Nexgard Spectra: Pros and Cons of using Nexgard Spectra for dogs

Nexgard Spectra

A flea or tick infestation can lead to frantic visits to the vet and deep cleaning of the house. Though there are different types of pills, sprays, and collars to pick from, there is a hardly anything that comes close to effectively treating tics, fleas, and worms as well as Nexgard Spectra.

Nexgard Spectra is a chewable tablet that helps improve your dog’s health. It works to dispel internal and external problems in 30-day increments, and can be used for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age.

In this article, we take a look at the pros and cons of using Nexgard Spectra for dogs. Additionally, we shall also look at its ingredients and find out how it works to treat a variety of problems.

NexGard Spectra


First, let us find out what are some of the advantages of using Nexgard Spectra for dogs and how they can benefit the most from it.

Oral Dose

Nexgard Spectra is available for oral dosing which is less messy than tropical treatments and is not made less effective by swimming or bathing. Nexgard Spectra are also quite tasty as they are formulated as delicious beef flavored which appeals to dogs of all types.

The beef flavored tablets contain soy protein that does not trigger any beef allergies. The fact that it is given orally also ensures that children are not accidentally exposed to it the way other tropical treatments may be.

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Unlike various other treatments, Nexgard Spectra is effective against a variety of problems, including ticks, fleas, and different kinds of worms. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to gut worms, lung worms, eye worms, and heart worms. There aren’t many products in the market that could be used as effective solutions against them.

Nexgard Spectra is very effective against gut worms and heart worms and can reduce worm count by 100% after treatment. With monthly Nexgard Spectra treatment for six months, all dogs become free of eye worms.

Some studies have also shown that Nexgard Spectra may be even more effective in certain geographical regions. It is important then to your veterinarian which tick and flea preventive measures are most effective in your region.

Speed of Treatment

Nexgard Spectra treatment provides persistent and consistent protection against fleas and ticks for your dog. When given the right dosage at the right time, it is quickly absorbed and starts working straight away. This is further aided by the fact the Nexgard Spectra is given orally.

Studies show that it works to eradicate all prevalent fleas within the first 6 hours. Within 12 hours, it can eradicate 98% of newly acquired fleas for a whole month.

Unlike other treatments that may start fast but are not as effective at later stages, Nexgard Spectra is consistent and doesn’t give any chance to breed again. When your dog is suffering from such problems, the speed of the solution makes a world of difference.


Nexgard Spectra is also quite affordable and is even cheaper than some budget pet products. Though there are other products that are cheaper than Nexgard Spectra, they may not be as effective in some geographical regions as Nexgard Spectra. This is why most veterinarians recommend Nexgard Spectra for a stronger protection for your dogs.

NexGard Spectra


Now, let us consider some of the Nexgard Spectra features that are not exactly ideal, and may affect your decision. These are as follows:

Prescription required

Nexgard Spectra can only be acquired if you have a prescription from your veterinarian. Even if you are ordering online, you will be required to present a prescription.

This can limit one’s decision as sometimes the problem is too obvious to not require a solution, and procuring a prescription feels like unnecessary formalities.

Lack of Longitudinal Studies

Though there are a few short term studies done, there aren’t many good longitudinal studies done regarding the safety of such treatment measures.

This is mainly because Nexgard Spectra is a relatively new product in the market. However, the lack of such long term studies can cause owners to pause with concern.

Side Effects

Every dog is different and sometimes their bodies may not react well to Nexgard Spectra. If the dog has a reaction to the ingredients present in the medication, there is no way to remove it from the system the way tropical solutions can be washed off using soap.

Though it is rare, these side effects can include vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, seizures, itching, loss of coordination, swelling of the face, and loss of appetite.

According to an EMA study, such side effects are not common, meaning these were experienced by less than 10 dogs out of 1000. Regardless, if your dog experiences any of these side effects, contact your veterinarian immediately.


There are two primary ingredients in Nexgard Spectra that work to eliminate ticks, fleas, and a variety of worms from dogs. One of them is Afoxolaner which is an insecticide that targets fleas and ticks. This active ingredient in Nexgard Spectra kills fleas and ticks only when they bite your dog.

The other main ingredient is Milbemycin oxime which specifically targets internal parasites. This second ingredient is what makes Nexgard Spectra so effective against heartworms, lungworms, and gastrointestinal worms.

For more information about Nexgard Spectra for dogs, and whether or not you should use it as a treatment solution, do visit your veterinarian.


Though it is a relatively new product, Nexgard Spectra has proven to be an effective treatment against a variety of ticks, fleas, and parasitic problems for dogs. It works extremely fast and is quite safe to use. Since it is given orally and is quite tasty, you can even administer it as a treat at any time of the day.

As it is a prescription based treatment, it is important that you get a prescription from your veterinarian. Though there are a few side effects that one needs to be watch out for, these are quite rare and should not be seen as a deterrent for effective treatment.