5 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy

Did you know that approximately 69 million US households own a dog?

Considering this pet is loyal, fun, and cute, it’s not surprising. Plus, its company is unbeatable. Who needs a gym buddy when you have a furry friend that loves going for walks every day?

If you’re looking for tips on how to care for a dog, you’re in the right place. Continue to read and learn how to make your dog happy.

  1. Play Games Together

Games are essential to keep your furry friend mentally and physically stimulated. Plus, it stops them from getting destructive and bored.

Sure, rough and tumble games can encourage unwanted behaviors in some dogs. Yet, you don’t need to avoid all physical activity. You can use a flirt pole for a fun chasing activity.

As a bonus, you don’t need to go too far for this kind of play. Even a small outside space, like a backyard, is suitable for this activity. It will help with dog training, as your pet will have to practice commands like sit, drop it, take it, wait and look.

Here’s an extra tip: consider installing a doggie door. This way, whenever your pet desires, they can go to your garden. It will make things more practical both for you and for your four-paw-friend.

  1. Provide Appropriate Exercise

Taking care of your pet is way more than providing shelter, food, and water. It’s about making sure you have a happy dog.

Going for a walk is one of the things that will undoubtedly boost your dog’s mental and physical health. Life is dull for canines that don’t exercise, and bored dogs end up adopting destructive or unwanted behaviors.

Swimming, playing fetch, or taking a brisk walk are great options for your four-paw-buddy to blow off steam. After, your furry friend can relax instead of feeling stressed and hyperactive.

  1. Make Some Homemade Treats for Your Dog

If your dog sits beside you on the kitchen floor to watch you cook, then why not pick a day of the week to make some homemade treats for your furry friend? Your canine will be so happy with such a nice surprise!

Certainly, it won’t refuse your yummy homemade dog treat. Plus, it’s quite comforting knowing what your pet is eating exactly, and some recipes are super simple to make (5 ingredients or less). So give it a shot, even if you’re a newbie cook.

  1. Cuddle on the Couch

It doesn’t matter if your canine has one of the best dog breeds or if it’s a mutt; it certainly loves having a routine.

Having some cuddle time on the couch with your furry buddy can be enjoyable for your pet. So, put the TV on every evening and encourage your dog to sit beside you.

Eventually, if you’re not by the couch at the same time, as usual, your dog will start whining about it. It’s part of its routine, after all!

In the end, cuddling on the sofa is a wonderful way to get your pet to settle down and relax before sleeping. Plus, canines aren’t picky about the tv series you watch, so don’t worry about fighting over the remote.

  1. Teach Your Dog Some Fun New Tricks

Training doesn’t have to be over after teaching your pet how to stay, lay down and sit. After all, one of the exciting things about taking care of a dog is seeing how clever and curious they can be.

So, teach your canine some impressive tricks such as ”clean up your toys”, ”bow, ”spin”, ”go to bed”, and ”crawl”. When you receive guests for dinner, they’ll be very entertained by your obedient four-paws-friend.

Keep Your Dog Happy

One of the benefits of dogs is having fantastic company. With them, you’ll see your stress reduced, you’ll be pushed to be more active, and you’ll feel less lonely.

So, take steps to keep your dog happy! They don’t ask for much. They want your love and attention, as any other family member would.

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