Raising an Indoor vs. Outdoor Dog: Everything You Need to Know

These days, most owners raise their dogs to be indoor pets. They like that they are close to the family and protected from the world’s dangers.

However, there’s also the option of raising your dog as an outdoor pet. For many, this sounds like the perfect situation. Your dog still gets to be nearby while constantly enjoying nature and fresh air.

The indoor vs. outdoor decision isn’t one you should take likely. This article will cover some things you should consider before deciding how to raise your dog.

Safety First

No matter which living situation you go with, make sure that your pet is safe. Each can present dangers if you don’t take the right precautions.

For instance, you should never leave outdoor dogs tied up or in cages. They won’t get enough exercise and can even end up hurting themselves.

The inside of your home can present just as many dangers. Although all dogs can be guilty, puppies are well-known for getting into things they shouldn’t. They might sneak food that is bad for them or chew through electrical wires. It’s important to dog-proof your home so that they are comfortable and safe.

Choose Appropriate Fencing

If you have an outside dog, you need to keep them contained. You don’t want them wandering the neighborhood, bothering or threatening other people and their pets.

You also need to keep your outside dog safe from predators. The best way to accomplish this is by building a traditional fence. It should be tall and strong enough to contain them and keep other animals out.

Even if you keep your pet indoors, you should still install a fence. This will allow them to roam your yard for exercise while keeping them safe if they get out. For inside dogs, a traditional fence will work. If you don’t like the look of a traditional fence, you can also opt for a wireless electric one that allows you to set boundaries remotely.

Get to Know Your Dog

To keep your dog’s best interests in mind, it’s important to understand their personality.

Most owners face the indoor vs. outdoor decision when bringing a new puppy home. You might not be familiar with their behaviors and temperament yet, but start to observe them early on.

Do they require lots of attention? Do they need mental stimulation to thrive? Are they of a breed that prefers living outside? These questions will help you determine which living situation is best for them.

Consider the Social Nature of Dogs

Even if your dog seems more independent, these animals are social creatures. Their instincts allow them to thrive in packs.

Because they don’t have their typical pack, they rely on relationships with human owners. No matter where they end up living, you should provide them with plenty of attention. Schedule plenty of walks and playtime to ensure they feel loved.

Consider Where You Live

Of course, where you live will factor into this decision. If you have a small apartment in the middle of a city, your pet will obviously need to be indoors.

For outdoor dogs, the ideal scenario is living out in the country. They’ll have plenty of room to roam in the fresh air. However, the outdoor living situation is also possible for owners who live in suburban homes with big yards.

Consider Your Motivations

Don’t put your dog outside just to keep them out of sight.

You should base your decision on their needs and what is best for them. Do plenty of research and analyze your unique situation before settling on a permanent living situation for your pup.