6 of the Best Bird Houses

Did you know that 51.3 million Americans report that they bird-watch regularly?

And with that many people partaking in this hobby, it’s safe to say they probably have some sort of bird house in their yards. So that way it makes it easier to attract birds and keep them around for their viewing pleasure.

Now, if you’re interested in the best bird houses to attract birds, keep reading!

  1. Wooden

Wooden bird houses are among the most common options for many reasons. Plus, you can buy them premade or you can buy bird house kits to make them yourself.

Natural wood is a great insulator that helps regulate all different temperatures throughout the year. So this helps maintain the bird’s temperature for themselves and their eggs.

Additionally, wood is very durable in all weather situations. And if you resist painting it, it will allow the birds to get more fresh air.

So if you’re interested in some design options, click here to learn more.

  1. Resin

Most people choose resin bird houses for their durability and how long they last. And along with durability, they are lightweight and easy to hang from any area.

Resin also responds well to temperature changes and allows the birds to stay comfortable.

And as for design, you can mold or shape them into almost anything you can imagine.

  1. Natural Grass

Natural grass is one of the most environmentally friendly options you can choose. Plus, it gives the birds an organic habitat to live in.

And since natural grass is lightweight, this allows you to hang multiple setups in one area.

However, it may be smart to hang these in an area where rainwater won’t completely soak them. So that way no harm is done to the birds.

  1. Ceramic 

A great option for decorative bird houses can be made out of ceramic. These baked clay houses can be glazed in a variety of colors or patterns.

And a ceramic bird house is perfect for high rain areas. That’s because they won’t allow any water to seep in from the outside. Thus, keeping the birds and nesting dry.

However, remember to bring these houses in when temperatures drop too low to avoid any cracking.

  1. Plastic

A plastic bird house is generally a cheaper option compared to other choices. But, they are very lightweight, allowing them versatility in their location.

However, these houses are not as durable and may need to be replaced more often due to damages from temperature or weather.

  1. Gourd

An uncommon option that not many people think about is a gourd bird house. And a gourd house is a natural option that typically attracts more birds than others.

And since this is an organic option, it allows the birds a more natural feeling. It’s also a great insulator for all seasons and maintains temperatures well.

Best Bird Houses

Bird houses are a staple for many different homes all over the world, especially in America. And hopefully, these different types of houses can help you attract a lot of birds to your yard this season.

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