Dog Box Options To Delight Doggy Hearts – And Yours Too!

Dog Subscription Box

So you’ve recently become a pet parent, or you’re looking for a gift for your precious four-footed friend. Perhaps you want to do something nice for your best friend who’s doggo about doggies and you must have heard about a dog box for monthly treats, toys, training materials and information, and health and wellness products that you can buy in store and online.

These pet subscriptions boxes are a great option that are not just useful and practical, but also a lot of fun for pets and their parents.

Whatever your dog’s age, whether puppy, top dog or senior, treats are something they love. They are usually put together by trained professionals such as vets, dog groomers, or animal psychology specialists. A dog box can also be customized to suit your particular needs, preferences and budget.

When you choose a subscription, it’s important to consider your dog’s breed, age, general health condition, daily routine, coat type, allergies if any and also their likes and dislikes.

Treats and toys are tailored to your dog’s size, age and location. If you have access to large outdoor spaces, the toys would be different from those in your box if you live in a tiny apartment.

Advantages of Dog Box

  1. Fun for both dog and pet parents
  2. New experiences/treats every month
  3. Safe and professionally put together
  4. You save on frequent trips to pet store
  5. Takes care of entertainment, health and exercise
  6. Customized to individual requirements
  7. Can be delivered to chosen address or gifted

How I Selected The Best Dog Box

Some tips to keep in mind while selecting dog boxes are:

Quality: Make sure that you purchase only from established, reliable and top-quality brands. Though they may be a little more expensive, they provide peace of mind and assurance that they’re safe, made from the right materials, and put together by professionals.

Customizable: When you sign up, it’s wise to share your dog’s size, age, coat-type, allergies, preferences and location. This makes it easy for the retailer to provide individually customized boxes. The boxes can be customized according to the changing and growing needs of your dog.

Great Gifts: Dog boxes make an exciting and ever welcome gift. You can give them out at pet parties, or as a regular monthly treat for your cherished pet. If you’re visiting someone who’s also a pet parent, you can carry a few of these boxes along and you can be sure they’ll love them.

Themed Boxes: You’ll find a variety of themes, mix and match options and stuff to gladden every doggy heart. Groceries, curated meals and treats, beauty and grooming products, allergy-friendly, special diets and more. You can also reorder the same things if you find that your pet enjoyed them specially.

5 Best Dog Boxes

BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box

Dog Box: BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box

Designed specially for the medium sized dog, the Barkbox Dog Supplies Themed Monthly box retails at $35. It features two toys, 2 bags of treats and an exciting chew. There are explanations and interesting information that you can use to your benefit.

You can add more stuff if you like to each box before it gets shipped. Each box is put together by professionals who genuinely love dogs and it shows. The toys are interactive, durable, fun, innovative and safe.

Your dog will enjoy the different colors, shapes and sizes. For extra fun, you can have toys that squeak too. Dogs that play harder get tougher toys and treats. The treats have all-natural ingredients, and never contain wheat, soy or corn.

These items may not always be available at your local pet store, and you’re saved the problems of trawling the aisles looking for something that suits. If your dog loves toys, this is a great way to get something new for them to play with every month.

You’ll find that your clever dog soon begins to recognize the packages when they arrive! Delivery is free.


  • Safe, cute and durable toys, made from high quality materials
  • Affordable price
  • Available based on your dog’s preferences, size, age and habits
  • Company offers excellent customer service, care and flexibility
  • Good combination of items including training instructions and tips
  • You can donate to shelters and dogs in need or share with likeminded friends and neighbors
  • Supports small businesses and the pet lover’s community
  • Well packed and gets delivered on time


  • May be expensive on a regular and recurring basis
  • Subscriptions get renewed automatically
  • Cancellation may be difficult
  • Treats may be too small for larger dogs
  • Not much difference between different sizes
  • Treats may contain ingredients that are not safe for dogs

Small Dog GnawBox

Dog Box: Small Dog GnawBox

If you’re looking for something that’s perfect for your small dog, this is a good option. This is also a good choice if your dog is a light chewer or a big older. Every month, you get a box filled with 15 to 20 dog chew treats from Nature Gnaws. Made from all natural ingredients, these products are carefully manufactured and meticulously packaged. This family run business sources natural chews from around the world, partnering with local farmers and using a very simple manufacturing process.

They use only fresh ingredients, and use human-grade food testing to ensure that every product is safe, hygienic and tasty. Products are hand-tested for quality and those that don’t make the grade are donated. The company follows a five-step safety process for extra security.

It includes UV disinfection of their factory premises. A combination of bully and jerky, tendon chews, deer antlers, yak chews, cow/pig/hare ear chews, salmon and trachea chews are available.

A daily munch with these chews helps to maintain dental health and prevent plaque buildup and bad breath. Each box weighs a little over a pound and contains different sizes of chews. All treats are made in the USA and Canada, from globally sourced, top-quality ingredients.


