Protect the paws of your dog with dog socks

Making your dog wear socks may seem funny, but it is not. Like you, as humans wear socks to protect your feet from cold conditions and from getting dirty, your dog required socks. We understand that dogs can survive without socks too, but if you want to show care towards your pet, then you get a sock for them.

If you do not want your pet to feel cold or if you want to protect injury from getting worse than you need to make them wear socks. These socks should be cozy, warm and comfortable to wear. You even need to make sure that the socks have a protective sole on the underside. These protective soles need to be waterproof and non-slippery so that your dog can walk freely around the house without running into anything.

Every dog is a small puppy or a large dog can wear socks so it’s your responsibility to get the socks that fit them perfectly.

While buying the socks for your dog, you need to show that they do not have tight elastic to hold the socks. Because these tight elastics can squeeze the Limbs of your dog and can make it difficult for your dog to move or walk. Some major reason why wearing dog socks is necessary for your buddy:

  1. It can be used as decorative wear for your dog.
  2. If your dog has any wound then socks will act as a barrier which prevents it from getting scratched.
  3. It will offer a grip to your dog’s paw and will not slip around the house.
  4. It will protect the hardwood flooring from getting scratched by their sharp claws.
  5. It protects the paws of your dog from cold weather.
  6. Socks even help in protecting the paws of your dog from getting any cut or scratch.

Things you need to keep in mind while purchasing the socks for your dogs are:

  1. Do the socks fit perfectly fine or will it be too loose or too tight?
  2. You need to check whether they will stay on in the dog’s paws or not.
  3. Are they able to prevent slipping of your dogs?
  4. What is the material that is used for manufacturing them?
  5. Are these socks long-lasting enough to stand the wear and tear?
  6. Are the socks chosen by you waterproof?
  7. Do these socks look good on the dogs?

How to wash the dog socks?

Cleaning the dog socks is not rocket science, you only have to read the washing instruction there with the socks. Wash the socks off your dog’s regularly so that all it can remove the debris collected in the socks. If you are using socks to protect the paw injury of your dog, then you need to make sure it is clean at all times so that there is minimal risk of infection. Dogs are famous for licking and chewing almost everything and it goes with the socks too and this could lead to smelling of socks.

Wash what the dog socks to keep them clean and tidy. You can wash these socks by hands or by using machine; however, make sure that water is not too hot as it tends to damage the non-slippery surface of socks.

How to select the perfect socks for your dog?

Size of the socks is crucial while buying the socks for your dog. As you will not want the socks to fit tightly or loosely. If you have bought socks which are bigger than it can fall anytime if the socks are smaller than they will be tight and can be uncomfortable for your dog. So,you must measure the size of your dog’s paw and then by the socks as per the size.

How to make your dog’s where the socks?

Task of making the dog to wear the socks can be a little challenging and you have to make your dog to wear them on all four paws, then it can be difficult. At first, your dog will resist wearing the socks but later they will get used to it full stop there are some socks which comes with a Velcro strap so they can fit properly. Check the groovebags for buying socks for your dogs.