. Both of their parents are loving which means they are twice as loving. They are always ready to give love. They fit in very well because of their playful attitude.

What about the routine?

Many people think that it is enough to adopt a dog and not take care of it. But it is actually the biggest mistake as the dogs are very energetic and in this case, these mix breed dogs are twice more energetic than the regular dog breeds. So you must find a way to spend their energy or else they would show behavioral changes and sometimes even show signs of rage and anger.

The Doberman Lab mix is a fairly energetic and enthusiastic dog when it comes to going out for a walk or playing. So the first thing you need to do after getting this breed is taking it for a walk. Remember that the walk should be twice a day. Buy a leash or something for your dog as it is big and it might get hard to handle it because of the size once you go out.

Also, you can take it to swim as not only walks but they also love swimming. This can help in keeping them busy and they can easily spend their energy somewhere easily.

Another thing that you can add into their routine is playing outdoor games. There are a lot of games you can play like tag or throw the ball or even volleyball. Since dogs of this breed are intelligent and quick at grasping new things. They would totally learn new games easily only if the games are not complex. They are very easy to train also. You can train them to do different techniques like walking on back legs or jumping or doing other actions on command.

Now about the grooming tips, the Doberman lab mix’s grooming routine can totally depend on the coat it is having. If the coat is low maintenance like Doberman then you won’t have to spend a lot of time in grooming but if their coat is same as that of Labrador then you might need to invest some time every day or thrice every week in its grooming session.

Health issues around the mix

You can feed them the regular dog food, but their food consumption might be a little high because of all the energy they have to store and spend every day. So there is no such health-related concerns in the food department. But there might be some other things that you should take into consideration. There is a condition called elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia that may affect during the mixing of this breed. This happens very less but still, there are chances that the Doberman Lab mix might develop these.

Apart from that, they hold a superior position in all family dogs.