3 Major Benefits of a Lion Cut Haircut for Your Cat This Summer

There are around 55 million cats in the U.S which proves how besotted we are by our furry friends.

When it comes to grooming, there are hundreds of different styles to do from the comb cut to the panther cut.

But recently, the lion cut hair cut has boomed in popularity because of its unique look and many benefits. If you’re on the fence, check out the advantages of a lion cut haircut.

What Is a Lion Cut Haircut?

Lion cut haircuts for your cat is a shaved grooming style that removes most of the fur using specialized clippers.

But the most distinctive feature is that a little hair remains on a few small areas. For instance, the lion cut leaves hair on the face, head, lower-half of all paws, and on the top of its tail.

Some owners also leave the cat’s chest hair so it’s part of the “mane” and a strip of fur along the spine.

Groomers can tailor the look to your preference as long as high-risk areas are left alone. For instance, their whiskers and where skin, ligaments, or tendons are sensitive.

Are Lion Cut Haircuts Suitable For All Cats?

Lion cuts are most useful for long-haired cats as opposed to short-haired. It’s important to consider your pet’s age as older cats may not be able to tolerate the lion cut haircut because their skin is thinner and more vulnerable to nicks.

You must consult with the groomer about cat haircuts to ensure it’s a good idea for your pet. The most popular breeds that have lion hair cuts are:

  • Persian
  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll
  • Balinese

It’s no surprise that these are mostly long-haired breeds as they benefit the most from no tangles or knots.

How Long Do Lion Cuts Last?

It takes three months for short-hair cats to outgrow their lion hair cut whereas long-hair cats take four to six months to replenish their full coat.

It’s possible to do a lion har cut more often as long as your cat’s temperament and health are suitable.

Plus, you must consider how the lion hair cut grows back. A cat’s coat may grow back thinner after the shave. Even if the guard hairs grow back normally, the undercoat will take longer to grow back.

This process can happen once or multiple times, where your cat will have a scraggly coat though no one knows why. If this continues to happen to your furry friend, consult with your vet as it could highlight an underlying health problem.

Do Cats Enjoy Lion Hair Cuts?

Cats are usually calm during the grooming process. Some groomers offer cats a bath but it’s not required. If they do have a bath, bring a blanket to wrap them up in so they’re warm on the drive home.

And instead of blow-drying the cat, they’re toweled down to naturally dry them.

Because cats are different, they will react in various ways once they realize how much of their fur is gone. If your cat runs off and hides, give them some time, and encourage them to come to you with treats.

But, overall, there shouldn’t be a drastic change in their behavior.

The 3 Benefits of Lion Hair Cuts

Out of the many benefits of lion hair cuts, these are the three most popular ones. For instance:

  1. Removes Matted Fur

If your cat’s fur becomes matted, closely clipping the hair is the kindest and safest way to remove any tangles. Matted hair is uncomfortable for your cat as it pulls on and potentially tears the skin, so removing it is compulsory.

It’s important to note that these tangles can’t be brushed out, so the best way to remove it is by shaving. Some cats, especally as they grow older, may be unable to groom themselves. As a result, they’ll be and become more susceptible to dirty, matted fur.

Luckily, lion hair cuts keep your cat looking neat between professional grooming appointments.

  1. Relief From Excessive Heat

This is crucial especially if you live in a warm climate and own a long-haired cat. You should get lion hair cuts in the spring or early summer so they get relief from the heat.

Or if your cat is indoors and your home is heated in the winter, some owners choose a lion hair cut so their cat doesn’t over-heat.

  1. Goodbye Hairballs!

Another plus is how a lion cut reduces shedding as the hair is far shorter, so less is strewn across the house. Because of this, lion hair cuts are a life-saver for people who suffer from allergies.

The removal of hair also means less chance of your pet developing hairballs. When your cat grooms her shedding fur, she may ingest more than can be safely passed through her digestive system which could cause vomiting, choking, or life-threatening intestinal blockages that require surgery.

Many veterinarians will recommend shortening your cat’s coat if he’s prone to consistent hairball issues. But once your groomer clips the fur into a lion hair cut, it’s a low-maintenance way of keeping your cat’s fur at a healthy length.

Otherwise you must brush or comb long-haired cats on a weekly basis to reduce matting which isn’t practical for busy owners.

That’s Why Your Cat Should Get a Lion Cut Haircut

The lion cut haircuts are a low-maintenance way to keep your cat’s fur clipped and healthy to prevent matting. Further, once your kitty is groomed than they’re less likely to suffer from hairballs.

Your house will also be less covered in fur which is a life-saver if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. And not to mention, your cat looks fantastic.

For best results, get your kitty professionally groomed as the groomer knows whether it’s a safe option for your cat especially if they’re old or have extra sensitive skin.

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