How to Stop Your Cat From Excessively Meowing for Food In The Morning

Over the years, the population of cats has increased and they have successfully become a part of our home. Basically a wild animal, cats are tiny fur balls resembling the likes of a tiger. They are of a shy nature and need some time to get adjusted to us, but once they do, they definitely make the best pets. It is said that the cats’ “meow” is one of the sweetest sounds and can give an instant relief to our stressed out minds.

Though sometimes, our cats can meow excessively. This is an indication that they are trying to convey something to us. Dealing with your pet cats’ constant meowing requires a lot of patience. Mostly they are harmless, but sometimes the meow can be a result of some underlying issue and that should not be ignored by you. Felines love to be loved; taking care of a pet feline is tough and requires a lot of hard work. Trips to the vet are a must.

If you are a cat owner who is worried about your cats’ constant meowing, then reading this article will help you to understand the reason behind their behavioral meows and how to stop them meowing for food at night and early mornings.

So, why is your cat meowing so often?


Felines are animals who enjoy their solitude. They love being loved, adored and cuddled but unlike dogs, they do like being in their own world. They are happy to be around you without being clingy and they can be left alone unattended in the house for a couple of hours.

However, under any circumstances, if they are left alone for too long and not provided with the love they need, then they will definitely meow to get your attention. Sometimes, they even meow when they are bored. Snuggling and pampering them all the time would only spoil them. Understand the difference between them needing love and them needing some entertainment.

Food: –

All animals get excited about their meal timings. Just like humans have a meal schedule, cats should have one too. They should be provided with meals at least three times in a day- in the morning, afternoon and night.

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A pet cats’ diet should consist of all the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy. Some cats are allergic to dairy products. Providing them with foods that they are allergic to, can make them fall sick. Cats cannot speak so their meows should be a clear indication.

Also, skipping their meals or forgetting to maintain a proper meal schedule due to your busy schedule will not only make them extremely hungry but also irritate them and lead to loud meowing in order to gain your attention. If your cat is meowing for wet food often, check their food timings and feed them accordingly.

Outdoor: –

Cats are wild animals that have been domesticated. Unlike dogs, they do not need to be taken out for daily strolls to the park or played with. However, they like to be let out sometimes to bask in the sun and chase butterflies. Many cat users let their cats out at night and by morning they always come back to their owners.

New cat owners should not practice this, in the beginning, no matter how much they meow as they may go out and never come back. Dealing with the initial meowing, owners can practice letting their cats out for the night with necessary protections. This can be a good way to stop their meowing.

Sleep cycle: –

Cats are different from humans. Our bodies have been programmed to work during the day and rest at night. The sleep cycle of cats is different. They require 16 hours of sleep per day. They might even sleep throughout the day and be active through the entire night, meow for your attention and this can disturb your sleep.

We all know how important sleep is for us and our pets. Compromising on sleep to take care of your dearest pet is not the right way. Your pet should be taught the proper time to eat, sleep and play according to your convenience and not theirs.

How to stop a cat from meowing in the morning for food are given below:

1. Attention: –

When your cat meows because it wants attention, there are some ways that you can take to stop this. Cats usually sleep during the day and stay awake in the night and expect you to be awake with them as well. Firstly, playing with your cat before you hit the sack will not only give them the attention they want but also tire them as well. For most of the night, they will sleep and not disturb you.

Secondly, when your cat is meowing, do not wait too long to give in. Waiting for long only increases their meowing.

Thirdly, playing with your cat when it meows might make your cat think that’s the right way to do it. Stop it; play with your cat when it does not meow. This will teach them that meowing always does not work.

2. Food: –

As cats stay awake the entire night, they play and feel hungry sooner than their real meal time. They will definitely meow at you or outside your door waiting for you to give them their food. Waking up at 4 AM in the morning to feed your cat is wrong and should not be made into a habit.

Sometimes, a cat meows for food all day. Putting a small amount of food in the cat bowl before your bedtime will keep them full throughout the night and they would not disturb you.

