Best Cat Food to Prevent Vomiting: 7 Must Foods For Your Feline

best cat foods to prevent vomiting

Seeing pets in pain scares us. Seeing them vomit or ill is a struggle, and we want to help them even if all we can do is stand up from the sofa, heart in our stomachs and pet them. Although your kitty usually likes to act all tough, gagged up substance is not nice for anyone. So we want to make them comfortable: it’s our job as pet owners. It’s our duty. So what if there is something we can do beyond worrying and fretting over your cat vomiting bile? And what if there is something we can do before the vomit at all? Yes, try best cat foods to prevent vomiting

Just like humans, prevention is the best form of treatment. And also, just like humans, the main thing that affects our health and wellbeing is the junk we throw in our bodies. So let’s start with what we can do and change your cat’s diet–it’ll be the best way to prevent vomiting. But if that is the best way, what are the best foods? And what is the best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting and the best food for an elderly cat vomiting undigested food? What about cats vomiting foam?

This food should help you keep those lil suckers healthy and happy. It’ll also keep you stress-free, like this pet sitting app, so you can get back to what’s best: cleaning up the cat puke. 

So why do cats vomit?

Well, there could be a few different reasons. Regurgitation, gastric irritation, undigested food. A massive reason for undigested food and a massive cause of it is low quality meals. Over 80% of cat owners say their cat has problems digesting their food. So number one on our list for good food: easily digestible. Also could be the food they are eating is straight out the fridge. Cats prefer warm or tepid food to cold, so try pouring some half-boiled water over their meal, dry or wet! 

Your cat might also be regurgitating its food back up. If it eats too quickly, its stomach can get too big too quick and it needs to blow. It’s like when humans get pizza. There’s no stopping us: it’s either all staying in our stomach or none of it is. 

And sometimes they eat food that isn’t food at all. Like grass or carpet or themselves. Yes, themselves. I’m sure you’ve seen your cat licking and nibbling on itself like it’s tastier than the food you give it. Either that or its trying to clean itself. We prefer to think it’s eating itself alive because it loves itself so much. Who knows though. Still, over the weeks, your curious cannibalistic cat gets little hair build-up in its stomach, forming the grotesque something you’d see down the drain balls of hair and horror. Not nice. But it’s nothing to worry about, it’s perfectly normal but it doesn’t need to be this way.  

Although you can’t stop them licking themselves, you can give their bodies what it needs to pass the hair naturally. So number two on our food-picking requirements: high fiber. And lastly we just want good quality whole foods. With vitamins and minerals. Not only will they be happier and vomit less, but eating good quality food will help your feline friend last longer.

Note: If your pet is ill or shows signs of sickness, please take it to a vet. Too much vomiting may be a sign of underlying disease, so see a vet if you’re concerned. The foods we suggest here are only guidance and will not stop your pet from getting properly ill. If there is blood in your cats vomit or they seem generally fatigued or if they’re throwing up more than after meals and passing hairballs. So be vigilant! 

So let’s us get onto the foods.

7 best cat foods to prevent vomiting: the foods that stop cats vomiting

Because all the products we’ve chosen for you are high quality, these are not in any specific order, so don’t worry about the numbers! Look at the ingredients and choose what one is best for you and your cat.


Feline Natural Grain-Free Freeze Dried Cat Food

best cat foods to prevent vomiting

A great natural option that ticks loads of boxes. Having organ meat in their products means this is naturally packed with minerals and vitamins. Also has the best New Zealand Green Mussels, all of which is going to give your cat a good whole-food base for their diet. Perfect. 


• 98% meat based

• No fillers, GMO ingredients, legumes, preservatives or starch.

• Proper meat with real heart (organ meat is the best, most nutritious meat you can eat)

• A good, meat heavy well-rounded meal for your cats

• Recommended by Amazon


• Freeze-dried—some cats might be put off by this

• Some customers say it has a strong smell


Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Wet Cat Food in Broth


This food has pumpkin, which is known to improve stomachs of young and elderly cats—overall, this is a raw food choice with carefully selected ingredients that will reduce your cat vomiting bile. Also something they’ll love. Pumpkins are one of the best if they are vomiting hairballs. 


