How to Decide Which Breed You Should Adopt

breeds you should adapt

We all have different lifestyles and unique hobbies and jobs. When you are deciding on which type of purebred dog breed that fits into your world you need to do some research on each type of dog breed. Some of them are more fitting for high-energy activities such as hiking and running, while others prefer to lounge around on the couch or hammock for much of the day.

The dog that you choose to adopt should be one that will fit in to your home in every way possible. You would not want to put a high energy dog into a home that prefers to stay at home, and you would not want a more docile dog to join your family if you prefer to be out in the mountains every day.

To match your new best friend to you it is required that you ask yourself a few questions, and then you take the time to do some research.

  • Living Space: The size of your living space is a huge aspect that you need to take into consideration when you are deciding which purebred dog breed that you should take in. Bigger dogs need more space, inside and out. To give an example you will not want to bring home a Saint Bernard if you live in a small studio apartment. Match the breed to the amount of living space that you have.


  • Work and Social Schedule: If you are gone most of the day, every day, you will want to investigate the dog breeds that are more self-sufficient, such as a Bassett Hound. They love to lay around all day so it would be a great choice as your new best friend. This website has reliable breeders with purebred puppies that you can contact online, or in person, so you can research the best type of dog for your particular living schedule.


  • Level of Activity: This is one of the biggest questions that you need to ask yourself. You must be honest here because it would not be fair to your best friend if you got a high energy dog, such as a Boxer, but you prefer to lounge in your pajamas all day on the couch. You need to match the energy level of the purebred dog to the amount of activity that you do in a day.


  • Breed: As we have mentioned a couple times throughout this article the type of the breed is important when you are deciding on a new purebred dog. You can always ask some breeders for advice because they are experts in the dogs that they have, or you can search through online sites and get the information. Either way, you need to know which breed is correct for you. According to AKC even though there are many breeds of dogs, there are only seven dog types. Those are Terrier, Toy, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Herding, Hound, and Working. Each has its own characteristics and habits.


  • History: The great thing about working through a registered breeder is that you can get a detailed history of the dog that you are considering, as well as an outline of its heritage. The ancestors of the dog can tell you a lot about what you can expect because a purebred dog will be like both of its purebred parents.

The biggest decision that you need to make when trying to decide on a breed of dog is how well it matches with your lifestyle and the lifestyle of any other family members that may take part in playing or caring for the dog. Take the time to register with PuppyViewer and find the perfect dog that will fit right into your family.