How to Feed a Cat: 3 Effective Methods for Kitty’s Nom Nom Time!

We all know that obesity is a huge problem for us humans. But, did you know that our pets are suffering from an obesity epidemic of their own?

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 60 percent of cats are overweight!

Clearly, we could be doing a lot better when it comes to the way in which we feed our cats. But, how do you feed a cat?

Check out this how-to feed a cat guide to learn which method is best for your kitty.

  1. Meal Feeding 

Meal feeding means you provide your cat with food only at specific times each day.

The advantage of this type of feeding method is that you can closely monitor your cat’s food intake. This can be especially helpful if your cat is overweight. Additionally, if you live in a multiple cat household, this means all of your feline friends will get an equal share in food.

The disadvantage of this method is that it could lead your cat to beg during non-meal times. But, with the appropriate amount of discipline and regular feeding, they should be able to break this habit.

  1. Free Feeding Cats 

Free feeding is a method that many cat owners employ. With this feeding method, you leave food out at all times of the day so your cat can eat at their own leisure.

The great thing about this method is that it allows your cat to eat smaller meals throughout the day. However, this method can lead to overeating and obesity, as some cats simply don’t know when to stop. Additionally, you can only free feed with dry food, as wet food shouldn’t sit out all day. However, if you invest in an automatic cat feeder, you can keep the wet food fresh throughout the day.

To make sure free feeding doesn’t lead to overeating, measure out the appropriate amount of food your cat should consume in one day. And, make sure you don’t fall into the habit of refilling your cat’s bowl just because it’s empty.

  1. Combination Feeding 

The final method to consider is combination feeding. Combination feeding is when you serve your cat wet food twice daily and then you make dry food available throughout the day.

This method allows your cat to consume smaller meals throughout the day, and it allows you to at least partially monitor their eating habits.

However, like free feeding, this method can lead to overeating and obesity. Therefore, it’s very important that you measure out your cat’s food beforehand and that you only refill their bowl if they haven’t met their quota for the day.

How to Feed a Cat: Stay Consistent

Now that you know how to feed a cat, it’s time to decide which of these methods you’re going to use.

The important thing is to pick a method and stick to it so your cat doesn’t get confused about when mealtime is.

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