• Natural Balance does 9 safety tests on every batch of food they make (you can check the results on their website)

• Has no grain

• Also has added pumpkin which is good for digestion and reducing cats’ hairballs

• Limits the amount of ingredients your cat eats, which will also help with vomiting


• You might need to open 4-5 containers per day and the orders comes in batches of 24, so might only last you 5 or 6 says depending on how you use it

• Only comes in containers

• More expensive but still worth it!


Halo Natural Dry Cat Food, Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe


best cat foods to prevent vomiting

As Halo says, “the proof is in the poop”. They claim to have the best % of digestibility among their competitors. They also support sustainable farming and use organ meat in their products.


• Claims best digestibility out of US competitors

• Doesn’t use meat powder

• Has chicken liver—the liver is the most nutrient dense food in the world. Lucky cats!

• Says no to factory farming and other questionable farming practices

• Another one that is in ‘Amazon’s choice’


• Doesn’t have international shipping

• Some customers complain about a recent change in formula


Purina ONE Hairball Formula Adult Dry Cat Food


best cat foods to prevent vomiting

Focuses on those cats with hairball problems in using high protein, high fiber and good nutrition, reducing your cat’s regurgitating. Fights fur inside your feline and great for elderly cats too.


• Lots of B vitamins and 36 grams of protein per cup—your cat will be stronger than you!

• Claims 0% fillers and lots of fiber to help with digestion, easily digestible

• Veterinarian recommended

• Cats find it delicious


• US shipping only, does not ship internationally

• Warning: might make cat poop smelly

• Some customers say it makes their cats’ hair dry


Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Hairball Control, Chicken Recipe


best cat foods to prevent vomiting

Another one right here claims to directly fight hairballs with its high fiber focus and high quality, balanced food. So if your cat has a problem with hairballs, then this might be the cat food for you!


• Veterinarian and Amazon recommended

• Includes antioxidants with no artificial preservatives, coloring or flavoring

• Has a good balance of omega 3s and omega 6s, which is thought to lower chances of getting cardiovascular diseases

• Cats LOVE to eat it

• Almost 300 5 stars reviews


• US shipping only, does not ship internationally

• On the more expensive side compared to some other products


Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

best cat foods to prevent vomiting

Specifically targets sensitive stomach issues, this is a very popular and well-rounded brand that has a lot of whole foods and proper ingredients.


• Real meat and whole grains and veggies and fruits

• Contains Fructooligosaccharides that increase good bacteria and probiotics in your cat’s stomach.

• Also, according to Blue Buffalo, their food has Taurine-Taurine, which is a needed amino acid that cats can’t create themselves. Good for their eyes and heart!

• One amazon reviewer says “after 10 years of cleaning up cat vomit, my cat stopped puking because of this food,” which is a good testimonial!


Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digestive Care Dry Cat Food


best cat foods to prevent vomiting

This is specially made to help with your cat’s digestive issues: uses both wet and dry food and a lot of vitamins in it to reduce your kitty’s upset stomach.


• Combines both dry and wet together
• Another product recommended by Amazon
• Good whole ingredients like chicken, rice, and corn
• It is a good source of vitamins such as A, B12, D3, and E, and biotin!
• Specially designed to help with digestive problems with prebiotics and digestible proteins (a common cause of your cat throwing up bile)


• Only available in the US
• Some reviewers have reported that their cats might suddenly go off this food and start throwing up again


Some advice for when changing food. 

Now you’re going to order this food, put it in your little love’s bowl, in front of their face, and they are going to look at you and meow. It might be grumpy. Cats can get sensitive to diet changes—they work in mysterious ways even top-tier cat scientists don’t understand. From wet to dry, dry to wet, they’re a fussy bunch. So make any changes you make slow and gradual and also in line with what your cat’s wants. Mix old food with new food and change the ratio over weeks. And if one food doesn’t work, don’t worry. Experiment. Try different foods. And maybe after a couple of years of using the same food, they might go off it. Don’t worry—that’s normal.


What now?

Clean your carpet because hopefully it’s going to be cleaner from here on in. And then buy some food. Maybe eat your own hair and cough up your own hairballs and show the cat how silly it looks.

But remember: keeping your cat safe is the number one priority, and the basis of good health is good whole foods, so do your research in finding the product that you think suits your cat correctly. Try different foods if your cat doesn’t seem to take to one—each cat is about as individualistic as a person is. Maybe more. 

So value good ingredients, highly digestible food, or maybe some high-fiber food that targets hairballs specifically. 

Take care of the kittens.