How does a wireless dog fence work?

What is a Wireless Dog Fence?

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a dog as your pet? If yes, then you would know how playful and loyal the dogs are. But one thing that troubles quite a few people is that you may not let your dogs run around freely as they can get out of sight quickly. This is why it is really important that one should have a fence that can keep the dogs within touching distance. but one question may arise in your mind that how does a wireless dog fence work. For knowing that you have to first know what is a wireless dog fence.

There are best wireless dog fence systems that help you to keep your dogs within a confined boundary without the use of any physical barrier. The electronic systems in dog fences ensure that your dogs don’t go out of range and that you have your eye on them every time. These fences are not only available for dogs, but you can get them for any of your pets as well.

Parts of Wireless Dog Fence

The wireless containment system primarily consists of three important parts i.e. a transmitter, ground wire, and wireless dog fence collar. The wire is used so that you can create a boundary area that your dog does not cross. In recent times, the newer models don’t feature ground wire rather they have radio transmission and heat and motion detection so that you can keep an eye on your dog.

The ground wired dog fence are of best use when you need to protect certain areas of your garden like pool or children’s play area. These wireless fences help you to protect certain areas in which your dog is not allowed to go. The collar of the dog works as a receiver when the transmitter sends out radio frequencies. The frequencies of the wireless fence can be adjusted by the dog owners according to their requirement.

How Does a Dog Fence Work?

After getting to know about the parts of the wireless dog fence, the next question that arises in the mind of the people is that how does it work. The transmitter sends out radio circle that creates a circular boundary which is known as the Safe Zone. This zone is extended for about 90 feet in all directions to give a circular area of about half an acre. The Safe Zone can be adjusted from a minimum of 10 feet to about 3 acres, which can also be said as the range of your system.

Different brands of the dog fence have different range and features. The dog will wear the collar that will receive the signal from the transmitters. If you have more than 1 dog, then you will need more collars as well. If the dog is in the Safe Zone, then there is no issue but the moment it comes to the Correction zone, then the collar will warn them with a beep sound.

If the dog doesn’t stop there, then once they cross the fence a small shock will be given to them which won’t hurt. The shock is given so that the dogs understand that they are at a point where they shouldn’t be and they should turn back. Proper training of the product is necessary for people before they start to use it.

Why Do You Need a Wireless Dog Fence?

There was a time when the idea of wireless dog fence was shot down by the pet owners. This was because these fences would give a small electric shock to the dogs so the pet owners thought that it will cause more harm to their pets then doing anything good. The traditional fences that were set for the dogs proved quite easy to climb for the dogs and hence were becoming an ineffective tool.

how does a wireless dog fence work

The wireless dog fence has a number of features that one can get.  The best thing about the wireless dog fence is that it makes it almost impossible for your dog to escape. The extra layer of security and vigilance makes it difficult for the dogs to break free. The collar and transmitter of the system are durable and can be used in any type of weather.

One important reason why people prefer wireless dog fence over traditional ones is the ease to set it up. The early days may seem to be a bit difficult, but after that, it’s just too easy to set up a dog fence. You learn to set new boundaries every now and then with the system taking hardly a day or two to set up and start running.

Another important reason for having a wireless dog fence is that they are cheaper as compared to the traditional fence. The traditional fence often requires painting, cleaning, repairing, and other stuff, but the wireless dog fence just doesn’t need any type of maintenance whatsoever.

We will now take you through some of the best wireless dog fences that you can find right now.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

how does a wireless dog fence work

The best wireless dog fence that you can find is the Petsafe wireless dog fence. This particular dog wireless dog fence containment system contains multiple features that you may not find in most of the dog fences. The wireless fence gives you the liberty to keep your pets contained in your yard without having the need to bury or dig up anything. With PetSafe, there are no issues of wires or digging up your garden because the system is all wireless, unlike the traditional dog fences.

Another amazing neurontin apotek feature that dog owners look out for in a wireless dog fence is the range that it can provide. The PetSafe wireless containment system has one of the best ranges that you can get. The fence can cover an area of up to half an acre with the circular boundary of the pet being adjustable to 90 feet in all directions. These directions can be set with the help of the indoor transmitter, hence not a lot has to be done in order to increase or decrease the range for the pet.

Dogs just love to go into the water and for that particular reason, you may want your dog fence to be wireless. PetSafe provides you just that with this particular wireless dog fence. The waterproof collar allows your dog to enjoy the swim while you can always have a look on your dog through the containment system. The system also contains different battery level indicators that will tell you when the battery is turning low so that you can charge it and continue it running for a long period of time.

There are 5 levels of correction as well in this particular containment system which makes it easy for the owners to keep a check on their dog. One important feature that gives PetSafe an edge over its competitors is the easy setup process that has been introduced. Previously it used to take a lot of time to set up a dog fence but now you can set up this dog fence in only 1-2 hours. If you are going camping or on a vacation, then it gets easier for dog owners to set up their containment system in no time at all.

The adjustable collar of the system fits best with pets of 8 pounds or more. Not only this, pets with neck sizes of 6 to28 can wear the collar. You can add a number of pets to the system as long as they are wearing the PetSafe wireless fence receiver collar.


  • The wireless boundary of half an acre
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Easy process to setup
  • Different levels of correction


  • Inconsistent with shocks being given to dogs inside the zone
  • Doesn’t work on the sloped yard

The system is best for people who want to have a look out for their dogs all the time. they can easily monitor their dogs using the system as they have the ease of setting up the system in no time at all.

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats, Waterproof, Tone and Static Correction

how does a wireless dog fence work

There are pets that are heavy and for those pets, the best wireless dog fence is none other than the PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence. The containment system is best for pets that weigh about 8 pounds or more because it has been designed keeping in mind the heavy pets. The wireless dog fence works best with 14-20 gauge copper insulated wire. Another important feature that the wireless fence has is of the customization option that is available.

The fence gives coverage of about one-third acre to your dog to play. This coverage can be expanded up to 5 acres if you can purchase additional wires and flags. Both the wires and flags are sold separately and are not included in this kit. But if you buy these things separately then the range that you can get is the best range amongst any of the wireless dog fence. The fence has a lightweight receiver collar that has been designed for dogs that weigh over 8 pounds and with a neck size of 6-28 inches.

Some other important features that PetSafe Basic In-ground fence has is that of the waterproof collar and low battery indicator. Both these features are extremely important as you can get an idea of battery level with low battery indicator while waterproof collar allows your dog to play in the water. The battery life of the containment system is quite good as the battery can last up to 1-2 months depending on the use.

One feature that you won’t find in most of the dog fences is the creation of additional areas. With this particular dog fence, you can create additional boundaries like that of your pool, gardens, and children play area and others. You can also protect your in-ground fence from spikes and surges with the help of the surge protector that is available. There is a one year warranty available for the product but only when if you purchased from an authorized retailer.

You can easily install the system by burying the transmitter and wires in your yard. Another feature that is available with the containment system is that you can add an unlimited number of pets to it but for that, you will have to purchase an extra collar for each of the pets that are there. It will give a warning beep to all the pets that are currently in the containment system in order to warn them if they are going out of range.


  • Safe and customizable
  • Lightweight receiver collar
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Low battery indicator


  • The wire of the system is very thin
  • Doesn’t shock the dog

The PetSafe Basic In-Ground fence for dogs is the best for those who want to get a safe and lightweight receiver collar. The only thing that can keep people away from buying this product is the high price that it carries with itself as you may get some other products in a similar price range.