Benefits of Hiking with Your Dog

Hiking on its own is a great form of exercise that can bring numerous benefits. However, if you decide to partake in this fun activity with your dog, both of you are bound to have some amazing time. Spending time with our furry friends has proven to be quite beneficial, not just for our mental well-being but our physical one as well. 

That being said, let’s see what are some of the benefits of hiking with your dog.

Spend some quality time in nature

Taking your dog out for a walk at the end of a busy day undeniably feels good. You get to spend some quality quiet time with your furry friend, relax and enjoy some fresh air. But, why would you limit such a good time to only a short walk? Instead, take your dog hiking on a beautiful sunny day and enjoy some quality time in nature. The fact is that we could all use more time spent outdoors. So, find a hiking trail nearby, get all the necessary equipment and enjoy your hike.

Your equipment

When going for a real hike, a simple pair of sweatpants and some old sneakers won’t be enough. Instead, you should make sure that you wear appropriate hiking clothes. What this means is that your shoes need to provide proper support to your feet, so it would be wise to invest in some quality hiking shoes. Moreover, you need to ensure that your legs stay safe as well, so you should get yourself a pair of durable bottoms as well. In case you happen to stumble and fall – which can easily happen on a hike – your old sweatpants won’t be able to offer the right type of protection. But durable working pants will do the tick without any issues. 


If you go hiking with your dog, chances are that you won’t spend the entire time walking slowly. Instead, your dog might encourage you to run or jog a bit. And even if you do end up simply walking the entire time, it will still have a positive effect on your body. Ideally, you should have about 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week, which means that if you go hiking with your four-legged friend just a couple of times a week, you will easily reach this goal. 

Socialization and training

Taking your dog hiking won’t only bring you benefits. Instead, this will be a great opportunity to not only strengthen your bond but it will also present the perfect opportunity to train and socialize your furry friend. This is particularly important if your dog is still relatively young. During your hike, you can spend some time teaching your dog to “fetch”, “drop” and “stay”. You are also likely to run into some other dog owners, which may present the opportunity for your fur baby to socialize with others of their kind. If you make hiking with your doggo a regular activity, you can easily monitor their progress and try to teach them a new trick every once in a while. 

Mental relaxation

Finally, as mentioned earlier, this activity won’t only have a positive effect on your physical well-being. Instead, it will bring some benefits to your mental well-being as well. Thanks to the fact that – unfortunately – we can’t hold up a conversation with our pets, you really won’t be required to talk during your hike. However, dogs are great listeners, which means that you totally could – if you felt like it.


In the end, getting yourself moving is never a bad thing. Besides, your dog will also quite enjoy some time away from home with their best friend. So, taking your dog hiking is an excellent idea that promises to bring numerous benefits for everyone involved.