Apoquel Natural Alternative: 7 Best Apoquel Alternatives for Dogs

If your dog is suffering from skin allergies, or any other skin related issues then you must have come across the term apoquel. Now, it is usually up to the vet who suggests whether to use such a drug or not. Now, there is a lot of misconception about apoquel is that it is a steroid but that’s not true. But it does cause some side-effects. Now, the only option is to go for apoquel natural alternative.

Usually, apoquel alternatives for dogs contain natural ingredients with anti-histamine properties. They work amazingly well against skin allergies.

Now, I understand that it can be tricky as a dog owner to find and trust a product to help your pooch.

That’s why I have come up with this guide to help you and your dog come out of this itchy situation. In this guide, I’ve also mentioned some products that you can choose to treat your dog’s allergies.

Why I used Apoquel on my Dog?

My dog, Winie, was suffering from allergies and he used to scratch himself all day. It results in skin sensitivity and skin inflammation. Apart from that, his coat also became very rough which made him look kind of sick. This led me to use apoquel.

Now, those of you who don’t know what it is then let me tell you that Apoquel is a supplement which is used in order to treat as well as control the urge of itching and treat inflammation in dogs. Allergies can be caused by anything. It can be flea allergy, any food allergy, allergy from contact or atopic dermatitis.

All this can make your dog’s immune system weak and can overall make it unhealthy. Now, Apoquel is actually a very effective drug when it comes to treating the skin and controlling the itching. It shows results as quick as within 24 hours. Now, Apoquel doesn’t belong to the category of drugs that are available over-the-counter. You need to have a prescription from a vet in order to start the dosage.

What Happened to my dog when I used Apoquel?

Since I didn’t have any option back then because of my lack of knowledge and very little trust in other products, I started the medication. Now, I would not say that you should not use Apoquel, but what I would say is that you should always use it at your own risk.

When I used Apoquel, it worked well for my dog, for some time. I was surprised by the amazing results I was getting within days of use. But little did I know about the side-effects. On one hand, the drug was treating my dog’s allergies and on the other hand, it was making my dog sicker as the days went by.

My dog had a disrupted bowel movement which was the result of diarrhea. But apart from that, everything was fine as the symptoms of allergies started to diminish and my dog’s coat looked better. This led me into believing that Apoquel is a wonder drug for dogs.

Why I switched to an apoquel alternative?

As the days went by, I noticed that my dog’s diarrhea was not going away. When I took him to the vet, I got to know that the diarrhea is a side-effect of apoquel and my dog’s situation will only get worse if I don’t stop the medication right away. This led me to switch to a natural alternative to apoquel.

Now, a lot of people will argue that diarrhea is a common side-effect in dogs who are suffering from any illness but that wasn’t the case with my dog. Winie lost his appetite, used to vomit after eating and used to sleep all day. This is why I consulted my friend Kieth who has been a dog owner all his life. He insisted me on switching to some natural alternative as Apoquel wasn’t helping the way it should have. He told me that switching to a natural alternative will make a huge difference.

How I found the best apoquel natural alternative for my dog?

After getting some lead from my friend, I started searching for the right apoquel alternative for my dog.

First, I went to the local shops. The tablets I got from there were a complete waste of my money. Then I searched on Google for the relevant stores and shop that sell such supplements but I found nothing.

Even though there were some products that I found as alternatives, but they had very temporary effects and seemed to upset my dog’s stomach or cause any other issues.

But luckily, I went on Amazon.com. There I started my hunt for the best apoquel alternative and to my surprise, I didn’t find 1 but 7. Since all of the products had amazing reviews, it became hard for me to decide which one’s the best one.

But I finally chose 1 which had properties specially designed for treating symptoms that my dog was showing. I have mentioned the products below according to their effectiveness.

