5 Best Dog Food for Gassy Dogs

One of the most natural phenomena that we all go through is farting. And guess what? It happens to our dogs too. It is pretty common for dogs to fart but when the farting becomes too frequent then it can become a problem. The unpleasant smell can make it unbearable to breathe if your dog is constantly farting. Also, it can indicate towards a dog’s poor health. But luckily there are ways in which this situation can be improved like getting the best dog food for gassy dogs.

There are a lot of things that can trigger farting in dogs. Generally, when a dog eats something that he shouldn’t then it can cause inflammatory diseases which can make the farting worse. This can also give rise to several other health problems over a period of time.

That’s why we have come up with this guide to tell you everything you want to know about gas in dogs and what are its impacts. Also, you’ll get to know what measures you can take to improve their situation. This guide will cover the basic change that your dog’s diet needs in order to get rid of gassy stomach.

Advantages of best dog food for gassy dogs

  1. The signs of intolerance in dogs decrease to a great extent.
  2. No more signs of skin allergies.
  3. Better digestion.
  4. Treats upset stomach.
  5. The chances of overfeeding your dog become really low.
  6. Prevents Intestinal parasites from moving in the body.
  7. The balance of good bacteria restores


What type of dog food doesn’t cause gas?

If the meal that you’ve been giving to your dog is resulting in gas then it’s best to change the diet for good. There are various dog foods on the market, but it becomes hard to judge which food can upset your dog’s stomach. But there are certain types of meals that can cause gas in dogs.

The food that causes gas in dogs is generally the out of date ones or soy products, dairy products, too many carbohydrates etc. So, if you want to treat that gas from your dog’s stomach, then we’d advise you to feed your dog yogurt. Yogurt has the tendency to treat gas in a short period of time. Also, you can opt for natural “meat based treats” for dogs since overfeeding of treats is known to give dog gas.

How I selected the 5 best dog food for gassy dogs

Selecting 5 best dog food for gassy dogs is based on several factors. Some of them are given below:-

Safety: Safety is the major concern when it comes to introducing something new to your dog’s diet. It becomes important to do the research before changing the dog’s diet since every dog responds in a different way to a certain type of food so we can never be too sure.

Types: There are various types of dog food available in the market that promise to keep your dog’s stomach healthy. Also, there are different types of ingredients used in dog food. So it’s best to avoid the ones that can cause trouble and go for the ones that promote good health in dogs. We usually recommend the over-the-counter highly digestible diet.

Convenience: It can become really hard to find the perfect dog food to treat your dog’s gas when you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for. So it’s best to start with the current diet of your dog. This way you can conveniently monitor what your dog’s been eating and making changes in their diet becomes easy. Generally, it’s the lack of a high-protein diet in your dog food and too many carbs that result in a gassy stomach.

Best dog food for sensitive stomach and gas

CANIDAE All Life Stages Dry Dog Food

best dog food for gassy dogs

This dry dog food from CANIDAE is an amazing product for dogs of all life stages. Whether it is a puppy or a senior dog, this can be fed to anyone. So, if you have multiple pet dogs in your house, then it can make the mealtime much simpler and you won’t have to worry about handling different food packages. Also, this product comes in different flavors. So, you can switch flavors from time to time in order to keep your dog’s meals interesting.

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The lamb meal and rice are quite popular amongst the other flavors as it contains optimum protein. It is made of formula which is nutritionally dense. This can prevent nutrition deficiency in your dogs. It uses premium ingredients which can fulfill the basic everyday dietary needs of your dog.

This product is vet formulated and highly nutritious. Avoiding the use of corn, soy, and wheat, this product is perfect for those looking forward to improving their dog’s gas situation.

