Frontline for Cats Reviews: Not Only Kills Adult Fleas and Ticks But Also Their Eggs

Unlike dogs, cats like solitude and don’t mind being indoors. However, they can still be susceptible to parasites like fleas. Flea infestations have become common among cats and when they contract this parasite, the after-effects can make him/her miserable. According to frontline for cats reviews, Frontline is considered one of the best cat flea treatments in the market.

Once a cat comes in contact with fleas, several symptoms are visible. Itching, chewing, and licking are one of the first symptoms. Cats are said to be more sensitive than dogs and may even develop “flea allergy” which causes severe itching. The necessary preventive measures should be taken as soon as flea dirt or fleas are observed on their skin. The best approach to end a flea allergy is by killing the parasite and preventing its return.

Prevention is always better than cure so, cat-owners should always monitor their precious ones in parks and yards and minimize roaming outdoors where an infection is possible. Using a flea comb regularly can also help cat-owners to catch flea infestations faster.

Several flea control programs and products are available in the market today and this article will talk about one such product, Frontline Plus for cats and kittens.

The Specialty of this Brand:

Some cat treatment brands are famous for killing adult fleas whereas some only kill flea eggs and larvae. The Frontline Plus kills all life cycles of fleas (eggs, larvae, and adult). It also contains active IGR technology which stops flea eggs from hatching and larvae from developing in and around the house.

This double action flea treatment prevents ticks and kills chewing lice quite effectively. Ticks that may cause Lyme disease and other diseases are also eliminated by this medicine. It is made from the combination of two active ingredients known as Fipronil and (s) -methoprene that travels by translocation through the cat’s body.

When this formula comes in contact with the cat’s skin, it attacks the nervous system of the fleas, making them hyper and disoriented before killing them. The (s) -methoprene prevents egg production, larval development, and hatching. The presence of such active ingredients makes it easier for Frontline Plus to kill fleas extensively.

Unlike other brands, the formula of Frontline Plus gets distributed evenly and rapidly owing to its water-proofing property. The formula is guaranteed to last longer than others in the market. Also, the effectiveness of this medicine is not harmed if the cat comes in contact with water by accident or is exposed to sunlight. Within 24 hours of application, the effects are visible. It is a long-lasting and fast acting formula which kills fleas within 12 hours of initial application.

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Applying this formula every 30 days for 6 months will definitely prevent flea re-infestations. The application method is super easy and hassle-free. The formula is packaged inside a pipette. The mouth of the pipette should be placed over the affected area and the contents should be squeezed, it is that easy. However, the following 24 hours are crucial and bathing is strictly prohibited during this time.

The Things that Need to Improve:

Firstly, Frontline Plus just like other brands is only made for cats and kittens above 8 weeks weighing 1.5 lbs. So, what about the cats those are under 8 weeks? Frontline should broaden their reach.

Secondly, many pet owners have complained about side effects. Frontline Plus reviews 2016 and Frontline Plus reviews 2017 have shown several cats-owners complaining about the side effects faced by their cats after using this product. Even though the formula is tested and is safe for cats, it may not suit all.

Some of the known problems are temporary redness or skin irritation at the site of application for the first 1-2 days after initial application. Loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea can be, among other common symptoms too.  This happens mainly due to the presence of some pesticides that doesn’t suit the cats’ body. The brand should try to give aid to all cats rather than making some sicker.

Thirdly, some cat owners have even complained about Frontline Plus for cats not working at all.

Since it takes time to absorb, children and other pets should be kept away. The product should be made children friendly. These are some common issues faced by cats and their owners that can be improved.

Why Frontline Plus is the Best Flea Treatment for Cats:

This brand has been trusted and recommended by veterinarians for over 20 years. It is a safe and tested formula for cats. Frontline Plus suits all breeds of cats above 8 weeks. It is known to provide fast and long-term relief by killing fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. It can be considered as a broad- spectrum formula.

frontline for cats reviews on Frontline Plus

The formula is very effective and convenient with an easy application method. The treatment works continuously for 30 days at a stretch. Using this product at the start of every month for 6 consecutive months will not only kill all parasites, but also ensure a healthy skin and an over-all healthy pet. It should not be applied for 30 days straight as that is very harmful.

Frontline Plus completely breaks the flea life cycle and also prevents re-infestation for the following 6 weeks. It is also effective while killing ticks that can cause Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, haemobartonellosis and other tick-borne diseases.  It also kills chewing lice for at least one month.

The presence of active ingredients in the formula helps to kill fleas before they lay eggs, thereby preventing any future re-infestations. It can be considered the best brand in the market today. The double action IGR technology that helps in even distribution and provides rapid relief properties is a winner.

Another winner is the fact that it is completely water-proof. The first 24 hours after application, the cat should be prevented from any contact with water. But, if unfortunately, the cat does come in contact with water, then the effectiveness of the formula will not be hampered. Bathing and swimming, once the treatment has completely dried off, is totally acceptable.

The packaging is done in 6 pipettes, one for each month. Pipettes make the application easier for the cat-owners. The outer packaging is commendable. The box comes with a lot of instructions that will definitely help the first-timers. There is detailed information about the advantages of using this product, the active ingredients, the directions of use, the frequency of applications and side effects too.

After reading the above-mentioned points it can be concluded that Frontline Plus comes with a lot of advantages. From the inner ingredients to the outer packaging, it is packed with only goodness. It is definitely better than other brands in the market and should be the number one choice for cat-owners today.

Side effects of Frontline Plus:

Frontline Plus is better than most of the cat flea treatment brands in the market. But it still comes with a note of caution at the back, which should not be avoided. It can cause side effects in some cats and they are as follows:

  • Allergy, temporary redness, rashes or skin irritation after the initial application.
  • Swelling of the face, lips, and excessive saliva. If the cat tries to lick away the medicine, it can cause swelling in their tongues too.
  • Some cat owners have complained about their cats facing severe diarrhea and vomiting during the first night of using this product.
  • Some cats can become prone to fits, seizures or strokes after using the product for the very first time. If so happens, he/she should be rushed to the vet immediately.
  • Cats can become lazy or lethargic. However, this side effect can be considered less worrisome as compared to others.
  • Lack of appetite and unresponsiveness are among other common side effects. Some cats can even fall into a coma if the dosage is overdone.
  • Cats may suffer from disorientation and uncoordinated movements. This is why the vet should always be contacted before using any such products.


There are several forms of flea treatments available in the market today. It ranges from dips, powders, shampoos to pills. Choosing the correct treatment for a cat based on his/ her needs is necessary. The Frontline Plus is one such brand that will suit a long range of cats and will surely not disappoint. As discussed in this article, Frontline comes with a bundle of advantages, like keeping disease-causing parasites away and promoting overall health.

Today, there are numerous online forums, who are reviewing the benefits of this product. Advantages for cat reviews are many. Always be sure to read reviews before making the final purchase. Some cat owners have recently complained about the frontline not working 2017. If so happens, the vet should be contacted as he/she can suggest better alternatives.

In conclusion, this article will help you to get more information about the key features, specialty and side effects of Frontline Plus. It will also help you to understand why Frontline is considered the best flea treatment formula. Frontline Plus is the number one veterinarian-recommended brand and should be given a try by all feline owners.