7 best apoquel natural alternative for dog

Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs by Zesty Paws

Apoquel Natural Alternative

There is a reason why this supplement made it to the top of our list. Let me start with the features of this product. Firstly, it is amazing for boosting your dog’s immune system. Since it contains a perfect blend of immune-boosting as well as digestive ingredients, these chewable treats promote a very healthy response to skin, food and environmental allergies. Moreover, they are enhanced with EpiCor which provides protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and vitamins that support the natural defenses of the body, making your dog healthy.

The secret to a healthy body resides in the stomach and this supplement helps strengthen it. This product contains the formula which features 250 million CFU of bacteria (healthy) with the probiotic complex. This helps in strengthening the immune system. Another great thing about this product is that it features wild Alaskan salmon oil. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy for a dog with allergies.

Now, for my dog personally, these treats have worked amazingly well as they support, immune system, help with digestion, and keep my dog healthy and fit at all times. I would totally recommend this product to those who are looking for a way to treat their dog’s allergies.

Dog Itch Relief Spray by Vet’s Best

Apoquel Natural Alternative

This is another must-try product that I would recommend you if your dog has itchy and dry skin. This product uses a more conventional approach toward allergies. It’s a spray which promises to provide immediate relief from irritated skin in dogs. If your dog has scratched itself too much, then you must have noticed the hotspots. Usually, they hurt like hell and can make your dog’s life miserable. But the uncontrollable urge to scratch keeps them going. That’s why this spray comes as a savior and heals those hotspots and soothe the pain.

The product contains a unique blend of plant-based ingredients such as tea tree oil, chamomile, and Aloe Vera. These ingredients work together to provide fast relief. Unlike regular sprays, this spray doesn’t have alcohol. This means that it won’t sting post-appliance so you can be reassured that your dog’s inflamed skin is in good hands. Also, it guarantees the effectiveness and won’t affect the tick control and topical flea products in any way. It is free of steroids such as hydrocortisone which makes it a very reliable product. The best part is it provides effectiveness by maintaining affordability as it won’t burn a hole in your pocket and still provide the best of treatment to your dog.

Dog Itch Relief Supplement, 50 Tablets, by Vet’s Best

Apoquel Natural Alternative

While looking for an apoquel neurontin delivery substitute, a lot of time you will come across these tablets which will promise to treat your dog’s allergies within a small period of time. But not all of them can be trusted as they can contain certain ingredients which can harm your dog. But that’s not the case with these tabs. This is a supplement which promotes a healthy coat of your dog and balances the shedding to normal levels. These chewable treats are formulated by vets in order to be tasty so that your dog will love them.

It is not called a natural alternative for no reason. Its support to the immune system comes from a blend of high-quality natural ingredients which include yellow dock root, MSM, omega fatty acids and quercetin. The best part about this product is its authenticity. The bottle of these tablets carries the seal of approval from the National Animal Supplement Council. This not only makes it an amazing product to use, but it also ensures that the product is safe and won’t have any side-effects on your dog. This is a perfect apoquel alternative which will help your dog dealing with itching and will maintain a natural shedding level. Using the best stick vacuum for pet hair [2] can surely helps to clean but extra shedding can put you under lot of works.

Vet’s best seasonal allergy relief by Vet’s Best

Apoquel Natural Alternative

This is another supplement from the vet’s best. But unlike the previous product, this one works a little differently. Dogs suffering from seasonal allergies can show signs of unhealthy skin and unstoppable itching. This product works especially against that. It supports the health of your dog’s skin as well as maintain the histamine levels. That is why it is one of the best alternatives to apoquel.

This product comes as chewable tablets which as formulated for best digestion and absorption. Also, it is a natural alternative to traditional medicines because it is made of ingredients such as perilla leaf, nettle, citrus, and quercetin. These are all natural ingredients and can help in balancing the histamine levels. Since it is also from Vet’s Best, the bottle contains a seal of approval from National Animal Supplement Council.

I’d personally recommend this product as this is very effective and can treat your dog’s allergies to a great extent. It is also very affordable, unlike many treatments available in the market. So you won’t have to spend a hefty sum, just to treat some allergies, which can be easily treated with a natural product like this.