Overall, this is a decent product with a very attractive price range. It is pretty affordable and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Also, it is a good quality product which uses good quality ingredients that can help in keeping your dog healthy.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredients Dry Dog Food

best dog food for gassy dogs

This one from Blue Basics is another amazing product which is rich in benefits and can become the perfect meal for your dog. So let’s start with the basics of this product. The product contains ingredients that are grain free and natural. Since grain is known to upset a dog’s stomach, this product from Blue Basics can improve your dog’s stomach health. Also, it features the real turkey (deboned). It does not use multiple animal ingredients for protein. Its only source of protein is the turkey. Turkey is not really common in dog food but can provide tremendous benefits when added to the diet of dogs.

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Moreover, it contains carbohydrate sources as well as pumpkin which are easy to digest. Undigested food left in the stomach can cause gas. That’s why feeding this can help in getting rid of that problem. The best part is that it contains the perfect balance of “Omega 3 & 6” Fatty acids which help in promoting a healthy skin and a shiny coat. This vitamin and minerals rich food are just perfect for those looking forward to providing their dogs with a healthy diet. It is a great product with no added preservatives or added flavors and the price is also pretty decent.

Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food

best dog food for gassy dogs

When it comes to treating dog’s sensitive stomach, we would totally recommend this product from Hill’s science diet. This product is known for not only treating a sensitive stomach, but also the sensitive skin of the dogs. It is specially formulated for senior dogs.

Let’s start with its features. This is dry dog food contains complete nutritionally balanced high-quality ingredients. The ingredients used in this dog food make it easy to digest. Also, if your dog has a sensitive stomach or sensitive skin, then this dog food is just the one for you. It contains nutrients such as Omega-6 fatty acids which help in treating the sensitive skin of dogs. It helps in maintaining a glossy coat of a dog.

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This product is also good for your dog’s immune system. It contains a blend of clinically proven antioxidants, which are rich in vitamin C and E. This helps in supporting and boosting the immune system of your dog. Moreover, the taste of food is something that every dog will love. So, if we talk about the price of this product then we can say that its affordability makes it perfect for every dog owner who is looking forward to maintaining their dog’s healthy diet.

Nutro Natural Choice Limited Ingredients Dry Dog Food

best dog food for gassy dogs

This dry food from Nutro for adult dogs is known for using a formula of whole brown rice and lamb. This limited ingredient diet promotes good health in dogs and it also promotes the digestion in dogs. So, if your dog has a sensitive stomach then you should definitely consider buying this product.

Now let’s talk about its nutritional value. This dog food contains antioxidants such as Vitamin E and C. These antioxidants are known to boost up the immune system as well as promoting the overall cellular health of a dog. If your dog has been farting too much lately, then it can be due to a poor immune system. So feeding this to your dog can really make a difference when it comes to improving your dog’s health.

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The number 1 ingredient that this dry food uses is the New Zealand and real Australian lamb. This lamb and whole brown rice provide the ultimate nutritional value of your dog and help your dog in better digestion. It also contains ingredients that promote healthy skin of our dog. So, just like other food products mentioned in the list, this one can also become an ultimate diet choice for your gassy dog.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Dry Food

best dog food for gassy dogs

This affordable over-the-counter dog dry food is something that every dog owner must own. This food is formulated to treat the sensitive stomach and skin of dogs. It contains rice and salmon formula which is perfect to promote good health of dogs.

This product uses real salmon. The prebiotic fiber present in this food promotes the digestion and support the total well-being of your dog.

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It does not have corn, soy or wheat which are known to cause gas and poor digestive health of dogs. This is the reason why this product is recommended for gassy dogs. Apart from these ingredients, another thing that makes this dry food special is that it does not contain any artificial colors or artificial ingredients. So, if you are planning to change your dog’s diet in order to boost up its immune system and help your dog in getting rid of gas then one should definitely consider buying this product. It can provide ultimate nutrition for your dog and promote good digestion. This food contains formulas that cater towards the unique needs of your dogs. Rich with zinc and omega fatty acids, this dry dog food is just the right choice for your gassy dog.


If you are looking for the best dog food for gassy dogs, then consider any of the product mentioned in the list. This food can really improve your pet’s digestion and make some great changes in its lifestyle. Don’t neglect the signs of a poor stomach health in your dog as it can lead to something serious.