Dog Arthritis: 7 Natural Remedies for Dog Arthritis Pain

Dog Arthritis

Dog arthritis happens when the joint cartilage goes through changes or gets damaged and starts thinning out. The ends of the bones will not be properly cushioned anymore and start to rub together. The result? 

The joints can get inflamed and cause pain. To make matters worse, arthritis symptoms like limping, are not obvious in the beginning. 

The disease is usually noticed only after the pain has gotten so severe that it starts to change your dog’s behavior. 

When an otherwise friendly pup starts to snap at you when rubbed at the wrong place, shows disinterest in playing, or starts to limp, you should take them to the vet

Luckily there are numerous dog arthritis treatments available these days. One popular way to reduce inflammation is by using CBD oil

Dog Arthritis

If the benefits of cannabidiol products are unknown to you, be sure to check out informative sites like CBD Healthy Line

But before we get to our whole list of 7 remedies for dog arthritis pain relief, let’s take a look at how to choose the best ones. 


Why Did We Choose These 7 Natural Remedies for Arthritic Dogs? 

Once your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, the vet might prescribe the pain medication. A word of caution: dog arthritis medicine can sometimes come with severe side effects. 

Lethargy, depression, and loss of appetite are the mildest of them. Harm to internal organs is the harshest. The solution is to turn to alternative methods. 

Natural remedies come in many forms. You can go with supplements, healthier dog food, essential oils, natural herbs, and more.  If you visit this Farma health page then you would be able to learn more. 

It all depends on your dog’s needs and response to the specific treatment. It’s important to make sure that any of the remedies would not cause further damage.


Annamaet Grain-Free Aqualuk Dry Dog Food

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Dog Arthritis

This fish-based dog food is great to help your dog with an upset stomach or skin issues. Some dog owners have found that it also helps with their pet’s arthritis. 

Their formula accelerates fat metabolism and contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids that have a healing effect on painful joints.

Made in the United States, the food comes in a 12-pound package. It contains L-carnitine that is important for your dog’s proper brain function.

It also helps to keep lean muscle mass and get rid of fat. This is good news because fat is the main cause of inflammation in joints.  

The food is GMO-free and meets all the nutritional needs. 

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Dog Arthritis

Glucosamine is the most popular supplement proposed to alleviate arthritis pain. It can help to repair the damaged joint cartilage. 

Some of the best dog arthritis pills containing glucosamine are ProSense Advanced Strength Glucosamine. 

They come in a package containing 120 pills, each offering 650 mg of glucosamine and 200 mg of Chondroitin. 

These pills are chewable and include vitamin C. You should see improvement in your dog in just a few days. 

The tablets also contain MSM, which further protects the cartilage and increases flexibility.

Dog owners have been very happy with the product finding it to be an effective remedy for arthritis. 

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Dog Arthritis

Organic hemp oil like Enhance Me Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats can help your pet alleviate joint pain and get active again. It’s one of the best dog arthritis pain reliefs over the counter you can get. 

Made in the United States, the oil comes in a 30,000 MG bottle and contains vitamins A and D, flavonoids, and essential oils. 

Hemp oil is known to reduce inflammation and offer relief from arthritis pain. It’s 100% vegan and also works well to calm over-excited pets. 

Pet parents have seen great improvements in their dogs’ well-being after starting them on the oil. The only downside is that not every dog likes the taste of it. 

It’s very easy to use. You can put some oil in your dog’s food or directly in the mouth.

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Open Farm Homestead Turkey Bone Broth


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Dog Arthritis

Add bone broth like Open Farm Homestead Turkey Bone Broth directly into food. 

This fluid comes in a 12-ounce package and contains collagen that helps to keep your pup’s liver healthy. 

This turkey bone is an extremely potent arthritis treatment home remedy. It protects your dog’s joints and prevents them from getting arthritis in the first place. 

Packed with minerals, vitamins, and natural glucosamine. Give this superfood a try. Your dog is going to be thankful.

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Dog Arthritis

Essential Oils for Dogs: Aromatherapy for beginners is a book written by Julie Summers, a formally trained aromatherapist. 

You’ll get two books that help you understand how your pet friends can benefit from essential oil. Also, the books feature 100+ recipes for various conditions your pet may experience.  

Readers have loved the abundance of information in the books. You don’t have to be an expert in aromatherapy to understand how to use the oils. 

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Dog Arthritis

If you want to learn more about pet massage techniques, we’d recommend the book Healing Touch for Dogs: The Proven Massage Program. Written by an eminent veterinarian Dr. Michael F. Fox, it covers all you need to know about using massage to keep your pup healthy. 

Most of the massage techniques are the same you would use on a human. These include massaging trigger-points, applying acupressure, and more. The gentle stretches work especially well with relieving arthritis pain. 

Readers have been happy to learn massage techniques that help their dogs with various health conditions. 

The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow by even complete beginners. 