Itch and Allergy Solutions for Pets by ProSense

Apoquel Natural Alternative

This is yet another product which can be used as an apoquel natural alternative. If your dog’s been suffering from allergy symptoms for too long then this is the product that you should be using right now. This solution actually ensures fast relief against the symptoms of allergy. Apart from that, it also helps in reducing itching, which is generally a by-product of allergies. It also reduces other skin irritations and inflammations.

Now, a lot of people think that allergies are limited to the skin in dogs, but that’s not at all true. If your dog has watery eyes, then it could be a sign of allergies. In such cases, all you have to do is use this solution in order to treat your dog. It not just soothes the itchiness but also treat watery eyes.

But before you start the medication, make sure that you consult a vet in order to give your dog the right dosage. This solution will help in temporarily relieving the symptoms so that your dog can keep up with the changing seasons. If you look at the price of this product then you’ll notice that it is one of the cheapest ways to treat your dog’s allergies.

Natural digestive and Immune support by Zesty Paws

Apoquel Natural Alternative

When it comes to being a totally natural supplement, this digestive from Zesty Paws is certainly one of the best. This coconut oil is 100% organic and an extra virgin superfood which can be consumed by your dog for internal benefits. Apart from being consumed, it can also be used on your dog’s skin to keep it happy and healthy.

Now, let me tell you some of its properties. This coconut oil is a topical lotion which can help in relieving itching caused by flea bites and any irritation that can be caused through the red hotspots. If your dog has any of these symptoms, then using this product will do wonders for your dog’s health. The coconut oil not only helps with the dry skin, but it can also help with the troubles caused by the cracked paw.

Basically, the work of this lotion is to restore the coat of your dog in its best and natural form while also keeping it shedding-free and soft. If we talk about the digestive health and immune system, then this product can be highly effective. And the best part is that it can keep your dog’s breath fresh. So, investing in this supplement wouldn’t be too bad.

Coconut oil for dogs alpha pet

Apoquel Natural Alternative

This is the final product of this list, which I would like to suggest to my fellow dog owners. This is a solution made with all-natural ingredients. This is also a natural alternative to apoquel. Let’s take a look into some of its properties. Firstly, the solution is highly effective when it comes to treating your pet’s coat. The solution is chemical free so you don’t have to worry about any side-effects. Also, the solution maintains the natural shedding and treats dry skin. It has a very tropical scent that will keep your dog clean and fresh. This will ensure that your dog is looking the best at all times.

Now, whether you apply this coconut oil on rashes and hotspots or you feed it directly to your dog, the solution will help in an effective recovery of your dog. This is a remedy which is recommended by vets and reduces itching and scratching conditions. Also, it works as a conditioner and a moisturizer so you don’t have to use any sprays for removing dandruff. Overall, it is an amazing product and a must-try if you are looking for a quick remedy to treat your dog’s allergies. It is also a product that comes at a very reasonable price.

The current condition of my Dog

Currently, Winie is perfectly healthy with a shiny long coat and a big smile on his face all the time. It is true that he had to go through so much just because he got ticks while playing out which led to allergies but it is also true that he is a strong-willed dog who didn’t give up.

I tried every possible way to treat his allergies and maintain his health. After going through so many shops and websites, I finally found the product which actually suited my dog. Before he used to scratch near his ear all the time and other parts of his body which led to red hotspots and inflammation marks.

But after using Allergy immune supplement by Zesty Paws, Winie is finally allergy free. It has been 2 months and I didn’t have to take him to the vet except for regular checkups.

Final words

Finally, I would say that our pets are an important part of our life. If they can love us unconditionally, then it is our job to keep these precious animals safe and healthy. I’m glad my Winie was able to come out of that situation because I found the right apoquel alternative.

If your dog is also suffering from allergies, then I would suggest you provide the best treatment possible or you can just choose from the products mentioned above.