  • Made from a single, natural ingredient, and rawhide free
  • Diversity of different chews
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Lab tested for better quality control
  • Cleaned with fresh water and packed hygienically
  • Oven baked
  • Free from bacterial contamination
  • Durable, supports dental health
  • Enjoyable and engaging for dogs
  • Keeps the dog entertained and occupied
  • Can cancel any time
  • Good customer service


  • May be poorly packaged and presented
  • Not possible to choose what’s in an individual box
  • Expensive
  • Some items may pose a choking hazard for larger dogs
  • Delivery gets delayed
  • Products not labeled and there is no information leaflet
  • May not suit the digestion of some dogs
  • Promo price boxes are poor quality

Super Chewer by BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box

Dog Box: Super Chewer

If your dog’s chewing, gnawing and chomping habits are driving you round the bend, there’s hope coming your way. Barkbox has a great option for aggressive chewers. The Super Chewer monthly subscription box is for the small dog with the big crunch.

Typically, these dogs include breeds such as the Chihuahua or Boston Terrier.  Designed for the little guys up to 20lb, this box of exciting treats will be a life saver for your furniture, carpets, shoes, books and your kids’ homework.

This dog box is perfect for high energy dogs who need variety and excitement at playtime. The boxes are packed according to different themes, toys are tested in-house by the company’s own set of canine testers and they can stand up to the toughest bite.

These toys are certainly meant to be masticated. Manufactured from high-grade nylon and tough rubber, they’re not going to buckle under so easily. The Super Chewer box arrives every month loaded with 2 fluff-free sturdy toys, 2 meaty chews and 2 full sized bags of yummy treats. Treats are made from all natural healthy ingredients and are wheat, corn and soy free.

Allergy friendly options, and a variety of play styles and materials are customized to your dog’s unique needs and preferences. So if your dog loves to rip everything to shreds, this box can certainly help.


  • Flexible and prompt customer service
  • Different plans based on requirements
  • Dogs enjoy the tough and sturdy toys
  • Variety of snacks and treats
  • Toys are tough and durable
  • High quality materials used for toys and snacks
  • Prompt delivery and free shipping within the US
  • Toys only option available on request


  • Unable to change the frequency of delivery
  • Not possible to change the materials that toys are made from
  • Auto renewal of subscriptions
  • Expensive if you have several dogs

Pup Mom Crate – A Monthly Subscription Box For Dog

Dog Box: Pup Mom Crate

If you’ve just become the mommy of a new pup, this must be an exciting and fun time for all in the family. Pups provide hours of endless entertainment, unconditional love and, don’t forget, they also come with loads of anxious moments.

Their nutritional needs are crucial as they grow. They become interested in adult dog food by the time they’re about a month old and are usually fully weaned by 2 months.

They need a balanced diet and you can provide the number of meals per day according to age and size, with the right proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Meanwhile, it’s important that as a pup mom, you look and feel your best, because this allows you to feel relaxed and provide the right care for your new pup.

Pup Mom Crate is designed to celebrate your status as a new pup mom. The Small Boy option from Pup Mom Crate provides 5-8 full-sized premium items for you and your pup every month.

You get a selection of skincare and beauty products, totes, coffee-mugs, phone accessories, along with an array of dog mom themed items.

Puppies get a great range of toys and treats to keep them engaged, entertained and in the best of health. The toys and treats are designed to be safe and non-allergenic to puppies.

Subscribers get an exclusive monthly couple that entitles them to attractive discounts and deals. Each month has a different selection so surprise yourself and your puppy with every box.


  • Superb quality and generous quantity
  • Themed boxes throughout the year for special occasions
  • Good idea for gifting
  • Value for money, though expensive


  • Some items may be broken or tacky
  • Quality may not always be consistently good
  • Order fulfillment may not be correct sometimes
  • Some orders may contain items that dogs are allergic to
  • Difficult to unsubscribe

Chompbox – Monthly Dog Treats and Pet Supplies Subscription Box

Dog Box Chompbox - Monthly Dog Treats

If you’re looking for great quality at an affordable price, you’ve got it with Chompbox – Monthly Dog Treats and Pet Supplies Subscription Box. Pet parents on a budget, or people who own more than one dog would welcome this option.

The big difference is that most pet supplies companies usually source their products from other suppliers, and simply rebox and retail. However, this company is a family-owned business that makes its own stuff.

As a group of pet owners and animal enthusiasts themselves, the family is committed to providing the kind of food they’d feed their own furry friends. You will receive a box that’s put together thoughtfully and with enough surprises to delight you and your dog.

The other big advantage that they offer customers is that there’s no big mark-up on their products. There’s no shipping charges and no minimum order requirement.

The Chombox option is a specially curated subscription containing treats, toys, apparel, and doggy essentials, changed every month for fun and variety.

The treats are made from 100% natural ingredients, without harmful preservatives, additives or chemicals. The single ingredient chews are great for dental health as they scrape off tooth plaque. Fun toys, leashes, harnesses and pet accessories are specially designed for quality and comfort.

Some of the items include super absorbent, easy-wash microfiber towels, hip and joint chews, poop bags, cotton rope toys, yak and cow ears chews and more.


  • Affordable, great value for money
  • Variety of products in each box
  • High quality treats and toys
  • Free shipping within the contiguous US
  • World wide service and most orders ship within 24 hours
  • Good selection of accessories


  • Over supply of certain items like poop bags and squeakers
  • Not breed specific so may not be suitable for smaller breeds
  • Treats may not appeal to picky eaters


Dog subscription boxes are a great option for busy pet parents who can’t spare the time to go down to the pet store, select and get their stuff every time. They are also a great gifting idea. Dog boxes are available based on your dog’s age, size, location and special dietary requirements and allergies.