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Dog Arthritis

To gain a better understanding of acupuncture treatment on your pet, we’d recommend getting the Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats: A Pocket Atlas. It combines the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine with contemporary science. 

The easy-to-read pages give you a comprehensive guide into the world of acupuncture. You’ll learn about its effects and techniques. 

The book even covers the benefits of acupuncture in arthritis. Maybe you’ve been wondering whether to take your pet to the vet for some needle therapy. This book might convince you to give it a try. 

Readers have found the pocket atlas to be informative, and it’s been useful to even professional acupuncturists. 

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Natural Remedies for Dog Arthritis: FAQ

Dog Arthritis

Here are some frequently asked questions about natural remedies for dog arthritis.

Why Is It Important for a Dog With Arthritis to Lose Weight? 

If you’ve been wondering how to help a dog with arthritis at home, then get this: one of the best ways is to put them on a diet. Losing weight is important for your pup for numerous reasons. 

Firstly, less weight means less painful stress on the joints. And believe it or not, but getting rid of fat can decrease the inflammation. Why is that so? Because fat is a major source of inflammation.

Just make sure you consult with your vet before making any drastic changes in your pet’s eating. 

But eating healthy alone is not enough to get your fur friend lean. The next important thing to manage your canine’s arthritis pain is to keep active. 

The most suitable exercises are low-impact activities, like simple walking and swimming. These can be performed even by dogs whose arthritis has become severe.

Can CBD Help Your Arthritic Dog?

CBD oil has become an increasingly popular remedy to soothe muscle soreness and improve sleep. But many pet owners are wondering if it can also help with their canine’s joint pain? 

The simple answer is yes, it can. Many dog owners have used CBD to successfully reduce their pets’ inflammation. CBD interacts with the natural endocannabinoid system to help the body heal itself. 

If you find it difficult to administer CBD oil to your dog, give him some CBD edibles like PetNc Natural Care Soft Chews.

Dog arthritis

What Are the Benefits of Essential Oils?

Essential oils that are distilled from plants with healing properties can work as effective painkillers for arthritic joints. 

The distillation is done with the help of steam that extracts the essential oils from the seeds, roots, flowers, and leaves of a plant. 

These essential oils have a therapeutic effect that comes from the chemicals they contain. The best part is that they can reduce arthritis-induced inflammation. 

But before trying anything on your pet, be sure to educate yourself on the topic.

How is massage going to help a dog with arthritis? 

Massaging your dog can be a very effective way to decrease their arthritis pain. You have two options to do it. Either use the services of a professional or learn to perform massage therapy yourself. 

Massage reduces stress and stimulates circulation.  Both of these effects are important for fast joint recovery.  Visit this Megaedd page and learn more on stress management. 

In addition to that, massage also releases endorphins and increases the general well-being of your pet. 

This is important because, among other things, arthritis can cause depression in dogs, that further damages their bodies. By improving our pups’ mood with massage, we can help them get better faster.

An orthopedic dog bed has a relaxing effect on your dog, similar to that of massage. The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is our pick for the best dog bed for arthritis. 

Dog arthritis

The extra support and comfort improve your pup’s health and offer some additional relief for joint pain.

Is Acupuncture Safe for Your Dog? 

Always ask a veterinarian to perform acupuncture on your dog. This natural arthritis relieving option causes the release of the feel-good hormones endorphins in your dog’s blood. 

This is good because Endorphins soothe joint pain. And if that’s not enough, acupuncture also stimulates your dog’s nerves and improves their blood flow. 

The metabolism gets faster, and he might lose the extra weight that came from inactivity. 

The best part is that the process causes almost no pain for canines. They might even experience a calming effect from acupuncture and fall asleep during it.

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Dog arthritis is a common condition for aging or injured pets. Becoming less active or more irritable are some symptoms that indicate the disease in your pup. Treatment should be started right away to stop the further spread of painful inflammation.

Dog arthritis can significantly lower your pet’s life quality. They can lose muscle mass and start gaining fat. 

The extra weight only makes the condition worse as it adds stress to the joints. Many natural remedies can be used to reduce inflammation and increase joint mobility. 

The 7 remedies pointed out in this article exclude chemical substances that can cause severe side effects in your pup. 

Instead, we recommend you to use more natural approaches, among them feeding your dog with CBD oil and bone broth. 

While there’s no cure for dog arthritis, there’s a lot we can do to decrease our dogs’ pain and improve their life quality. 

Thanks to the availability of good books, we can easily educate ourselves in canine massage or aromatherapy. 

What did you think of alleviating your dog’s arthritis pain? Did you find a tip you’re planning to use on your fur pal? 

Leave comments below, we’d love to hear from you. Your opinion is important to us! 


Author’s Bio: 

Alex is an experienced dog nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in animal behavior. He is the owner of three Labrador Retrievers and loves to write articles about his experiences with them. Over the years, Alex has learned a lot about supporting dogs’ well-being.