Fun Ways to Work Out with Your Dog

According to some research, a staggering number of modern-day adults and children are overweight. Not only that, but a serious number of pets have been reported to follow suit. As you may already know, obesity is one of the main causes of health-related issues that may even turn out to be lethal.

That said, it’s undoubtedly high time for people to wake up and start taking care of not just their health, but their pet’s health as well. Luckily, there are ways you can do both. Here are some fun exercises you can do with your dog that will bring numerous health benefits to both of you. Let’s check them out.

Go for regular walks

No matter if you live in an apartment building or you have a house with a huge yard, you need to make sure that you take your dog for a nice walk at least once a day. Dogs are energetic creatures by nature and they like to stay active. By making sure that you take your dog for a walk at least once a day, you’ll ensure that both of you have enough physical activity. The walk doesn’t even have to be longer than 20 to 30 minutes. So, get your shoes on and grab your dog’s leash and head out. If you’re going for a walk around your neighborhood, make sure your shoes are designed for walking on concrete, to ensure maximum comfort. 

Have some fun at the dog park

If walking isn’t really your thing, you can take your dog to a dog park. However, once you get there, don’t just stand around talking to other dog owners. Instead, see to it that you spend some quality time with your pet. You can always partake in some good old thug-of-wars. This way, you’ll be working your muscles while still doing something your dog is enjoying. Alternatively, you can even choose to play fetch and get your blood pumping. Again, don’t just stand in one spot and let your dog do all the work. Instead, try running around and spicing the game up by trying out some different ways of throwing or simply chase after your doggo. 

Enjoy some time in the water

Furthermore, you can also take your dog for a nice swim. No matter if you choose to go to a dog water park or you hit the nearest river, just make sure you bring your furry friend along. It’s important to mention, though, that not all dogs enjoy swimming but the majority of them will follow their owners to the edge of the world. So, if your dog doesn’t seem too keen on going for a swim, make sure to take things slow. If, in the end, they simply refuse to enter the water, don’t push them to. Instead, simply find some other activity your pet will enjoy more.

Try out resistance walking

Finally, resistance walking is another fun activity that will enable you to work out while spending some quality time with your fur baby. If you live somewhere where there’s a lot of snow throughout the year, resistance walking can become your new favorite activity. You can even make snowballs and throw them so that your pet can try and fetch. It’s super cute seeing them get all bamboozled when they can’t seem to locate the “ball”. Alternatively, if you live near a beach, walking or running through sand or shallow water will also offer a nice workout.

Having fun while working out with your dog will have so much more than physical benefits on both of you. Not only will you stay more active and get your body moving but you will also be spending some quality time together, which is very important for both of your mental well-being.