How to Choose a Cat Breed: What to Pay Attention to?

There are a lot of different cat breeds. All of them have various appearances and personal traits, which depend on the breed. If you want to adopt a cat but don’t know which breed to choose, look no further. In this post, you will find a lot of helpful information on picking a feline breed that will match your lifestyle and personality.

It’s vital to choose the right breed as some cats need a lot of attention and feel depressed, having no ability to release their energy. Vice versa, other felines are very independent and prefer spending most of their time alone. Also, they may like communicating with other pets or being the only furball in a house.

Therefore, you need to analyze your temperament and define how much time you can spend with your pet before choosing a cat. Picking a feline breed correctly, you won’t place a cat into a stressful environment and let your furball do what they like the most.

Nap Lovers

According to researchers, cats sleep 15 hours a day, on average. However, some breeds may seem like the only thing they do in their lives is relaxing. They like sleeping and passing their time on an owner’s lap.

If you’re one of those who like avoiding the hustle and bustle and spend your free time at home, you would likely want to have a calm feline who will pass the free time, lying on a couch with you. In such a case, the following breeds are perfect for you:

  • Persian;
  • Ragdolls;
  • Exotic Shorthairs;
  • Ragamuffins;

These breeds of felines are calm and like passing their time with their owners. They have laid-back personalities, so you can feel safe, leaving cats of the following breeds alone. Also, they won’t feel stressed living indoors only as they like feeling secure.

They adore being groomed since most of them have gorgeous coats that need to be treated. Thereupon, you need to be ready to add regular grooming sessions to your schedule if you decide to adopt a nap-lover. These cats will expect you to get back from work and will enjoy every minute spent with you.

Active Explorers

In case you have a detached house with a backyard, feel free to get a cat breed that likes passing their time by hanging around and exploring the neighborhoods. The most active explorers are:

  • Burmese;
  • Siamese;
  • Sphynx;
  • Bengals.

They feel uncomfortable living in tiny apartments as they have a lot of energy that needs to be released every day. These cats need to live in a spacious house where they can run, jump and climb. However, they like hanging outside, climbing on fences, visiting neighbors, and hunting insects.

They don’t need to be groomed and entertained. These cats are independent and always can find what to do. They do well with grooming themselves. However, they need to be fed top-quality cat food high in protein to renew their energy. Don’t forget to examine the Wag cat food reviews to keep your active explorer safe from poor-quality food.

Note, the Bengals are bigger than other breeds. Moreover, natural predator instinct can evoke in this breed anytime, so it’s recommended to keep them monitored when they hang outside. They don’t like communicating with other animals and behave cautiously with strangers. Also, don’t be shy about controlling the active explorers’ trips using a GPS tracker that attaches to a collar.

Friendly and Communicative

If you have a lot of pets in your house, you have to adopt a friendly cat who will communicate with dogs and play with children. In such a case, the best breeds are the following:

  • Abyssinian;
  • Maine Coon;
  • Scottish Fold;
  • Birman.

They like communicating with other cats, dogs, and people. They like spending time in a company and feel stressed staying at home alone for a long time. Therefore, if you spend half of a day outside of your home, you need to pick another feline breed. Alternatively, you can adopt a cat sibling, so your furball won’t feel stressed expecting you to return home. Also, they are very playful, so don’t forget to purchase a tease wand and brain activity stimulating toys for cats, adopting a friendly and communicative feline.

Thing To Know Choosing a Cat

Don’t forget that there are a lot of cats of mixed breeds that are called moggies. Even though their breed isn’t pure, they can become great companions. They have different personalities and will be glad to spend spare time with their owners, play outside, and warm your laps. If you don’t know which breed to choose, feel free to adopt a moggie feline from a shelter or a rescue center. In most cases, they don’t require maintenance, except regular feeding and litter box cleaning.