Best Cat Tree Review: Go Pet Club Cat Tree (Best Seller In Amazon)


In this busy world, everyone is doing a job to earn a livelihood in order to support his/her family and may have to stay away from the home. In order to tackle the loneliness and boredom people often start keeping pets so that they can enjoy with them and pass their time easily. In this way, they keep loneliness and depression out of their lives.

The pets quickly become a part of their lives and their daily needs start holding a lot of importance in the life. Pets like dogs and cats are the most common type of pets that humans have. Out of these two, the cats have sharper paws and they always keep scratching anything that comes under their grasp. This can cause heavy damage to the costly furniture in our house. To prevent one from this type of situation, the cat tree was invented.


The tree looks beautiful in its shipped form, but there are many technical details associated with it that the customer must know before buying. We have compiled a list of all the necessary information here so that the user can get an overview:-

Material: The cat tree is a structure made of compressed wood, hardened cardboard and particles in such a way that it keeps cats involved in it. The surfaces are covered with very soft and exclusive fur materials that one founds generally on a cat bed, giving them soft and comfortable space. The stable is structured enough to hold to nullify the jumps and movement of multiple cats.

Dimension: The product is beige in color, giving it a natural feel and is 50″ wide, 26″ in length and 72″ in height. The base is 28″ in width and 24″ in length. The first floor or the condo is 20″ in width, 15″ in length and 11.5″ in height. Going upwards, the second condo Is 15″ in width, 12″ in length and 10″ in height. The top 3 platforms or perches are 13.5″ in width, 13.5″ in length and 2.5″ in height.

Posts: There is a total of 10 posts to stabilize the whole structure, giving it a solid feel.

Comfortability For Cat: The tree house consists of two toy mice to keep the cats chasing after them, 3 perches so that they can sit or lie down on them and two rooms. There is plenty of space for the cats to move and explore the whole cat tree as one. The structure’s posts and other supporting parts are covered with sisal rope so that the cat can scratch the surface as much as they want, keeping the expensive furniture safe and sound in their place.

Durability: The base of the product is made up of compressed wood, giving it a solid foundation. All the posts are then covered by naturally obtained sisal rope. All the surfaces are covered with faux fur.

Assembling: The whole set-up is very easy to assemble and can be easily done by one or two persons within half an hour.

The Pros  and Cons:
  • Can be easily assembled
  • Has a solid and sound structure
  • Lasts long; durable
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty
  • Can be easily moved from one place to another
  • One can easily attach other toys and things from the tree
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • The topmost floor is not so stable
  • The inside of the parts is made up of plastic as well and may crack due to over tightening
  • Some parts are made up of thick cardboard instead of compressed wood as mentioned


Each product requires a description about it and this product is no exception. We collected all the information about this product from its making to the final reviews of the customers who bought this and present you a condensed yet detailed information about it.

Structure and Design: The product has a very stable and sound structure. The credit goes to the designer for designing such a structure that can withstand heavy loads with ease. The compressed wood and the hardened cardboard at some places give it a stable structure and the desired strength. These materials also help in reducing the weight to a great extent.

The inside of the posts and other perches are made up of plastic and can be tightened with the help of screws. One must take care of the force they are applying so that the plastic doesn’t break off.

Colors and Assembling: It usually comes in three colors; beige, blue and leopard. One can choose according to the design of their house. The beige color sometimes matches up with the hairs of a cut and it looks pretty normal, even when the hairs of the cat fall down here and there.

The assembling of the cat tree is pretty simple and can be done easily by 1-2 persons within half an hour. The product comes with a user manual and all the required tools that are required for the assembly of the product.

The inside of the posts and other perches are made up of plastic and can be tightened with the help of screws. One must take care of the force they are applying so that the plastic doesn’t break off.

Function: The main function for which it was pretty much designed, to engage the cats, is done pretty well by it. The cats usually love its posts and perches and constantly jump, climb and scratch around it, enjoying themselves thoroughly.

Quality: The quality is of the highest standard that one can get at this price, in fact, it is a bargain. Such durability and surface finish at this rate is very rare. The compressed wood used is of very good quality and makes sure that the foundation stays strong. The posts and perches are made of good quality wood as well along with hardened cardboard. Faux fur used to cover the surfaces is of top quality as well, giving it a realistic carpet-like look.


The product is a hit among the users. It manages to pique the interests of the cats and most of them stay busy playing around it. Most of the customers loved it as their cats thoroughly enjoyed playing in it. The experts are of the same opinion. The build quality is the best one can get at this price and if taken care of properly, can be durable.

One should certainly look forward to buying it if they want to keep the other furniture of their house intact, clean and scratch-free as this cat tree completely engulfs the cats in its design and it will be long before they are content with it. The only demerit is that the top portion of the tree is a bit unstable and it wobbles when a cat jumps on it.

Based on the weight and size of the cat, the tree may wobble a bit, but there has been no case as such, that in which the whole tree crashed down towards its side due to this. One can remove the upper portion in case they feel it is too dangerous for their pet and then continue to use it like before.

All in all, this is the best product that one can get at this price along with a standard surface finish and high-quality manufacturing material. The company has tried their best in order to provide their premium services to all their customers.