Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog

An all in one package, a dog is the most beautiful living creature on earth. If there is anyone who can love you more than his own life, it is a dog. Those loving eyes, bright smile, wagging tail, playful jumps, and everything they do are the perfect example of their unconditional love towards humans. 

I have seen people who never liked dogs or were scared to be around them, but are insanely in love with them now and are proud dog owners. Well, why wouldn’t they be? No one reason can make human beings feel scared of dogs or not like them. 

The wonderful four-legged furry friends are funny and rewarding. They add a spark in the life of their human friend in a way no one else does. 

Dogs own such a special place in my heart that I can talk endlessly about how special they are and how beautiful life becomes when they are around. But here I will take you on the run down to a few things which you must know before getting a dog because if you are planning to get one, then you must understand that they are a huge responsibility (but a responsibility you will love).

So, if you are looking forward to becoming a dog owner, then you must be ready to provide shelter, food, love, care, and attention to them while being able to cover the average cost of keeping them. 

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Now, let’s talk about a few things which you must know before making your life awesome (of course, a dog brings along lots of awesomeness). 

#1. Prepare Your Home 

The very first thing you should know before bringing a dog home is that you make your home dog-ready.

Dogs have this tendency of not feeling comfortable or safe in a new environment, and if it is their first time in a home, then they might even feel scared. 

So, to make sure that they feel comfortable, I recommend you to set up a designated dog-zone with his crate, toys, and bed. In case you are bringing home a pup, then you might need to put in a few more efforts and puppy-proof your home. 

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#2. Gather Essential Supplies

The market is full of dog products, and with the availability of such a wide range of dog products, you might find it challenging to decide which ones to buy. From essentials (including dog collar, leash, etc.) to the fun stuff (like toys and treats), there are a million choices for the new pet parents. 

Well, do not worry. Here is a list of the essential dog supplies in which you should invest right away:

  • Dog bed
  • Poop bags
  • Dog collar and leash
  • Food and water bowls
  • High-quality dog food

These are a few things that are essential for every dog. So, if you are wondering about which doggo stuff you should buy, go for these items without having any second thoughts. 

#3. Find a Vet 

One of the most intimidating tasks about entering into new pet parenthood is finding and choosing the right vet. I recommend you find a vet before you bring your dog home so that you will not have anything to worry about. 

How to find a vet? 

Well, the perfect way is through thorough research and word-of-mouth. You may ask your family or friends who already own a pet, or read online reviews of local veterinarians to find the right one. 

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#4. Be Prepared for House Training 

It does not matter if you have adopted a newly born pup or bought home an adult dog; you will need to have a dog house training plan. Even the dogs who are potty trained sometimes need a refresher training program in a new place/environment. 

You may follow this crash course to provide house-training to your dog/puppy. 

  • Establish a schedule for your dog’s various activities, including potty time, etc. 
  • Choose a cue phrase like go potty 
  • Pick a potty spot
  • Praise them for doing it right but do not punish them for doing it wrong 

Above all, when it comes to house-training a new pet, be patient. 

#5. The Ultimate Obedience Training 

The best way to learn about your dog and his behavior in general (being a new dog parent) is taking an obedience class at a local training school. 

The level of obedience class varies from basic to advanced. In the basic obedience class, you and your dog will learn primary skills like: 

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Walk
  • Come
  • Fetch
  • Loose-leash walk

After you learn the basic skills, you may move ahead towards the advanced level. Not only will training help your dog behave well, but it will also help build trust between you two. 

Wrapping it Up 

Having a dog is the best feeling ever, and it not only change your lifestyle but also changes you as a person (for good, of course!!). 

Well, owning a dog is not sufficient. There are a lot of responsibilities that come along, and you need to be mentally, physically, and financially ready to fulfill all those. 

I hope that you might have got an idea about things which you must consider before bringing a dog home. So, if you are looking forward to getting a dog, then do not just rush into the decision but consider the things as mentioned above, make proper arrangements, and then bring your little pooch home so that things go smooth for both of you (and that’s how you avoid the last-minute crisis). 

Also, if you are a proud dog owner already, and have some other tips to share with us (based on your experience), feel free to drop the same in the comment box below.