Best Sofa for Pets: A Short and Easy to Understand Buying Guide

best sofa for pets
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Your choice of pet furniture must define your love for your pet. The sofa beds or couches for pets are available everywhere, with different options to choose from. No matter whichever brand you’re shopping for your pet’s sofa from, there are some important things to consider while looking for the best sofa for pets in Canada. This buying guide provides pet owners with some tips to use while shopping for the best sofa for pets.

Things to consider when buying the best sofa for pets in Canada:

Does your pet sleep hot or cold? How old is your pet? A basic tip is to consider the questions that you ask yourself while buying a bed for you. Buying the best sofa for pets in Canada depends upon the following factors.

  1. The age and health condition of your pet.
  2. How large your pet is?
  3. What kind of coat does your cat or dog have?
  4. Another important factor is their hair shedding.
  5. The sleep and temperature preferences of your pet.

How to know what size of best sofa for pets is a good fit?

To shop for the best sofa for your pet, it’s important to know what size your pet is. For that, you can measure your pet when it’s lying down flat. For example, if your pet is a dog, you can measure it from nose to tail tip and then from shoulder to base of the paw. After you’ve taken your pet’s measurement, add at least two inches on all sides to those dimensions of measurement.

Whether a heated-sofa is a good option to buy or not?

Though cats and dogs love heated sofas in winter, there are some problems associated with electrically heated sofas or beds. Some of those problems include the heat going out at a critical moment, chewing on wires, or broken wires that cause the rest of the bedding to catch fire. So, it’s best to buy a comfortable sofa and place it in front of a heating device.

Some quick tips for buying the best sofa for pets in Canada

Now lastly, the following quick tips can help you buy the best sofa for your pet.

  1. It’s better to buy a sofa that has a zip-off cover. It’ll save you from the trouble of washing the whole sofa. Because you can easily remove its cover and wash it.
  2. Don’t opt for such material and surfaces that are likely to absorb unwanted odors of pets. In this regard, some of the great choices include mesh, cotton, and faux leather.
  3. You need to be careful about the colors of the sofa. As pets are indoor and outdoor creatures, they often carry mud into the house. So, you wouldn’t your pet’s sofa to look dirty. Hence, opt for dark colors such as brown, dark green, or red. Moreover, you can also opt for a color that’s close to the color of your pet’s coat.
  4. You might need to train your pet to sleep on its new sofa. So, you’ll have to be patient in this regard.