Wireless Dog Fence: How to use the wireless dog fence for big dogs?

Wireless Dog Fence

If you love the company of a big dog but detest devices to tie and control it, you only need a wireless dog fence. Technology is on the rise, and today, there are these tools that are against animal abuse. You can use a wireless fence in your home, giving you control over your pet without impeding its movement.

Wireless fences are very important in your home if you don’t want a traditional fence that detracts from the house. There is nothing more beautiful than having a free patio where you can appreciate nature, and you can have it with the fence. This product is composed of a range of emitter and a collar that you must put on your pet to work.

With a fence, you can control your dog’s movements up to a certain range of the yard; they are easy to install. With a wireless fence, you will have control over your pet, but you can also take your vacation with her. What you can do with the fence is infinite; it only requires that you choose the best one based on the rank and quality of the necklace.

These fences emit a small electric shock to your pet through the specialized collar; it does not hurt them; it just scares them. With a tiny electrical shock, your pet will be scared as they move away from your home and break the fence’s range. With this advantage, you can train your pet to know its limits in the yard.

This best dog fence is very safe for your pets, so you don’t have to be afraid of them getting hurt. You must know how to properly use wireless fences for your big dogs that need extra attention. With a big dog, you have to buy the best fence to control him by scaring him enough not to break range.

Things to consider when installing a wireless fence

Before you install a wireless fence for big dogs, you should consider the following:

  • You must have a patio big enough to install the wireless fence, with a minimum of 9 meters. With this range, you can easily place a dog fence, leaving the pet free to walk.
  • Wireless dog fences are not suitable for patios that are uneven, sloped, or decked. You should install close to big dogs in a flat area, preferably, for optimal performance and comfort.
  • The installation area must be clear, so you must remove dense trees that interrupt the signal. Other objects that can cause your fence to malfunction are metallic materials; this happens a lot with AM fences.
  • You cannot use the wireless fence inside your home because appliances can interfere with the signal.
  • It is recommended that you purchase a wireless dog fence with a wobble range greater than 16 feet. With this distance, your pet will be out of danger; it will not suffer the confusion of any kind.
  • You cannot install the fence in your home if you have amplifiers for mobile devices or smart signal meters.
  • You must acquire a big dog collar that adapts to your pet’s neck diameter so as not to cause discomfort. You should try each collar in advance and verify that your pet is happy wearing it.
  • You must indicate the limits to your pet; with this, she will take the fear and move away as much as possible from the area.

Other considerations for wireless big dog fences may change depending on the product model or range. You have to read the instructions carefully to verify that you are following the rules as stipulated.

Discover how to install a wireless fence for big dogs

You can install the wireless dog fence yourself or ask for help from an expert; the steps to follow are:

  1. Install the electric emitter

You should place the electrical emitter inside your home, preferably, or in an area that serves as a radio. The emitters are the heart of the wireless fence, and from there, you can configure the entire device.

  1. Set the limits

Good quality wireless fences allow you to set boundaries in your yard so that the dog does not pass. If you have a garden, swimming pool, or dangerous area for pets, you can place a limit or prohibited area. These specific points require you to bury a repeater device to the emitter that limits your pet.

  1. The intensity of the deterrent shock

When you put the collar on your big dog, you must set intensity for the deterrent shock that it will feel. The idea is that you start with slow shocks to see how your dog reacted and increase its intensity. As you intend to place the wireless fence for a big dog, the idea is to place the shock at three limit points.

The three steps are simple, but now you must train your pet to recognize its limits. A quality wireless fence collar will make a sound in anticipation of the deterrent shock your pet will experience if it passes the fence. You can teach your pet what the sound is by getting closer to the limits of the fence.

Ideally, you should train your pet with a high deterrent shock to scare it off and lower its intensity. You choose which shock you use to train your pet, although you should not overdo it so that it does not bother you.

Advantages of having a wireless pet fence

If you decide to buy and install a wireless fence for big dogs, you will automatically acquire the following advantages:

  • Increase your pet’s self-esteem

You can improve your pet’s self-esteem by installing a wireless fence that gives it the freedom it needs to move. Your big dog can play, run, bark, sleep wherever he pleases in the yard with the limits you set for him.

Your pet’s self-esteem is the main reason you should install the fence, express your love that way. Your dog will increase his self-esteem, and you will see it reflected in how willing he is for caresses and morning outings.

  • You will have a cleaner home.

With your pet in the yard, you acquire a cleaner home, away from footprints and nuisance due to a bad dog smell. Understandably, your dog is your best friend, but sometimes it can be annoying that you have a dirty home. Avoid having your dog inside the house, making disasters, knocking down or chewing everything, and buy a wireless fence.

  • You improve the security of your home.

If you decide to place the wireless dog fence to leave it outside all night, you will increase the home’s security. With the limiting fence and your guard dog outside, you will prevent intruders from entering your home. With a big dog outside your home, you will have an impenetrable fortress to scare away thieves or animals in the yard.

  • Very useful for allergy sufferers

If you have a family member who suffers from allergies due to the smell of dogs, you must purchase a wireless fence. With this device, you will create a margin between your pet and the one affected by allergies.