3. Meal Schedule: –

If your cat cries for food constantly, then enforcing a proper meal schedule which your cat should neurontin bio follow is the best way to make it understand that meowing for food is not going to give them any food. Adult cats can eat one to two meals per day. Kittens, however, require more food and care and should be given three meals a day. You can even give your cats, small meals throughout the day. They should always be provided with clean food and water because their stomach is sensitive and susceptible to diseases.

4. Automatic Feeder: –

You are busy and cannot make time to maintain a proper meal schedule for your cat. Don’t worry; the automatic feeder has got your back. If your cat won’t stop meowing for food, then this machine dispenses food for your cat automatically at regular intervals.

This machine can even prove helpful to make your cats understand the meal schedule better. If your cat is meowing for food, purchasing an automatic feeder is a good option. It can be purchased from stores and online. Some automatic feeders even come with two containers, one for food and the other for water. The latter is costlier but it is more helpful.

5. A Food Puzzle: –

Really innovative; a food puzzle is shaped like a maze but has places to keep the dry cat food. Cats are intelligent animals and would love to eat from a food puzzle. Feeding your cat this way will not only keep them excited and entertained while eating food, but also makes them stick to their eating schedule. Your pet can eat food from the food puzzle without having to disturb you. Food puzzles are available in stores and online.

6. Training: –

All animals should be trained to listen to their owners. Big dogs may even require a professional trainer, but cats can be trained easily at home. Simple commands like “sit”, “stand”, and “walk” can be the initial training commands.

Cats are easier to train, they listen to commands, respond and obey them. Giving your cat a yummy treat every-time you ask them to sit is a good way to teach them. Repeating this habit will make them understand that sitting can give them a yummy treat.

They will be more willing to follow and remain under your command easily. It is common for cats to meow while being trained, this can be avoided by waiting till they stop meowing or to feed while they are meowing.

7. Outdoors: –

Letting your cat outdoor unattended can be quite stressful. Sometimes, they go out and may never return. To avoid this, keeping a track of your cats’ movement is always better.  Considering a cat flap is a good option. They can come in and go as they like. Cat flaps installed with a microchip can be used to locate your cats’ location and only let them in the house thereby ensuring a more secured home.

8. Unwanted Behavior: –

Sometimes they meow when they are bored or when they want to eat, but it is not the right mealtime yet and this behavior should be ignored. Making your cat more independent is your duty. Provide your cats with activities that help to keep them occupied physically and mentally so that they are not focused on food only.

This is a good way to get rid of the unnecessary begging and meowing. However, ignoring for too long can only make the meowing increase. Also, make sure that you do not shout or throw anything at your pet. This will make them fearful of you or even rage anger in them. Cat scratches are the worst.

9. Patience: –

Patience is the key when it comes to dealing with your cats’ meowing habits. Being more creative in the ways by which you can stop the meowing to being extremely patient is what every cat owner should do. Some cats like playing with soft toys and some like to play with wool. Learning what your cat likes followed by its favorite mealtime can be a good strategy to stop the unnecessary meowing for food.

Some special tricks you can follow to stop the meows for food


  • It is a good option to leave a small amount of food and water in two separate bowls for them so when they do feel hungry they do not have to disturb you.
  • Getting an automatic feeder is also a good option but cats may sometimes break into the feeder. To avoid this, owners can buy a cat-proof automatic feeder.
  • If you cannot afford a good puzzle, then you can definitely make one. A home-made food puzzle works just fine. Information on how to make them is available on the internet.
  • Keeping things outside your bedroom door that can potentially scare your cat and stop their demand meowing can be a good strategy to stop cats meowing for food in the morning.
  • Keeping the food and water bowls clean and cleaning their sand litter box regularly is also important.
  • Sometimes your cat can even meow at the food given to them. This is a clear indication that they are not happy with the food served. Consult a vet for a specialized diet for them. They have a variety of cat-friendly diets.


Other than the obvious reasons for attention and food, meowing can be a result of a disease that your cat is suffering from. A meow is the first sign of any uneasiness that your cat is feeling. Following the above-mentioned points will help you to tackle your cats’ meowing problems better. However, if they don’t, consider a visit to the vet as soon as possible. A stressed-out cat, aging cats and a cat who wants to breed are some of the other common reasons why your cat must be meowing or yowling on the top of their lungs.

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